How to get unbanned from Tinder

Tinder is a Geosocial networking and online dating app. That lets the users anonymously swipe to like or dislike other profiles based on their small bio, photos, and common interests. There are more than 1 million users on the Tinder platform. All the users must care for their Tinder accounts if they are paying. If you also among the user of premium account you are paying for that, Ok with that. The issue is that you are ban and want to get back your old account or get unban from Tinder.

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How to Get Unbanned from Tinder 2020

Is it possible to get unbanned in 2020? If you view the code 40303 on the display when trying to sign in to or log in to your Tinder account. It means that you are ban from Tinder. Tinder app now takes complaints more seriously. However, there are various methods for this problem to disappear. Initially, 40303 codes mean that Tinder has received enough reports from other users against you to ban. This ban is permanent unless you appeal to the Tinder support team and objects to this ban and ask them to reopen your Tinder account.

Let’s show you the way and various reasons why you are banned on Tinder. How to get unbanned Tinder’s account. Here you will learn everything and read continue the below deeply to know the reasons and get your old account back. You will also know why you got a ban, so you can stop it from happening again.

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What you will get?

  1. Reasons why you got banned on Tinder
  2. Look and find out what Tinder thing people have been searching 514% more often lately
  3. Steps to recover your account
  4. How to get unbanned from Tinder on the mobile phone (both Android and iPhone)
  5. Reasons why you can get ban (avoid these at all costs)
  6. How to Cancel Tinder Subscriptions? (on iOS and Android)

Reasons why you got banned on Tinder

  1. Offensive language or Misbehave: If you are using offensive language or misbehave. Then Tinder will not let you insult users or people. You will get a ban on Tinder.
  2. Catfishing: Do not to be confused with Catfishing. Catfishing is a word that is part of the new online dating lingo. No, you are not allowed to pretend to be someone you are not. There is plenty of fake accounts floating around Tinder. You will have always to report them all to protect yourself from them.
  3. Violation of terms and conditions or community guidelines
  4. Racism: This seems pretty clear or obvious and Racism in any form or kind is not tolerated. If you ignore this rule and get you will get swung at by the banhammer
  5. Image Violation: If you are sharing violated, Unwanted, and rude photos or images on Tinder. (Take care what images you pick to share)
  6. Being underage: Tinder has decided to remove or discontinue service for the Under 18 age users.
  7. Spamming: Nobody accepting spammed chatting in their inbox, & there is another type of spamming that Tinder does not tolerate. Be careful with copy and pasting one line in all your chats.
  8. Promoting: Tinder will not allow you to promote a campaign, a business, or your shamelessly spamming or your arty-farty hipster blog, to people you. Tinder is not the place for all of these.
  9. Your Tinder account has once reported in a day, or a week or a month

People are mostly looking for

  • The keywords banned from Tinder on the top-up by a staggering 326% lately
  • People looking for “how to get unbanned from Tinder” increased by 514%

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Getting reported multiple times

If you getting report to many times and you do that makes users report you, it can result in a ban from Tinder. Whether you are throwing racial slurs around and posing with dead elephants, or just annoying users in any way possible. Tinder will get rid of you from it is dating pool. As you read at the start of this post, you will get a warning notification first:

  1. You then have to promise not to use offensive language or misbehave or pretended again
  2. If you stand on your promise, you are in the clear
  3. If you do not keep the promise it is game over for you
  4. So what if it actually is game over?
  5. Are you not continuing with Tinder forever?
  6. Can you get a second chance?
  7. Can you get unbanned from Tinder?
  8. You will get and find out right now.

How to Get Unbanned from Tinder

There are two ways to unbanned from Tinder and to get your banned Tinder account. Using the below two ways:

How to Contact with Tinder Support?

If Tinder doesn’t let you’re to sign in or log in then all you have to do is sending an appeal to Tinder’s support team or Help center. Keep in mind that your Tinder account has been stopped because people have reported you. Or you have violated Tinder’s security rules regulations. You want to submit an appeal to Tinder. Then nowadays Tinder does not accept any appeal for your account once banned. You will need to follow another way to send an email to the Tinder support team.

Contact with Tinder Support

If you are not the payable member at Tinder, you make a mistake or intend to behave in a way that violates the Tinder Terms and conditions. It may be not making much sense to wait for your account to reopen. Let’s follow the given listed steps to appeal or contact the Tinder support team.

  1. Open your mobile or computer and any other devices
  2. Compose an Email to Tinder help center about your situation
  3. Then send it to the following address: [email protected]
  4. Then, leave an email to view if they will check out. Therefore, being respectful and polite in your email will make your job easier.
  5. Finally, don’t forget that the only method to fix these situations is connecting with the Tinder support Team, but it is still quite challenging to get back your banned account to unban.

If you did not receive an email reply against your email from the supportive team after a month. So do not waste your time on such a solution. There is no expectation that you will get your back on Tinder once it is banned. They trust their algorithm more than users.

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How to Create a New Tinder Account After Banned?-Using Facebook account

If the first way of sending an email that does not help you that why your account was banned. There was no reply after a long time then it may mean that you will need to create a new Tinder account and make a fresh start in Tinder. Let’s show you how to create a new account on iOS and Android devices:

Important Note: You are unable to use your old Facebook account and Phone number when you sign up or opening a fresh new account. So if you wish to make or create a brand new Tinder account.

How to Create a New Tinder Account on iOS

Here are the listed below steps to create a new account on your iOS devices:

  1. Go to your Mobile devices
  2. Delete the Tinder application
  3. Create a New Facebook account or sign up for New Facebook account so that you can have a new fresh Tinder account
  4. Now download and install a VPN app for your iPhone or iPad device due to Tinder will track your IP address and secure your new account
  5. Tap to run the VPN services on your Smartphone device
  6. Finally, download and reinstall Tinder app to your mobile device then log in to Tinder

How to Create a New Tinder Account on Android?

The users of Android device can follow these steps to create a new account for Tinder:

  1. First of all, you will need to clear cache and data
  2. Tap on the Settings and go the Storage section then tap Clear Cache and Data
  3. Now delete the Tinder app from your Mobile device
  4. Then Create or Sign up for New Facebook Account for yourself
  5. Tinder can track your IP address then you will need to download and install a VPN app to your phone and run it
  6. Finally, download and Reinstall Tinder app from Google Play Store
  7. Tap to open and Log in to Tinder with your fresh new Facebook account

How to get unbanned from Tinder - To Get Your Account Back

Alternative Way to Get Unbanned from Tinder Service Using Google Account or Apple Account

Here are some of the alternative ways to get unbanned from Tinder and get your old account back to use.

  1. Buy a new SIM card
  2. Delete Tinder App
  3. Create a new Google Account or sign up for Google Account for Android or create a new Apple ID (iOS or iPhone)
  4. Download and Install Tinder using your New Apple or Google Account
  5. Sign up or Create an account only using your new SIM card phone number. Do not use a new Facebook If you only use your mobile or phone number, Tinder will not periodically ask you to log in through Facebook account again
  6. If you want Tinder Gold or Plus you will require to use a family or friend member’s credit card. Since you will be connected to your banned Tinder account. You can immediately buy a one-year subscription so you do not require to constantly bother your friend for new payments
  7. If you wish to play it extra safe, use new images or crop them multiple. Since Tinder’s Al might detect that your pictures were used on a banned account

Note: If you linked your Instagram account to your previous Tinder account. It is best do not link it again to your new account. Tinder will perhaps recognize you and ban you again.

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How to Avoid Getting Banned on Tinder in the Future?

Let’s show the best way to get unbanned in the future. Tinder is to avoid or try your best to avoid being a ban for the first time, of course. Then you will need to follow some of the following rules when you are using the Tinder app:

  1. First of all, you must be not under 18 age
  2. Always be reasonable and respectful
  3. Do not say or send something racist, sexist, or offensive
  4. Avoid talking about politics or religion
  5. Do not share or post sexual, offensive or naked images on your profile
  6. Prevent broadcast any personal or private info about anyone or yourself
  7. Avoid using a fake account and Be real
  8. Keep in mind that, Tinder is not an app for posting or share business or financial information.

How to Cancel Tinder Subscriptions?

When you get ban and you are a paying member of Tinder. Then you’ve to cancel your membership or subscription to stop future payments. Keep in mind that removing or deleting the application on your smartphone device. It will not cancel your subscription or membership and you will require to prevent future payments.

Cancel Tinder Subscriptions on iOS

Here are the following steps to cancel Tinder subscriptions on iOS (iPhone or iPad) devices:

  1. Go to the Settings on your Mobile device
  2. Tap on your Name and you will view the Subscription section on the opening page
  3. Then select Cancel your Tinder subscription

Cancel Tinder Subscriptions on Android Devices

These are the following steps to cancel Tinder subscriptions on Android mobile devices:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store on your Mobile device
  2. Select the Main Menu and tap the Subscriptions option
  3. Now scroll to find the Tinder subscription on the screen and Select Cancel subscription

FAQ-Frequently Ask Questions

Here are the following questions by different people and you might interested to read it one by one.

How to get your tinder account unbanned?

The best method to get unbanned is to wait a few days after you have been banned to let the dust settle. Then you can contact to help center or appeal to Tinder in a message and hope for the best. Try to be polite and respectable as possible. If you are a paying member, you have a better shot of getting unbanned.

Tinder Ban Appeal | Tinder Ban Formal Appeal process

Nowadays Tinder does not offer a formal appeals method. If you have been banned from Tinder. You will not be able to sign up for Tinder’s new account using your phone number and/or Facebook account. If you subscribed using the direct credit card option on or android, your subscription has been automatically canceled.

Banned from Tinder Fix

If you got a ban from Tinder then you will need to follow the given most solid ways or methods. To get unbanned from Tinder simply. Send the formal appeal process, Sent an email to Tinder support Team, and delete your Tinder app. And create new Facebook or Google, or Apple ID to Reinstall and login to Tinder with a new account and using VPN.

Tinder account banned for No reason

If your Tinder account banned for no reason and you don’t know how to fix it. Then you will need to follow the given most solid ways or methods. To get unban from Tinder simply. Send Formal appeal process, Sent an email to Tinder support Team. And delete your Tinder app and create new Facebook or Google, or Apple ID to Reinstall and login to Tinder with a new account and using a VPN.

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