How to Get Netflix Free Live Streaming (No Cost)

ByUmar Ali – April 8, 2020Netflix free live streaming

Do you know how to get Netflix for free live streaming videos? Netflix is a great streaming service with a lot of best content; including original movies and TV shows you cannot watch it anywhere else. Due to unemployment, increasing membership fees, and tough economic times, not all people able to subscribe, to watch live streaming services. But there are a few methods or ways by following then you will be able to watch Netflix for free.

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Tips and tricks to watch Netflix content without paying legally

I this article you will learn some of the best tips and tricks to watch Netflix movies and TV shows without paying. All of these are legal and not against the law. Let’s scroll down to read and know how to do it.

Sharing Netflix Accounts With Family and Friends

It does not matter which plans you select, you can download and install the Netflix app on as many devices as you want, and enjoy watching as many TV shows and movies as you want, anytime, anywhere.

Netflix offers three streaming plans to meet your requirements. The plan you select will determine the number of shows or movies and devices you can stream Netflix at one time. It does not matter which plan you choose and install the Netflix application on as many devices as you want and enjoy as several movies and TV shows as you wish anywhere and anytime.

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Here are the Netflix planes to let you to watch how many movies or shows you can watch at a time.

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Basic Netflix Plane:

In the basic Netflix plan, you will be able to watch only one movie or show at a time on one device and per month cost $9. This plan also lets you download titles to one phone or tablet.

Standard Netflix Plane:

The standard Netflix plane will make you able to watch different things on different devices. You can watch two things on two devices and a monthly cost of $13. This plan also lets you download titles to two phones or tablets.

Premium Netflix Plane:

The Premium Netflix Plane wills you able to watch up to four movies or shows at the same time and use four devices and ultra high definition (UHD) when available & high definition (HD) and. The monthly price of $16 and can use four screens. Premium plan offers you to download titles to four tablets or phones.

The standard Netflix plan unable to support High definition (HD), so if you know anyone with a Netflix subscription, there is the best chance they have the premium or standard plan. If they trust you enough to share your password, you can sign in and watch whatever you want without interfering with their binge-watching.

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How to Share Your Netflix Account with other

You can create up to five different profiles on Netflix, every one of which can have their own recommendations and watch lists. This lets you share your account with your family or friends clogging up your recommendations with shows you have no interest in.

Steps How to set up a separate Netflix profile

Let’s teach you how to set up a separate Netflix profile in the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Now click on the User icon in the top right corner. If you already have one or more profiles, you will see Who’s Watching? Screen
  3. Click on Manage Profiles option
  4. Select Add Profile option
  5. Type Name of the New profile the click Continue option
  6. Finally, select Done option

Manage ProfilesAdd ProfileClick to Continue option to Get Netflix for Free

Note: Remember one thing you are unable to assign a separate password to every profile, New profiles sign in using the same email and password you use. Only you can share your Netflix account with friends and family members you trust. As the account owner, you are responsible for the actions taken by everyone you allow to use your account.

How to Get Additional Free Netflix Trials

If you are patient and do not cares about going for long stretch without Netflix, you can actually get different free trails. It is not a guaranteed method, and there is no way to rush it along, but it is totally legitimate.

  1. When you are going to Sign up for free trial on Netflix but Cancel your trails before it ends,
  2. Netflix will finally arrive to try and secure your business.
  3. It will usually take several months for Netflix to send this email and it could possibly be longer.
  4. If you receive this type email from Netflix
  5. You will need to select the Start Your Free Trail link they provided
  6. This will take you to a page on the Netflix website and where you can renew your a free trial membership

Start Your Free Netflix to Trial Get Netflix for Free

How to Sign up for Unlimited Netflix Free Trials

Generally you can sign up only one time for Netflix trial. This is how Netflix’s free trial system intended, but if you use different billing method it is actually sign up for multiple free trails. Even without a credit card you can get a Netflix free trail, but having many credit cards read to help in this a lot.

If you are going to sign up for a Netflix free trail, you will need a debit card, credit card, PayPal account, or Netflix gift code. You can also use a gift card or reward card if it is issued by a credit card provider like Visa.

Steps to Sign up for a Netflix free trial

Here are the following steps to how to sign up for a Netflix free trial:

  1. Go to or visit Netflix website
  2. Choose Join Free for a Month
  3. Click on the See The Plans
  4. Now select your Plan and then click on the Continue option
  5. Then type your Email address and Password(This email address must not be used before for Netflix)
  6. Choose your payment method
  7. Type your Name and Billing information
  8. Select the Start Membership option

Join Free for a MonthSee the Plans optionChoose Plan and ContinueSign Up to Start your Free TrailSet up your payment method to  Get Netflix for Free

Using Different Email and Billing Method

All the time you wish to sign up for a new Netflix free trial, you will need to repeat the above steps with different billing methods and email addresses. If you are able to access to different credit card, you can use those. If you do not this, you can pick up a Visa gift card, transfer some money to it, and use that.

Reduce the Number of Cards

If you want to reduce the number of cards you will need to go through to keep signing up for multiple free trials, you can also choose and set up a Paypal account. Now link your debit card or credit card, and choose, use that as your payment method. Since Netflix does not view the credit card number, this will let you use the same card more than one time.

Do not forget to Cancel Your Free Trails

If you want to create a new Netflix account every time you can take the benefit of the free trial. It is very important to keep in mind to cancel before the trial period is over. If you do not cancel on time your billing method will be charged.

How to Cancel Your Netflix Free Trail Period

Let’s teach how to cancel your Netflix free trial before being charged:

  1. Open with any browser
  2. Log in to your Netflix account with your credentials
  3. Click on the User icon at top right side corner of your screen
  4. Choose the Account option
  5. Select Cancel Membership option
  6. Click on the Finish Cancellation option

Click User Icon and AccountCancel MembershipClick Finish Cancellation

Note: When you cancel before your free trial ends, you will not be charged. In some of the cases, you will still able to use your account until the free trial period is finished.

How to Get a Free Netflix Perk from Your Cable or Phone Company

Most of the companies, including cable companies, cell phone providers, offer promotions that contain a free Netflix account. It is not free at all because you need to buy something to get it. But it is a legal method to get Netflix for free without any charges for it directly

If you are in the market for a new cable or new phone provider anyway, this might be a good deal it may be worth checking out. And if you are the old customer of a company that offers Netflix for free, there is no disadvantage to take the benefit of this offer.

For further information, contact your cable or phone companies asks if they provide any plan that offer free access to services like Hulu, Netflix, or HBO Go.

How to Get Netflix for Free With T-Mobile

T-Mobile added to a Netflix account at no extra cost, but the agreement is not available for users. If you opt for a plan that does not need a prepaid plan or a credit card, the free Netflix provide is off the table

Steps to Get Free Netflix from T-Mobile

Here are the steps to how to get free Netflix from T-Mobile:

  1. Go to Sign up for a T-Mobile One plan
  2. Confirm you do not opt for no credit or a prepaid check plan
  3. Include at least one additional line to your plan. Free Netflix offers are available if you have at least two lines
  4. Opt into the Netflix on Us feature
  5. Waiting for a Text message from T-Mobile and follow the instructions

T-Mobile TV

How to Get Netflix for Free With Verizon

You can also get the free Netflix from Verizon, but it is not for mobile customers. The only path to take benefit of this offer is to create an account or sign up for Verizon’s FIOS TV, and it is not available with all plans.

Steps to Get Free Netflix from Verizon

Here are the following steps to get for free Netflix from Verizon:

  1. Simply Sign up for FIOS TV
  2. Confirm that you select a Triple play package that contains phone, television, and internet.
  3. You will need to maintain your account in good standing for a maximum of 65 days.
  4. So you will receive an email from Verizon when your account becomes eligible for free Netflix.
  5. When your account eligible Sign in to your Verizon account and follow the instructions

Verizon Netflix on Fios TV

Five other ways to Get Free access to Service like Netflix

Here are the following five other ways to get free access to stream services like Netflix. Let’s show you one by one with cost, free deal or agreement and.

Disney Plus

  1. If you want to sign up for Disney Plus in advance
  2. It has an Unlimited plan
  3. Verizon will still foot your streaming bill for one year or 12 months
  4. Cost $7 monthly or $70 yearly or per year
  5. New and existing Verizon Wireless Unlimited customers
  6. New FIOS Home Internet customers
  7. Then New 5G Home Internet customers can get their first year of streaming of Disney Plus for free starting on November 12, when the service started

Apple TV Plus

Apple is also offering bundling on TV Plus with its Apple Music student discount plan.

  1. Cost is $5 monthly
  2. When buying a new Apple TV or Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and get yearly free streaming.
  3. If you are starting Apple TV Plus with yearly free or just the standard one week trial and the shows start playing in the application after just a few taps
  4. You can also sign up and watch online with a web browser at the Apple TV Plus site.


  1. Basic plan cost $9 monthly
  2. Standard plan $13 monthly
  3. Premium plan 16 monthly
  4. In 2017 the T-Mobile teamed up with Netflix (at the same Year AT&T announced its free HBO deal) to provide discounted streaming to plan customers–family
  5. T-Mobile says Netflix is on them two years later, according to its website
  6. Existing and New T-Mobile users without or with a Netflix account qualify for either a free basic subscription through T-Mobile’s Magenta plan or a free standard subscription with the Magenta Plus plan


  1. AT and T announced in 2017 all existing and new customers with Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Choice plans would receive HBO access free of cost
  2. The offer is still available on AT&T websites
  3. An AT&T spokesperson makes sure those with the Premium and More Unlimited plan could choose from free VRV, HBO, other Streaming options.
  4. The Monthly cost $15 monthly


  1. Basic plan cost $6 monthly & $45 per month for basic plus live TV
  2. The premium cost $12 monthly & $51 per month for the premium plus live TV
  3. Sprinted Unlimited customers are eligible to receive free access to Hulu’s Basic plan and which offers ad-supported streaming content
  4. The student with the Spotify Premium for students subscription can also set up Hulu accounts on the basic plan for free


  1. It will access to Amazon Prime Video
  2. Automatically included in Amazon Prime memberships and which some customers are not aware of
  3. Cost of Bonus $9 monthly

Frequently Ask Question-FAQ

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by different people and you might interested to read:

How to Get Netflix for Free (For a Year!)

Here are these steps to follow to get Netflix for free for one year:

  1. Go to your Netflix browser page
  2. Click on the Search bar and type Free with four eeee for example(freeee)
  3. You will see a funny icon in between with Huh? Then click on Huh(something like Easter eggs)
  4. It will change to smile face icon with You Got it! And this means you did correctly. (You will not get anything like massage etc)
  5. But after a few days or a week, you will receive a letter from Netflix with promo code. for example (FREE-YEAR-1234)
  6. Go to the Account page once you get the code
  7. Then Gifts and Offers and enter your code
  8. You will see the Plane detail like You are on Special offer or free plan for (11) months more

Note: You can do that and try to wait for a few days. But I am not sure it will be for everyone or in the future.

How to get Netflix for free without credit card?

You will need to download a VPN to access your Netflix for Free without a credit card. we will show you to come up with some of the methods through which you can bypass these steps without using your real credit card.

  1. Using Debit cards instead of credit cards
  2. Fake credit card numbers
  3. Netflix gift cards
  4. Share Netflix an Account.
  5. Visit the website
  6. Use a compatible device
  7. Create a Netflix account
  8. Choose the plan

How do you sign up for Netflix without a credit card?

Here is one more way to use Netflix without a Credit card is by using a Netflix gift card.

  1. You can buy Netflix gift card on eBay or Amazon and they will provide a gift from your friends or parents
  2. Once you get your gift card
  3. Then you need to type the voucher ID to activate it
  4. You will use Netflix

How can I get Netflix for free in 2020?

You can get for Free Netflix Account in 2020 and follow the below steps:

  1. Open with any browser your PC/Laptop or Mobile, etc.
  2. Then click on the “Join Now”
  3. See the plans.
  4. Then choose the “Basic plan” or any other plans.
  5. Click the Continue option to Create Your Account.
  6. Please create a trial account with the email id & sign in.
  7. Then choose or set your payment option
  8. Fill debit or credit card options
  9. Enter your mobile number
  10. Select or choose the devices will you be watching on
  11. Now enter the member’s name if you want to add as a sharing account
  12. After that, Your Netflix free trial is ready to use.

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