How to Free Up Space on Your Kindle –

Do you know how to free up space or storage on your Kindle? In case you are concerned about running out of space on your Kindle app. You can take necessary actions to reduce the number of storage you are using. If you are talking about no space on your Kindle because people are using Kindles for ebooks storage. It is enough storage space for hundreds or thousands of ebooks, but it is still possible to sometimes run into space problems–particularly in case you download a lot of audiobooks from Audible. You will need to remove samples of books you have finished and will not read again. In this post, you will know how to free up a storage or manage storage space on your Kindle when you need it.

How to manage storage space on Kindle Paperwhite

If you want to manage storage space on your Kindle Paperwhite. You should know how much storage space everything is using, right. Here we will follow these steps to manage storage space on Kindle by access the toolbar, and go to Settings:

  • Go to your Kindle’s Home Screen tap on the three little dots in the upper right corner
  • Select the Settings option from the menu that’s appear
  • Then tap on the Device Options
  • Next, tap on the Advanced Options
  • Then finally, tap on Storage Management option

Device Options Advanced Storage Management Kindle Paperwhite

Here are you can see an overview of how much storage space is available on your Kindle. You have two options available in Storage Management for removing items: Manual Removal and Quick Archive We will show you both of them one after another.

How to Manually Removing Content from Your Kindle

Let’s show you the first option of Manual Removal to enables you to select exactly what content or data gets removed from your Kindle.

  • Tap into it and You will view a breakdown of how much storage space all of the various kinds of Kindle content are taking up.
  • You can tap into the different categories to view a list of the entire items sorted by size.
  • Select anyone you wish to delete and tap on the Remove option

Manual Removal of Books on Kindle Paperwhite

Some of the other categories contain items like System Files, Unsupported Files, Child Profile content, and active content. You will see below each of these categories in detail on how to remove things if possible.

Manual Removal Others Category on Kindle Paperwhite

How to Automatically Archiving Old Content

The second option of Quick Archive will enable you to sort out any space storage problems in a few seconds.

  • Tap on it and you have the option to remove or delete any content you have not opened in the past one Month, Three Months, Six Months, or One Year or More.
  • Go to the Content saved on your Kindle
  • Select the option you want and then press the Remove option

Quick Archive on Kindle Paperwhite

What Happens to Content You Remove?

When you remove any content that is in Audible Library or Kindle gets delete from your device only. You can re-download it at any time from the entire menu on the Home Screen.

You should know, that any of the content you have added over USB will be deleted from your device. As it is not in your Kindle Library, you will not be able to re-download it and will require to transfer it manually again.


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How to free up space on Kindle Paperwhite

You can manage or free up space on Kindle Paperwhite in the following steps:

Go to your Kindle Toolbar>Tap on Settings>Tap on Menu or All Settings in the toolbar>Settings. Now select the Device options and Advanced Options. Then select the Storage Management option. Here You can choose to manually remove periodicals, books, samples, and documents from your Kindle Paperwhite.

How to Clear Internal Storage on Kindle Fire

You retain storage space by deleting or removing unused content. Go to the Settings and then select Storage. Remove content that is not being used by choosing Archive Now under 1-tab Archive. Note: Remember that Amazone purchased content is automatically stored in the Cloud. Removing it from your device does not delete it from your Amazon account.

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