How to fix Instagram videos not playing on Android

Fix Videos not playing on Instagram Android App

Did you know that Instagram is the ever-growing social media app available on both iOS and Android devices? Users can post their videos and images with captions with their followers. It will get the attraction of millions of people within a very short time of period. If a picture worth equal to the thousand words, then videos of Instagram must be worth a bit more is not it so?

There is a common issue where users are unable to play videos on their Instagram accounts or on their news feed. Instagram provides an auto approach where a user does not have to click a video to be played. Whenever you want to play a video it will starts buffering and play soon after.

What are the Reasons Instagram Videos not to play?

Due to several cases and scenarios become causes to lead Instagram videos not playing and stuck on Android devices. Additionally, that can lead to the nervous breakdowns or app crash and here are some of the reasons:

  1. Display Aspect Correction Ratio
  2. Data saving
  3. Outdated Instagram App
  4. Corrupt cache/Full Instagram Memory Cache
  5. Network connection/Bad Wi-Fi/Internet connection
  6. Application in an Error state/Lost App/Damaged App
  7. Power saving modes/interference of Android Power Saving Mode
  8. Video Delete by the publisher
  9. Unstable data internet or Wi-Fi connection

Keep in mindthe above reason that how to be possible to resolve the issue of Instagramvideos not playing on android devices.

How to Resolve Instagram Videos not playing on Android Phone?

To resolve the issues your next step before jumping to solutions. You will need to make sure the Instagram server is not down for everyone. If the server down then your Instagram videos will be unable to play. In case of down of server wait until it will get back up. You will need to follow the below tips to fix the Instagram videos playing issues and hopefully, it will help.

First Update Your Instagram App

Make sure that you are using the updated version of the Instagram app. Mostly the issues come due to using an old version of your Instagram app. If you enable the Auto-update then you should do the work done, but you can do it manually update the app in the below steps:

Step to Updatethe Instagram app:

  1. Go to your Play Store app
  2. Tap on the Menu
  3. Select the My app & Games option
  4. Find the Instagram in the Update tab
  5. Select the Update option beside the Instagram app
  6. When the process finished then Open Instagram and try playing videos

If the issue of playback videos are still available, then go to the additional steps

Reset the Network Settings

Whenever you connected to the router and reset your network settings on the mobile devices. It will fix the common connection bugs and start from scratch. Let’s start with below steps to reset the networking settings again:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Backup and Reset
  3. Select Network Settings Reset
  4. Press Reset Settings option
  5. Restart your router device
  6. Next, Reconnect and check out to play the Instagram videos
  7. Tap Settings.

Therefore, if the problem still exists then follow the next step to fix the issue for your Instagram.

Clear cache and data of the Instagram App

Like other apps Instagram saves most of the data on the device with specific settings, every video or picture posted is preserver in the memory card or mobile storage. It will save a lot of cache files that may cause slow down the application gradually and affect video playback.

Then the next option is to not clearing of cache and data from the Instagram app which makes videos not loading. Let’s follow these steps to clear data and cache of the app:

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Tap to open the Applications or Apps
  3. Next tap on the Instagram App
  4. Tap on Storage
  5. Next, tap on the Clear Cache and Data of the app
  6. Restart your Device
  7. Tap to Open Instagram
  8. Try to Play videos

There are many Third-party apps for clearing the cache automatically. Most of the users are using one of the apps for this purpose. However, I will not recommend any app to install it because the app will not take up the storage space. But it will tend you to process in the background and slow down the all-around performance of the device

Restart Wi-Fi Device

On some occasions, the internet connection may play the main role in the Instagram slow loadings. Most of the reports received from the other users on different forums that the Instagram videos work on Wi-Fi. But it will not work on cellular data and vice versa. Your next step is to turn it off or restart the Wi-Fi device and wait or then turn it on.

You will need additionally to update your device firmware and change the band from 5 GHz to 2.4 GHz. Even the 5 GHz supports higher speeds it’s is not as reliable as 4.2 GHz over distance. Actual this is not the problem of dual-band routers

Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram

Maybe sometimes the applications corrupted and get stuck in your device. The app sometimes has a mind of its own and the only valuable solution is to Uninstall and Reinstall it. If you already tried the above options and the Instagram videos still not load then try this step and I hope it will resolve the Instagram videos issue.

Turn Off Power-Saving Mode

Some of the users reported that they get a solution that just may be the one that resolves Instagram video issues. They resolved the issue by Turn off the Power-saving mode and up to somehow this interferes with the Instagram videos playback.

Now open the Power settings, disable Power-saving mode and the issue should be resolved out.

Disable Data Saving Mode

You can sort out the issue of videos playback by turn off the Data saving mode. Like the power saving mode, the data-saving might cause of Instagram video playback issue. On the Android OS keep this to limit your data usage, if you limited the data plan that you can skip this stem. You can handle this by going to the mobile settings and data usage section to setup this setting.

Frequently Ask Question by People

Here are someof the frequently ask questions by multiples users and with a short reply forthe user guide.

Why are videos not working on Instagram?

As I mention above are the causes of videos not working on Instagram. Like poor Wi-Fi or Cellular data connection, Corrupted data in the Instagram app, and Out-dated Instagram app or the Instagram video has been removed by its publisher.

What do you do when Instagram videos won’t play?

If your Instagram videos are not playing on your device. Then follow the above-given tips as I shared.

How do you get videos to play on an Instagram story?

You can getvideos to play on your Instagram story in below steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. Swipe right from the Feed or tap in the top left of your screen
  3. Go to the bottom Tap and Hold to record a video or take a photo
  4. You can select a Video or Photo from the gallery or library of phone
  5. The Swipe up anywhere on the screen

How do I stop videos from playing automatically on Instagram Android?

Yes, you can turn it off the auto-playing option of the video in the following:

  1. Open your Instagram app
  2. Go to your profile page
  3. The tap on the Setting Gear icon(iOS) or three dots(Android)
  4. Scroll down to Preferences section
  5. Here Uncheck the box beside the Auto-Play videos option

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