How to Find Watch Video History on Facebook Web and App

Find Watched Videos Facebook History

Do you know how to find Watch Video history on the Facebook app and web? Facebook is a big social media platform for sharing photos and videos with friends and family abroad. Whenever you log in to your Facebook account to watch your Facebook’s news feed and many new videos display on the news feed. After watching videos, more than one time you log out or turn off Facebook due to some reason. Later on when you log in again to the Facebook account that video is not available there. It does not matter how much you scroll down through the news feed, you will not find to watch that video. So you will think that you had saved the video after the stopping of watching.

Let’s teach you inthis post how to find recently watched videos history on Facebook App and FacebookWeb. You will also learn about how to delete watched videos on Facebook afterwatching it.

Here we will talkabout how to find and delete the watched videos on You will alsolearn about how to view recently seen video on the Facebook Phone application.So let’s scroll down to how to do it in the following given steps:

How to FindFacebook Watched Video History on Website

If you want to knowwhere is the recently watch videos on Facebook, then simply it stored in youractivity log. You will need to follow the described steps where is an ActivityLog on Facebook:

  1. Open any Browser on and sign in to your Facebook account
  2. Go to your Profile by clicking on your Profile Photo or your Name
  3. Next, click on the Activity Log on the right side corner
  4. It will show you all your activities that you have done on your FB and like what you viewed or seen, commented on it, that means you will view all the events of your FB profile
  5. Click on the More option under the Filters section and it will show the total activity on Facebook
  6. Now click on the Videos You have Watched option
  7. You will see the list of all the videos you watched on your FB account since the time you have joined the Facebook social media

Open Facebook, Click on Profile and Activity LogPress Video You've Watched optionClick on the Video you to Watch again

Most of the videoswill display to you that after watching hide from your timeline and you canfind and see them here.

How to Delete orRemove Watched Videos History on Facebook

When you find theWatched videos history on your Facebook in the given above method. After that,it is very simple to delete watched videos on Facebook. You will see all thevideos with a privacy mark and an edit option with it. If you want to deleteone of the videos among them or want to delete clear the complete history thenfollow given steps:

  1. You will need to follow the above steps to find the Video on Facebook
  2. Then click on the Edit option next to the video you want to delete
  3. Just click on the Delete option to remove the video permanently
  4. If you want to remove your complete Watch history on FB account
  5. Simply click on the Clear Video Watch History option given above

Click on the Edit and Delete option or Clear Video Watch HistoryPress Clear Video Watch History to Confirm

Find recently watchedvideos on Facebook App

Let show you how to find and delete watched video history on the Facebook app on your mobile. So there are two ways from Facebook Profile and Facebook Settings methods. Let’s scroll down both the ways one by one to know how to find and delete watched video history on Facebook App.

Using FacebookProfile to Find Watched videos history on Facebook App

The way to find your recently watched video on Facebook App by using the Facebook profile is the same as the Facebook website given above. If you also among those users to run Facebook on their phone and want to know how to find service history on the FB app then everyone should follow these steps:

Steps to Follow on Facebook App
  1. Tap on the Facebook app on your Smartphone
  2. Log in to your FB Account with your credentials
  3. Select your Profile photo
  4. Next tap on the Activity Log on your Profile page
  5. Then tap Category option
  6. Tap on Videos Watched option from the List
  7. Your Recently viewed videos will display to you
  8. Here you can Watch or Delete Videos

Open Facebook App and Go to Your Profile PageTap on More and Activity Log optionTap on Category Drop Down arrowSelect Video You've Watched optionFind, Tap to Play Or Select Three-dot and Delete Video

Using Settings toFind Watched videos history on Facebook App

You can find and view the list of the videosthat you have watched on Facebook before or recently from the Facebook appsettings. So you will need to follow the below steps to find it:

  1. Open your Facebook app on your Mobile device
  2. Tap on the Main Menu or Three horizontal line bars
  3. Select the Settings & Privacy option from the menu
  4. Now tap on the Settings option from the Settings & Privacy
  5. Go to the Your Facebook Information section under the settings
  6. Select the Activity Log in the FB Information section
  7. You will see all your activity list in the Activity Log
  8. Next, tap on the Category option
  9. Now select the Video You’ve Watched option from the list of the available filters
  10. It will display to you the list of Videos Watched and the dates you watched them

Open Facebook App and Tap on MenuSelect Settings & Privacy and Settings optionGo Activity Log Under Your Facebook Information Section

So in the above ways, you can find and delete the history of the recent or old video you watched on Facebook. Whether you can view the video again, even if you can delete them, we have explained three ways. Read and follow any of the methods which can easily find and remove Facebook’s video history or watch again.

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