How to Find Secret Messages in Facebook’s Hidden Inbox

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Do you know how to find hidden Facebook Messages? How to find secret messages in Facebook’s hidden inbox? In most cases, some Facebook users are looking to find their hidden Facebook inbox and view their lost messages. There is a secret or hidden folder on Facebook Messenger including messages that you probably did not know existed. Facebook keeps safe your privacy by making two separate inboxes for messages. The first is for regular messages from your non-friends and friends that send you messages to connect. The second inbox is similar to a spam folder. It includes hidden Facebook messages from non-friends the social media platform believes you do not know. Read: How to Restore a Deleted Facebook Post

Facebook does not remove or delete these messages. It won’t send you an alert to allow you to know there are new messages in that hidden inbox, so you should check it from time to time. Here is how to that on your computer or desktop and through the Facebook Messenger app for iOS and Android.

If Facebook thinks you know someone due on connections with your current FB friends, it will deliver a new message from this contact or person as a message request. If there is no proof that you know the sender, Facebook sends them to your spam mailbox.

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What is Messages Request?

Nowadays, Messenger is a very famous application among entire instant messaging applications. Overall on the internet, there are cybercriminals and spammer. Really thankful to Messenger for applying the Message Request option, so that you should not directly engage with such users or people accidentally.

According to my suggestion be careful before accepting friends’ requests and messages requests and never forget to give them a thorough check.

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How to Access Hidden Facebook Messages From the Desktop

One of the easiest and fastest methods to access and check your Facebook hidden message on the desktop is by navigating the particular links for Message Request and Filtered Messages in a web browser. You can also access and check for these hidden messages on the desktop version of Facebook using the given instructions:

  1. Open to your Facebook account with any browser on your computer
  2. Select the Messenger icon on the top right side of the Facebook home page
  3. Click the Options or Three-dots option at the top of the Messenger menu
  4. Select the Message Requests in the menu
  5. Select the Message and choose to either Reply to open the chat or Delete to remove the request from the list of messages
  6. Click on the See All in Messenger to access and check for Spam messages
  7. In the left pane choose See Spam. Then in the main window, any spam message will appear

Open Facebook, Click Messenger iconSelect Options and Message Requests optionClick on See All in Messenger optionSelect the See Spam option

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How to See Hidden Facebook Messages With Messenger on Android

You can also view the hidden message on Facebook with the Messenger app on your android device in the following steps:

  1. Open to your Facebook Messenger Mobile app
  2. Tap the People icon in the lower right corner
  3. Select your Profile Picture on the top left side of the Chats page
  4. Select the Message Requests option
  5. Tap on You May Knows to view message requests and Spam to see messages marked as spam. Choose to Accept or delete messages

Open Messenger, Select People, and Your PictureSelect Message Request and You May Know or Spam

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How to See Hidden Facebook Messages With Messenger App on iOS

The users of iOS devices can also view hidden messages on Facebook with the Messenger app on iOS devices. Here are these steps to follow:

  1. Tap to open Messenger app on your iOS (iPhone or iPad)
  2. Tap to your Profile picture in the top left corner
  3. Select the Message Request option
  4. Select the Spam to view filtered messages.

Note: Once you have messages requests, tap to Accept or Decline to hide or authorize them.

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Facebook Message Requests and Community Standards

Facebook applies Community Standards that cover, harassment, bullying, and threats, sexual violence, or exploitation. In case you feel you have received a message that violates these Community standards, you can report the message to Facebook. Reporting a secret message will decrypt the encrypted message so the Facebook Help Team can review the message.

Once this happens, Facebook doesn’t tell the user who begins the secret conversation. When you report a secret chatting, recent messages from the conversation will be decrypted and sent securely from your profile to Facebook for review. You also have the option on Facebook and Messenger to block someone or anyone from sending you a message on Messenger. You can also block them on Facebook.

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Alternative Ways to Find Messages Request and Filtered Messages on Messenger

Here are some the following alternative ways to find Messages Requests and Filtered Messages on Messenger app and

Find Message Requests on Messenger App

There might be a couple of reasons why you are searching for and view Messages Requests on Messenger mobile app, either you have to ignore users or wanna unignore a user or someone. Also just you may want to see who sent you a new connection or request

  1. First, update your Messenger app and navigate it up
  2. Select the People icon in the middle of the screen at the bottom
  3. Tap the Avatar icon with a +sign in the top pleas
  4. Select the Requests
  5. Then you will redirect to two sections SPAM and You May Know.
  6. You will see the new connection request in the “You May Know” while ignored conversation will be in the SPAM.
  7. The Ignored Conversation will be in the SPAM section while New connection requests will be in the You May Know

Open Messenger App, Tap on People icon, Select add People and RequestsTap on the Sections of May Know and SPAM

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How to Find and See Message Request on Messenger App

There is another recent update available on Facebook and Messenger app change the place for Message Request feature. Here is how you can find it in new place:

  • Open Messenger app
  • Select your Profile picture from the top left corner
  • There is the Message Request option from the top in your Profile settings

Open Messenger App, Tap Profile picture or Chats, and Select Message Request

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Find Message Requests on

One of the best ways to find Message Request via and have all the Messenger app features on a Laptop/PC. It is very simple and easy to find hidden message, Message Requests, or hidden inbox using your MAC, Windows, or Linux PC. All you require is a web browser e.g Google Chrome, Firefox, Oper, MS Edge, etc. Then:

  • Go to a web browser on your PC
  • In the Address, bar type and press the enter key
  • Select the Settings Gear icon next to your Chats nd then click Message Requests from the menu
  • If you do not have a new connection request, Select to See Filtered Message if you not
  • There you have all your ignored Chats

Open, Select Gear icon and Message Requests

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How to See Message Request on Messenger Lite App

The Messenger Lite is a lightweight and amazing application. The Light Messenger app has a lot of perfect features, such it is secure, fast, simple, easy to use, and has almost everything as the standard version. It also lets the users view their new connection requests. To access requests:

  • First, update the Messenger Lite app and open it
  • Tap on the Profile picture
  • Select the Settings icon at the top right corner
  • Tap on the Message Requests option
  • It will show all your Messages requests there
  • In case there is not a new connection request. Then you can select the Filtered Message to view the Ignored people list (optional)

Find Message Requests on Messenger Lite App

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How to See Message Request on Mbasic Facebook

Here is another way to view Message request on the basic version of Facebook, it is fast, easy to use, and more features. It is also called Mbasic Facebook. The Mbasic Facebook messages are a great way to chat with friends with low-speed internet connections.

But you will need to enable the Mbasic Facebook version on your Mobile or Computer if you want to. However to see new messages request or connection on the basic version of Facebook.

  • Open any web browser on your computer
  • Go to the Address bar and type and press the Enter key
  • Select the Messages option
  • Go down and select the View Message Request option
  • You can also view ignored conversation by select the View Filtered Messages

Open Mbasic Facebook, Select Message, and View Message Requests

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