How to Find Recently Seen Ads on Facebook

ByUmar Ali – March 31, 2021How to Find Recently Viewed Ads on Facebook

Do you know how to find recently viewed ads on Facebook using Android and iPhone devices? View what Facebook ads you actually clicked in Recent Ad Activity. Ads are all time available on Facebook but sometimes manage to appear you the right item at the right time. Wondering how to find an ad you clicked on previously? But due to ads are not always permanently available anywhere, it can be impossible to find an ad on Facebook that led somewhere you wish to view it again or revisit. Now to solve your problem Facebook has a solution called Recent Ad Activity for if (when) you visit or click an ad and wish to revisit or see it again. Here’s how to find recently viewed Facebook ads.

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How to Find Recently Viewed Facebook Ads on Android and iPhone

If you want to know how to find ads on Facebook mobile app that you recently viewed. The Facebook app on Android and iPhone has a separate section for your ad activity. In this post you can find entire of the sponsored posts that you have interacted with on your FB news feed. The guidelines for getting there are slightly various for both platforms.

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How to Get Recently Viewed Ads on Facebook For Android app

First let’s show you how to get recently viewed ads on Facebook for android mobile app. You will find your current ad activity in the Facebook main menu. To get started follow these steps to get recently viewed ads on Facebook Android app.

  • Tap to open the Facebook mobile app for Android
  • Then tap on Main Menu or Hamburger menu button from the top
  • Select the See More option from the menu
  • Next, press the Recent Ad Activity option
  • After that, here you will capable to view a revers-chronological list of the entire sponsored and ad posts you have previously visited or viewed. Tap on an ad to navigate it in the web browser. From the menu, you can also get the option to hide the ad in the future.
  • Now you can select the Save option to save an ad for later on. In the Saved tab, you will get all the saved ads.

Go to Facebook and Main Menu Select See More optionTap on Recent Ad Activity

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How to Find Recently Viewed Ads on Facebook for iPhone App

The method of visiting recently seen ads on Facebook for iPhone is a little bit different from the Android app. Let’s started in the following steps for viewing recently clicked ads on Facebook.

  • Go to the Facebook iPhone mobile app
  • Tap on the Main Menu or Hamburger option at the bottom
  • Then select the See More option
  • Next, choose the Recent Ad Activity option
  • Here you will view the entire list of ads you have visited or clicked on recently. Just tap an ad to open it in your web browser.

Go to Facebook Main Menu on iPhone and Recent Ad ActivityView your Recently Ad Activity

The function could be basic to Facebook advertisers that search to be kept in mind. Recent Ad Activity could allow users to click through a previous ad and make a purchase or take another action the business cares about.

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions by different people might you are interested to read it.

How to Stop or Block Annoying Ads on Facebook completely

You can also stop or block annoying ads on Facebook permanently. Annoying with Facebook Ads, In case you are worried about how to stop or block ads on the Facebook page then you are right page. Visit to learn, how to stop or block annoying ads on the Facebook page. Therefore, with so many new ads coming in messenger and sponsored posts. It is not amazing but you wish to block advertising on Facebook completely.

How to see your Facebook Ads

Open the page by tapping or clicking its name by searching for it or in your News Feed. Tap or click See All in the Page Transparency section. Below ads From This Page, Select Go to the Ad Library.

How to delete recent ad activity on Facebook

If you want to delete recent ad activity on Facebook. Go to the Ads Manager, Select the Campaigns, Ad Sets, or Ads to get the campaign, ad set, or ad you wish to remove. Select to check the box next to the campaign, ad, or ad set you wish to delete. Select from the action bar. Your campaign, ad, or ad set is deleted.

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