How To Find Or Get Instagram User ID From Username

ByUmar Ali – August 30, 2020Find Instagram ID from username

Do you how to get or find Instagram user id from username? Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. You can post pictures and stories with your followers. Every account on Instagram has clearly visible usernames on their profile or on the upper side of their posts on your news feed( if you follow them of course). However, that is not the case with the Instagram User id. You may require user id for developing an application, tool, or utility related to Instagram. Or you are searching for it just for informational reasons. Whatever may be the cause, you will need to walk through these instructions to get an Instagram user id from only the username.

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What is Instagram User ID?

The Instagram user id is a unique number associated with each profile. You can find your or anyone else’s user id if you know their username. Let’s scroll down to show you how to find the Instagram user id.

How to Find Instagram User ID From Username

To find Instagram User ID for yourself and others by following two ways. You can use the online tool and manual ways (for geeks). Let’s show how to find Instagram user id with online tools and manual ways:

First Way: Using Online Tool to Find Instagram User ID

The first way to find the Instagram user id with using the online tools if you are not interested in the details and just quickly want to view the IG user id. Here are these steps to follow:

  1. To find the IG username of the user whose user id you wish to find. You can get it easily on the Instagram website or app
  2. Now visit the Instagram User ID Finder Web tool.
  3. Enter or paste the IG username into the Text box that says- “Enter Instagram Username”
  4. Tap or select on getting User ID option
  5. The online tool will fetch the user IG id and display it to you in just a moment
  6. Click on Copy User ID or you can do it manually if you want
  7. The utility works for entire the accounts-private & public and no sign-in is required

Open Instagram User ID Finder Web ToolEnter Username, Click on Get User Id and then Copy User ID

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Second Way: To Find Instagram User ID Manual

If you wish to get into the details then this way is for you. This way is a bit longer when compared to the first one above the way of online tools. Here are these steps to find the Instagram User ID manually.

Warning: Not for users who do not like code.

  • Go to the Instagram website with any browser
  • Visit the profile of the person you want to get user id. When you are on any IG profile page the URL in the browser address bar will something like this: For me, it is –
  • Now, append?_a=1 at the end of the URL. So, the URL will become- HTTPS:// Press Enter key on your keyboard You will a to of data on the page which loads. Press Ctrl+F and search for the profile page. The numbers next to it are nothing but the user id of that user.

To Find Instagram User ID Manual

Note: Keep in mind there is no login needed and works for entire Instagram accounts.

I hope that you will able to find and get your or someone’s else Instagram User ID. If you found the information in this post valuable then do not forget to share it.

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Instagram how to get my user id from username?

Yes, you can get your or someone else user id from username in the following:

How to Find Instagram email by user id?

To Find Email of Instagram Account by user id in the following steps:

  • Visit Instagram email finder by StorySlash
  • Enter or paste Username in the given box
  • After that tap on Find Email ID button
  • Next, you will view the email address of the Instagram profile

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