How to Find Old Friends on Facebook

ByUmar Ali -September 6, 2021

Do you know how to find old friends or long last friends on Facebook? Yes, you can find old friends on Facebook in various ways. Facebook is one of the best social media platforms to find and meet with your old friends. Here are some of the quick and easy ways to find old friends on the world most popular social media site. The good thing about Facebook for those of us who have been out of school and college for a long time is the ability to find our old friends. The platform gives you the opportunity to rekindle old friendships, make amends, or find a lost love.

How to Find Old Friends from the Past

When you come out from school and college life to your practical life and went your own way and your best friend went their way. After, some time or somewhere along the way, phone numbers were lost. You had no way or a chance to find each other to meet again. And then came Facebook.

All you do to find an old friend or love on Facebook is type their name into the search field. In case they are on Facebook and still have the same name, you should be able to find them.

Ways to find old friends on Facebook

There are many ways or methods to improve the search results, as well as ways to make your profile more available or visible to any friends who may search for you.

  1. Add photos from high school or college to your Facebook Albums, as well as recent photos or photos of your kids.
  2. Share photos with the Facebook photo album
  3. Add any maiden or former names to your section so users or people can easily find you.
  4. Consider to creating a Facebook chat group for your graduating class. This is a best way to keep in touch, send out notices, and get everyone in one platform.

How to find old friends on Facebook.

Alternative Ways Find and Connect with Old Friends on Facebook

Here are some of the other ways to Find and Connect with Old Friends on Facebook.

  • Look for Mutual Friends:
  • Search for Friends With More Common Names to find your old friends
  • Search for Their Children
  • Make It Easy for Friends to Find You on Facebook
  • Send a Personal Note When You Reach Out to Reconnect
  • Use Search for Friends to find out your friends
  • Search friends of your friends will help you
  • To Search old schools and workplaces will help you to find your old friends
  • Search your email contacts
  • Post on Facebook


Here are some of the frequently asked questions by various people related how to find your old friends on Facebook and might you are interested to read it.

How do I find long lost friends on Facebook?

You can find long lost friends on Facebook and as well as on other social media platforms. Add a photo of your school and college to your album. Post or add a you recent photos or photos of your childern to your album. Search for Their Children and friends of friends to connect with your old friends.

How Can I Find Someone I haven’t Seen For Years?

  • To Finding Someone On Facebook.
  • Finding Someone on Other Social Media.
  • Finding Someone On The Internet.
  • Professional People Tracing Service.

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