How to Find and Download the Best Apple Watch Faces in 2021

ByUmar Ali – February 24, 2021How to Find and Download the Best Apple Watch Faces

Do you know how to find and download the best Apple Watch Faces in 2021? Every user of the Apple Watch wants to get looking its best and cool complications and watch faces are the easiest place to start. The Apple Watch has a huge library of built-in watch faces, with various complications and styles, heading to thousands of important custom watch faces. Wish to skip the complicated work of developing your own? In this article, you will learn how to browse and download the amazing Apple Watch faces.

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Amazing Watch Faces 2021 for your Apple Watch for watchOS 7

The Apple Watch still does not support third-party watch faces, with WatchOS 7’s Face Sharing feature now you can easily get new and Install Watch Faces. Find and Download or import and add pre-customized watch faces. This is where Facer comes in and the coolest collection of faces for your Apple Watch from the community.

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What is Facer?

Maybe you know that Facer is an online community website where the users of Apple Watch can create and share their own changeable watch faces. The Face application is free of cost to use and Watch faces developed by the community members are free of cost to download.

Newest Best Watch faces available

Apple has added for the new Apple Watch 6 and WatchOS 7, seven highly customizable watch faces. For example, GMT, Stripes, Memoji (and Animoji), Typograph, Artist, Count UP, Chronograph Pro, Infograph, Meridian, Breathe, Gradient, Pride, Activity, Solar Dial, Siri, Simple, Mickey Mouse, Numerals, Kaleidoscope, and Photos. A new Face Sharing feature allows you to share your watch faces and install watch faces shared by others.

New Face Watch Available For Download

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How to Find, Download and Add the Best Apple Watch Faces in 2021

If you want to start to find and download the best Apple Watch Faces then open the Facer app on your iPhone device. Now, you can search around and detect a watch face that you want. You can browse for watch faces or you can view what’s trending.

Download and Open Facer App on iPhone

  • When you find a watch face you want, just press on it
  • As the result, you will view a lot of number preview of the watch face here. Next to the watch face tap on the Add option
  • In the Watch application, the watch face will open on your iPhone. In case the watch face features complications from apps you do not have installed, the Watch application will allow you to know upfront.
  • Now, press the Continue option

Find and Download Face Watch to your Apple Watch

The Watch application will visit through the applications that are not installed on your iPhone and Apple Watch. You can select to skip installing them (the complication will just appear an empty space), or can press the Get option to download the application.

Tap on Get and Continue Without This App

In case you press the Get option, you can download and install the application right in the Watch app. You will not require to go to the App Store.

Confirm With Side Button

When this process is done, then tap on the Done option

Select Done Button

And similarly, you have added a custom watch face. You will detect it at the bottom of the “My Face” section

Face Watch Will Appear In MY FACES Section

since this the more-recently added watch face, it will automatically switch by your Apple Watch. Raise your wrist to view the new watch face.

See Your New Watch Face

If you wish, you can tap and hold the watch face to customize more further.

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How do I add faces to my Apple Watch?

If you want to add faces to your Apple Watch. Go to your iPhone navigate the Watch application, press the Face Gallery at the bottom from the main options, and select your faces. When you are done configuring the watch face, select Add. If you do not wish to use the application, you can swap out faces directly on the Watch. Press down on the watch face by using 3D Touch. You will be presented a list of watch faces with a left-to-right you have used and chosen in the past, including any you have customized in the Watch app.

How to Add Face Watch from Face Gallery

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How do I share an Apple Watch face?

In case you want to share with someone an Apple Watch FAce. Simply tap and hold to access the face controls and tap the Share button. Verbally or Write dictate your message- Apple offers some fast suggestions–and then choose your contact and send.

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