How to Filter Out Offensive Comments on Instagram

ByUmar Ali – October 18, 2020Filter Out Offensive Comments Instagram

Do you know how to filter out offensive comments on Instagram? Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. In case you are getting any offensive or inappropriate comments on Instagram stories, posts, or IGTV videos, then you can enable comment filtering to avoid those comments. If you using a public Instagram profile, chances you have been a victim of inappropriate comments from unknown or strangers people. Given the social media network’s wide size, it is practically not possible to escape such bad actors. Thankfully, Instagram introduces a set of tools that let you block offensive comments. Let’s show you how to filter out offensive comments on Instagram with a step-by-step guide just for you!

Note: Remember that once you enable the filtering feature, it gets applied to your entire posts; new posts as well as the old ones. So in case, there are any inappropriate or offensive words, emojis, numbers, etc. in any of the comments on your previous or old posts then those comments will also get hidden. You can retrieve the comments on your posts if you disable the comment filtering.

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Instagram has given importance to the security and privacy of its user by filtering out all the inappropriate and offensive content. IG uses these security and privacy algorithms on stories, posts, IGTV videos, videos, etc. Instagram also offers you with the feature to manually filter out phrases or words or numbers that you want to prevent on your uploads. Here are these steps to follow:

How To Filter Out Comments Using the App

Here are these steps to filter out offensive comment on the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android device:

  1. Tap to open the Instagram app and tap on the profile icon
  2. Then click on the Three-parallel lined or Hamburger Menu icon on the top right side corner
  3. Tap on the Settings option
  4. Select the Privacy option then Comments
  5. Tap to turn on Toggle to Hide Offensive comments

Open Your Instagram Profile and SettingsSelect Privacy, Comments and Turn on Hide Offensive Comments Toggle

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How To Manually Filter Out comments using the App

The Manually Filter feature is the name of suggests, make you able to select the phrases or words that qualify as inappropriate or offensive. If Instagram indicates a comment containing any of them, the social network will censor it.

Once you turn on the manual filter option, IG will reveal a text field where you need to type or enter these words. In case you are planning to enter more than one word, do not forget to separate them by a comma.

  1. Tap on the Instagram app to open on your Mobile
  2. Go to your IG Profile by tapping the Profile Picture or Human shape icon from the bottom right side corner
  3. Select the Hamburger icon or three-parallel lined icon on the top right-hand side
  4. Tap on the Settings then Privacy option
  5. Select the Comments option
  6. Tap to switch the toggle to Turn on Manual Filter
  7. Type to enter the specific words, numbers, phrases, numbers, emojis, etc. that you want to filter out.

Select Privacy, Comments and Turn on Manual Filter Toggle

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How To filter out comments using Browser (Website)

To set up filter out comments while using a web browser then here are these steps to follow:

  1. Open Instagram with any browser
  2. Log in to your Instagram Account
  3. Click on the Profile picture or Human-shaped icon
  4. Then click on the Settings option
  5. Now select the Privacy and Settings option then click on the Edit Comment Settings
  6. Here you can type specific numbers, emojis, words, or phrases to filter out comments
  7. Or you can also select the checkbox next to Use Default Keywords

Comment Filtering Setting on Web browser

Instagram’s solution will not be effective all time and some inappropriate comments may still slip through the cracks. But because the algorithm behind it constantly retain learning based on what you and other users’ flag. it will likely get better over time.

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How to Filter Most Reported Words or Comment on Instagram

Under the Manual Filter option on your mobile device, you will also detect a 3rd previously hidden option named “Filter Most Reported Words.” Enabling these tunes out the phrases and words that are often present in the comments you report to Instagram as spammy or abuse.

  1. Open Account Instagram
  2. Scroll to an Instagram comment you want to report
  3. Tap to highlight the comment and then tap the Exclamation Point option found in the upper menu bar
  4. Select the Report This Comment option and choose the reason why you are reporting it.

Click on Comment and select the “Exclamation Point” button found in the top menu barReport offensive comments on Instagram

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While these Filtering comment options are not flawless, they can together drastically cut down the number of spammy or offensive remarks that land on your videos and photos.

In case there is a specific user that usually drops an offensive comment, you can also consider blocking them or particularly pick who is allowed to leave a comment on your posts.

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