How to Fake Spoof your Location Google Chrome

Fake Spoof geo location Google Chrome

Do you know how to fake your location in Google Chrome? Did you know that Google Chrome keeps track of where your system is located? When you are connecting to a website then they will ask to allow access to your geolocation first for many reasons like to know from where the visitor is accessing the website. Many of the business websites want to access your location data for marketing reasons or to see whether a specific ad campaign is engaging the visitors from a particular area of the world. When the website is able to access your location then they will provide products or services according to your location necessity and you have to 2 choices to block or allow it.

If you want to give them access by providing them with your fake or exact location then there is a process for providing. You will know about how to spoof your exact Geolocation in the Chrome browser.

How to Track the Location of Smartphone devices?

Nowadays it is very simple and easy to track the location of phone devices with inbuilt GPS. Before the location can be traced in a Laptop or Desktop system with the help of the IP address and but not the reallocation. But now in the Latest with the help of HTML5 Geolocation API, websites can access or collect your exact location via data from GPS, Wi-Fi Network and your Device IP address.

Using Wi-Fi

All the router broadcasts or wireless network access point something called a Basic Service Set Identified (BSSID). There is a built-up correlation of Geolocation or BSSID and while it is not perfect if Google Chrome is connected to a wireless or router. It will use the wireless BSSID to look up its exact location very fast and simply using the HTML5 Geolocation API.


The modern Smartphones and tablets devices are that can interface with the network of GPS (Global positioning system) satellites that orbit our earth. In March 2016, there are more than thirty satellites in orbit and another thirty-four advanced satellites listed for eventual deployment and launch into the network. The GPS will be the part of the tablet, Mobile devices, or even a desktop PC or a laptop to receive the signals from many GPS satellites. But the consumer level of GPS like in mobile phones will provide a location within 10 or 20 feet of the exact location. Google Chrome browser like all other programs on a tablet or Mobile device has to access to this Global Pointing System location information and will use it to plot your location.

IP Address

If the above waysof find location fail then Google Chrome using the IP address to access yourComputer location. Once the IP address is exact then it comes to your locationwhile using the architecture of the internet and sketchily connected togeographical areas.

If You want to check geographical areas then visit the IP Location Finder website and enter your IP address. It will depend on your device that what kind of device or system or PC you are connected to. This web browser will also show you the geolocation info it will depend on your Global Pointing System data or Wi-Fi connection.

How to Fake or Spoof Location of your Device

If you want to spoof orfake your location then you will need to follow the below-given ways.

Change Geolocation or Fake Your Location within Google Chrome browser

It is very simple to fakeor spoof location using Google Chrome Browser within Chrome Developer Tools. Ifyou want to change your geolocation and make fake your exact location thenfollow the below steps:

  1. Click to open the Website to which you want to provide the spoof location
  2. Next click on the Menu icon or three dots of the Chrome
  3. Now click on the More Tools from the menu
  4. Select the Developer Tools option
  5. You can also use the Ctrl+Shift+I shortcut on Windows OS & Cmd+Option+I on Mac OS
  6. It will open the Chrome Developer Consol in the browser screen
  7. Click on Three-dots menu icon in the Console Tab from the extreme right
  8. Go to your More Tools option
  9. Then click on the Sensors option
  10. You can go to the Drop-down beside the Geolocation to choose the location you desired
  11. Add the Latitude and Longitude underneath Geolocation into the boxes
  12. Reload your Web browser
  13. Finally, when you set up you change Geolocation or Fake location and want to verify then visit this: GEOLOCATION

Click Main Menu, More Tools and Developer toolsSelect More Tools and Sensors optionCustom your Location in Google Chrome

How to Change Your Geolocation with a Chrome Extension

If theabove way of manually change your location is long for you then you can usethis method. You will need to add an extension to your Google Chrome browserfor free. If you want to add the extension then follow the below steps:

  1. Open your Chrome browser on your Desktop OS or Mac OS
  2. Go to your Chrome Web Store and find the Location Guard extension
  3. Click on the Add Chrome blue button
  4. Again click on the Add extension in the pop-up window
  5. Then you will be redirected to Location Guard
  6. Start to click on the Next option
  7. You can add Noise within Chrome to your location to protect your Privacy

Add Location Finder Extension to Chrome

There are many advantages of the enabling of the Location Guard which good enough, for instance, getting the weather and your local news for the right part of your state. You can also configure the setup location as per the website basis for your newsreader to received the least precise information and for the dating app can receive the accurate information.

Using a VPN to Change Location

Let’s show the third way to geo-spoof, with themost common option being a virtual private network (VPN). It will be doing twocritical actions the first one to your change your IP address and tunnels yourinternet data through its own servers. Because of that it will show yourlocation in a different and encrypts your signals to make it impossible toaccess what you are doing.

VPN Location Changer

I mentioned that using a VPN is the most common method to ensure a private and secure connection. If you want to use a VPN then follow the below steps:

  1. The first you will need to choose a VPN service or Visit the Best VPNs market
  2. Next, download and install Express VPN to your PC
  3. Now open to connect to a VPN server in the location or country you want
  4. Once the VPN connects, then your PC’s IP address will be masked and it will look like as if you are in the location or country of your set up

VPN Locations

After that, with any browser, you can geo-spoof, as well as in your Smartphone device. It is the best way to mask your location on your web browser because the browser often uses the updated geolocation API that maybe remove your location.

How to Switch Off Geolocation

Here are the steps to switch off thegeo-location settings on Safari and Google Chrome

Google Chrome Browser

  1. Open the Chrome browser on System
  2. Go to the Main Menu or Three-dots icon in the top right corner
  3. Select the Settings
  4. Click on the Advanced Settings
  5. Select the Content Settings under the Privacy section
  6. Find the Location and click Turn it off


  1. Go to your Preferences in the Safari
  2. Choose the Privacy tab
  3. Next, select the Deny without prompting


  1. Tap on the Settings option of your Android
  2. Then tap the Toggle to Turn it off the Location
  3. After that, your Entire device location services will turn off
  4. But if you want to turn off for specific app then go to your Settings menu

How to Geo-Spoofing on Android or iPhone Device

If you want to spoof the geolocation on your iPhone device then you will need to be Jailbroken and which not the best idea is. But there are several geo-spoofing application for both iPhone and Android devices. If you then you can download for iPhone from App Store and for Android straight from Google Play store.

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