How to export Google Docs to PDF file

Create and export PDF file from Google Docs

Generally, Google docs are taking more popularity among businesses, Education and personal use. Create and edit documents online is now emerging popularity, people do need features such as to export their document file to PDF. PDF is actually a Portable Document Format that protects a document from further editing. When a user forwards any Word document, it is easy to edit, copy text and change something. However, to protect your document, you will need to convert Google Docs to PDF file. You can create a PDF file from the existing document to easily export the file to a local hard drive.

Following the steps below, you will find all the solutions to all the general questions. Such as how to export, change, convert, create, generate and Save As PDF file from Google Docs. User must know that PDF file is convertible to a word document and editable in Adobe Professional software. However, following a similar method, the user can also protect their document via professional software secure from further editing. After that, the PDF editable option will disable and need the password to remove file security and protection.


Why PDF?

PDF is always used to distribute a document with other and circulate among internal and external use. The benefit of the PDF is that the user will never worry of version and compatibility issue across different OS and App. It is easy to open on any device and any operating systems. Such as Windows, Linux, Mac and Mobile platforms Android, iOS and others. All devices are a built-in added feature to read PDF file. If one’s computer doesn’t have PDF reader, the browser is now capable to open any PDF file. In other words, the PDF file is openable on cross platforms. And the best feature of Google Docs, let you use PDF export feature as free tools for both G Suite and free user.

How to Create a PDF file from Google Docs

To export PDF file, you will need to open the existing Google Docs document file and generate a portable document format. You can use a simple method to click on Download from the file menu and then click on PDF document (.pdf). Refer to the following steps with screenshots.

  1. Open Google Docs file on the web browser
  2. Click on the File menu and scroll down to Download
  3. From the Download menu, click on PDF Document (.pdf)
  4. Document file will start to download with the similar file document name

Download PDF from Google DocsPDF file export

Where is the downloadable PDF file

After you download the PDF file that generates from Google Docs, the browser file explorer. Generally, the files are downloading to the Download section. Some user may find at different places if manually change browser download location.

Mostly, G Suit users are aware of these general tools and export features. However, for new users, it might difficult to find export files from Google Docs. The user might try finding it in Google Drive, however, the export from web and browser is always ending to the local hard drive.

Export PDF file from Google Docs Print option

Using print option from Google Docs, it is just a few clicks away to preview page and save as PDF file. Following the steps

  1. Open Google Docs document file or the new file
  2. Click on the File menu and scroll down to Print
  3. Print view document with the option to choose print destination Save as PDF
  4. Click SAVE to show up Save As box
  5. Enter file PDF file name then click Save button

Note: Use shortcut key for quick print option Ctrl+P or CMD+P

Print to Save As PDF from Google DocsSave As PDF Export

The screenshot above demonstrating the print preview of the document. However, Save as PDF feature print the document into PDF file. Sometimes, the user may see the printer name instead, which need to change from the drop-down menu. The list will show enhanced App, printer and Save as PDF option to select.

PDF file name and Save

Choose file destination on the local hard drive first. The PDF file auto-detect the file name from the Google Docs file. However, the user can change the file name prior to save the PDF document.

Send Google Docs file as a PDF Email attachment

Using Google Docs feature “Email As Attachment” to enter email address and send directly from Google Docs page. It is an easy feature to let you quickly distribute the document without leaving the page tab. Further, the sender can also send a file to himself/herself or mark to receive a copy of PDF. Follow the steps below with screenshots.

  1. Click File menu from Google Docs document
  2. Go to Email as attachment and choose to attach as PDF
  3. Enter Email, Subject and Message
  4. The checkbox “Send a Copy to myself” optional
  5. Click Send and check Gmail to see Google Docs as a PDF attachment

Google Docs Email as attachmentAttach as PDF option

The “attach as” drop-down menu list showing number of items such as PDF, Microsoft Word, Rich text (RTF), HTML, Plain Text, Open the document and Paste the item itself into the email. However, choose PDF from the list to send Google docs file as a PDF attachment.

Email as Attachment Send

Email as attachment box showing above includes number of options. 1. choose the file type, 2. The recipient email address, 3. The subject line by default a file name, 4. Message apart from PDF file to receive via email, 5. Mark to receive a copy to your Gmail inbox, 6. And click Send button to finish the task.

PDF file via email from Google Docs

The recipient will see an email message from you showing PDF file as an attachment to the email.

These are the methods demonstrating how you can get and export a copy from Google Docs file to PDF. You may write in below comments, which method you like the most. And suggest if you know other ways than above.

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