How to Enable or Disable Tablet Mode in Windows 10

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Do you know to enable and disable or stop windows 10 from automatically using tablet mode? Actually, Windows 10 would ask in case you wish to switch or turn on Tablet Mode if you disconnected your keyboard or folded your convertible computer. Begin with the Oct 2020 Update, Windows 10 now switches automatically your system to tablet mode without asking. If you prefer, it’s easy to turn this off or disable in the PC Settings.

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How to Enable Tablet Mode In Windows 10

However, in case you wish to switch between Desktop and Tablet modes manually, stick with Desktop mode even on a tablet, or avoid the prompt and have it enable the tablet mode automatically, you can change and turn on the settings. And if you wish to only use the on-screen keyboard, check out the separate instructions.

Set Up Tablet Mode Include The Initial Actions: Visit the Tablet Mode tab below Settings Then System. Switch Toggle the “make Windows more touch-friendly” option enable or disable. or Select the drop-down and choose “Use Tablet Mode” or “Use the appropriate Mode for my hardware. Select whether the device switches modes automatically prompt you or never switches.

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Steps to Enable or Turn Tablet Mode on In Windows 10

Here is a step-by-step guideline with Screenshots to enable or turn Tablet Mode on in Windows 10.

  1. Click on the Start and select the Settings from the start menu
  2. Select the System option
  3. Click the Tablet Mode in the left side pane. A Tablet Mode submenu pop-up
  4. Select the drop-down and choose “Use Tablet Mode” or “Use the appropriate Mode for my hardware”
  5. Click the Don’t ask me and always switch” from the “When this device automatically switches” menu in case you wish Windows 10 to switch modes on your Two-in-one without prompting you.

In the Windows 10 Start Menu, click the Gear icon to open Settings.In Windows 10 Settings, click System.Click the Tablet Mode in the SettingsSelect the Drop-down Under When I Sign inChoose Use Tablet Mode from Drop-down under When I sign inChoose Don't ask me and always switch option

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How to Disable Tablet Mode In Windows 10

Once you change your mind or any other reasons want to change or switch the Desktop mode back from the Tablet Mode. Here are these steps to follow:

  1. Click on the Start and select the Settings from the start menu
  2. Select the System option
  3. Click the Tablet Mode in the left side pane. A Tablet Mode submenu pop-up
  4. Press the drop-down menu and select “Use Desktop Mode” from the menu (see in the screenshot)

Choose Use Desktop Mode from Drop-down under When I sign in

After that, the desktop mode will enable on windows 10 in your PC or Computer.

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How to Stop Windows 10 From Automatically Using Tablet Mode

To disable Tablet Mode or stop Windows 10 using Tablet Mode automatically in the below-given steps:

  1. Go to Windows Settings using the Start menu from the left side corner and select the small gear icon from the tiny sidebar on the left side. or you can hit the Window +i key on your keyboard.
  2. Click the System option under the Settings
  3. Select the Tablet under the System sidebar
  4. Click on the Drop-down menu below “When I use this device as a tablet.” in Tablet settings
  5. Click on whether “Don’t Ask me and Don’t switch to tablet mode” or “Always Ask me before switching modes.” Here’s what each choice does.Don’t Ask me and Don’t Switch to tablet mode: In case you switch off your keyboard or fold your convertible tablet computer, Windows will remain in desktop mode.Always Ask me before switching modes: When you fold your PC or disconnect a keyboard, Windows 10 will prompt a message asking in case you would like to enable tablet mode. This equivalent to the old default behavior of Windows 10 prior to the Oct 2020 Update.

Choose Don't ask me and don't switch or Always ask me before switching

Select the option that matches your personal preference. You can also experiment with each choice to see which you like the best.

Automatically Switches tablet Mode Disable or Turn Off

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When you are finished, then close Settings. After that, next time you physically move your device into a tablet mode setup, Windows 10 will not automatically switch to tablet mode. It is nice that even while adding new features, Windows still lets us have control over how these functions of our Computers work.

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