How to Enable DNS over HTTPS in Mozilla Firefox

ByUmar Ali – March 4, 2020Firefox DNS over HTTPS enable

Do you know how to enable DNS Over HTTPS in the Firefox browser? The feature DNS over HTTPS (DoH) will help you to protect your security and privacy online by encrypting DNS queries. The Mozilla Firefox browser will enable automatically DoH for some of the Mozilla users. But the ones who live in the United State of America (USA)-and it may take several weeks to roll out.

DoH (DNS over HTTPS) works differently. It sends the domain name you enter to a DoH-compatible DNS server using an encrypted HTTPS connection instead of a plain text one. This stop third-parties from viewing what web sites you’re trying to access.

Benefits and Risks of DNS over HTTPS (DoH)

Here are several benefits and risks of DoH which given below:


  1. DNS over HTTPS improves privacy by hiding domain name lookups from others lurking on public WiFi, your ISP, or someone else on your local network.
  2. When you enable DoH, ensures that your ISP can’t collect and sell personal info related to your browsing behavior


Here are some of the Risks of DoH:

  1. Some of the organizations & individuals rely on DNS enable parental controls, stop malware, or filter your browser’s access to websites
  2. When enabled, DNS over HTTPS bypasses your local DNS defeats and resolver these special policies.
  3. Mozilla Firefox permit organizations (using enterprise policies and a canary domain lookup) and users (using Settings) to disable DoH when interferes with a preferred policy.
  4. In the USA, the Firefox browser by default directs DoH queries to DNS servers that are operated by Cloudflare. Meaning that Cloudflare has the ability to see user’s queries.
  5. Firefox has a strong Trusted Recursive Resolver policy in place that forbids Cloudflare or any other DoH colleague from collecting personal identifying information
  6. To mitigate this risk, our colleagues are contractually bound to adhere to this policy
  7. DoH could be slower than traditional DNS queries, but in testing, we found that the impact is minimal and in many occasion, DoH is faster

Here are the steps to enable it for all Mozilla Firefox users.

How to Enable DoHfor Firefox Users

Let’s teach youhere how to enable DoH in Firefox in the following steps:

  1. Click on the Three Horizontal bars in the Firefox browser from the top right corner
  2. Then select the Options button or click on the Preferences if you are using macOS
  3. Find the Network Settings heading
  4. Select the Settings option
  5. Go down to Enable DNS over HTTPS by check or uncheck the box beside it to turn on or off the settings.
  6. Select Cloudflare (Default) from the drop-down menu
  7. Click on the OK option

Open Mozilla Firefox browser and Select Option from MenuSelect Settings Under Network Settings SectionEnable DNS over HTTPS and OK from Connection Settings

Cloudflare DNS

If you are going to enable DNS over HTTPS this way, the Mozilla Firefox using by default the Cloudflare DNS. You will need to change your DNS by selecting the Use Provider from the drop-down menu. Now selecting either Custom to input your DNS server address of choice or NextDNS to you Mozilla’s chosen alternative manually. However, DNS over HTTPS will only able to work if you are select the DNS server that has enable support for it. You are unable to use any old DNS server.

Is it enabling forOther Countries?

If you do not turn on DoH manually on your Firefox. Then it is expecting the Firefox will turn on automatically over the next few weeks—assuming you are in the United States. We expect Firefox will auto turn on DoH for users in other countries of the world in the future, too.

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