How to Enable Android to Make Your Text Aloud

If you want to do multiple things at the same time and you have no time to read your text messages on your Mobile device, especially if you are busy and doing something else. So set up your android to make your text aloud to make it possible multi-task at the same time. For instance, during the driving reading messages is risk trouble with the law.

When you enable the feature of reading text aloud on your phone, it will help and benefit those users with poor eyesight or who have unable to focus on digital screen text. It will help those who want to reduce their screen time. You also can use some of the third parties apps to read your text to you. Mostly these features are part of accessibilities and beneficial for both normal and disabled people.

Let’s show you some of the best ways of this option, and how to set up text aloud on your Android device. After that, you make yourself able to to-do multiple tasks. And crack the easy to get multiple things at the same time.

How to Enable Text Aloud on Your Android with Google Assistant

If you want to set up your Android to Read your Text Aloud with help of Google Assistant, in the advance phone it is built-in on. So you have to follow the steps to get the

How to Get Google Assistant and Install on Your Phone

First of all, you need to install the Google Assistant on your smartphone if you don’t have it. You can install it from your Google Play Store and simply click there on the install option. This app will help you can read the messages and responding it, to get an update about the forecast and control your smart devices.

Download and Install Google Assistant

You can also visit directly Google Play app on your Android phone to search for Google Assistant. Where you can get things done with free hands and easily manage the daily tasks.

How to Activate Google Assistant on Smartphone

When you finish the installation process, so you canactivate the Google Assistant in several ways easily, so follow the below

  1. Say Hey or OK Google to get started
  2. You can tap the Google App or Google Assistant
  3. Next tap the Microphone icon option
  4. You can access the Assistant to Hold the Home Button for a few seconds
  5. In case if the Google Assistant unable to get your commands then you need to retrain or train the voice model

Google voice search option

How to Set up Google Assistant to Read Text Notifications

After you install and activate Google Assistant on your smartphone. Follow then the following steps to set up read text notifications.

  1. You need to say Read my Text Messages
  2. To read your notification the app will be required to grant permission then you need to tap the OK option
  3. Tap the Toggle beside the Google from the Notification Access menu
  4. Next, you need to tap Allow option to get Google access
  5. Go back to and say Hey/Ok Google or tap Google Assistant, and then revise the instruction of Reading my text messages.
  6. So it the beginning the Google Assistant will start reading your text message notification aloud, as well as read the messages notification from the media sources like WhatsApp.
  7. This will tell you the send, read the messages notification, and then tell you to want to send a reply
  8. If you want then say yes, and then it will dictate your response. Then Google Assistant automatically sends your reply after it transcribes it.

Click Ok Allow Google Assistant Read Aloud Text messagesTap Toogle beside Google Tap Alow to Google Assistant Aloud Text Google Assistant Activated and Read Aloud Text

How to Google Assistant to Make Previous Text Messages

Unluckily, Google Assistant unable to readpreviously received text messages on your Android device. It worked in the past, but unfortunately, itmay be removed or just does not work anymore.

According to research on forums of Google consumers that some of the users reported that this function not working from them or maybe the app is crashed. But obviously, we can see great things and updates in the near future.

In last find the issue that this feature stoppedwork in the Android 7 Nougat and Samsung Galaxy S9 which runs on Android 9 Pie.

Without any fear try on your device to attempt toactivate this function on your device, say Hey/OK Google and followed byReading my recent messages instructions

If the app says that there are not any new messagesor maybe Google Assistant crashes, and this app does not work on yourSmartphone. If this is the reason then you will need to install another app touse.

Previous Messages Aloud Text

If this function is working, then the GoogleAssistant app will start reading through your previous messages, one by one.

How to Set Up Text to Speak to Aloud Text

The Google Assistant is very useful, but the Android has other built-in features you can use to read your text aloud. Find such a feature is text-to-speak. However, the text-to-speech feature needs that you use your hands, this will make it a negative option during working or driving mode.

But this feature is very helpful for those users with poor eyesight. For this to work properly and effectively, you need to use another module like Select to Speak from Google’s Android Accessibility

Setting up of Text to Speech Steps

  1. Open your Google Play Store
  2. Search for Android Accessibility Suite
  3. Download and Install it
  4. Go to the Settings on your Android device
  5. Next to Find the Apps Drawer or by scroll down to your System and then tap the Gear icon option
  6. The process will be different on the depending to using on your device and version running
  7. Tap the System from the Settings
  8. Tap the Accessibility from the system
  9. Next, Select to Speak under Downloaded Services
  10. Tap the Toggle-on to use service option
  11. Then Tap OK to use select to speak
  12. When you enable this option in the bottom of the menu Text to Speak will appear
  13. Tap on the Text to Speak icon to open the page or app you want to read out loud
  14. Next tap to select the Text message you want to read out aloud
  15. The text color change into blue and is read aloud to you

The Google Assistant will not sound as refined, but you can use is a good alternative way for your texts to read aloud. This feature works in different apps also like in messaging apps, web browsers or email clients, like WhatsApp.

Alternative Ways to Enable to Text Aloud on Android

Here are some of the alternatives method below to show how to turn on the text-to-speech feature on your android devices

How do I activate voice to text on Android?

Youalso can turn voice input on or off on your Android device in the followingsteps

  1. Tap to Open Apps icon and then tap Settings from your phone
  2. Next tap on the Language or Keyboard or Language & input
  3. Then tap Google Keyboard/Gboard from the On-Screen Keyboard
  4. Tap Preferences option
  5. Finally, switch to turn On/Off the Voice input key

How do I enable Google text to speech?

Youcan enable Google Text to speech output on your Android device in the belowsteps

  1. Go to your Android Settings app
  2. Then tap Accessibility and select Text-to-speech output option
  3. You can change to choose the engine, speech rate, language, & pitch
  4. Optional: Press the Play option to hear a short demonstration of speech synthesis
  5. Optional: if you want to install voice datafor other languages, tap to Settings then Install voice data

How to Use Third-Party Apps Text Aloud

If your phone doesn’t have support Google Assistantor those who want more robust hands-free experience. So there are third-partyapps in your Google Play Store that work with similar features.

Use of Out Loud

Out loud is the simplest one to use with the free version of the app, so you can set up a separate profile to turn on or turn off the feature auto in some of the conditions, such as you insert headphones or connect to a Bluetooth speaker. If you want to upgrade this app for $1.99 permit you select unlimited apps.

Use of ReaditToMe

Another Third-party app is ReadItToMe to read the notification of your incoming and outcoming message. It will read your default SMS app and other messaging apps.

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