How to Enable and Use Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram

ByUmar Ali – April 23, 2021Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram

Do you know how to turn it on Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram? Everybody is worry about their privacy of social media accounts. You can enable the Two-Factor Authentication option for security check on your social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, and as well as Instagram is no exception. Instagram lets the users to one-time passwords as the 2nd factory of authentication, and learn how you can simply turn on or enable that option.

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Two Ways to Enable or Turn On Two-Factor Authentication

There are two methods to enable Two-Factor Authentication on your Instagram account. Either receiving text messages or by using an authenticator application. You will learn both ways to more private or secure your Instagram account, but here one thing to keep in mind that Instagram recommends using an authenticator application. Authenticator applications are more private or secure than text msg for getting one-time passwords code.

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How to Turn on Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram

If you are using Instagram on an Android device. Then it is very simple for you to turn on the two-factor authentication feature. The guidelines are similar on Instagram for both Android and iPhone users. Let me show you the way to access the two-factor authentication page on Instagram.

  • Tap to open the Instagram Mobile app
  • Go to the profile by tapping profile picture from the bottom right corner
  • Now tap on the Main Menu or three-line bar menu icon from the upper-right content
  • Select the Settings Gear icon from the bottom
  • Next, select the Security option
  • Then select the “Two-Factory Authentication option on the next page
  • Now you are on Instagram’s Two-factory authentication setup page. Tap on the Get Started option

Go to Instagram Security SettingsSelect Two-Factor Authentication Method (Authentication App)

Here you can select which authentication process you wish to use for Instagram. You can either use text message or authenticator application to get two-factor authentication password codes. If you are interested then read continuously to learn both the ways, beginning with authenticator apps.

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How to Enable 2FA using Authenticator App on Instagram

Let us know the first way to enable 2FA on Instagram while using the Google Authenticator app. Let us start to download and Install Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator apps on your Android or iPhone device. You can also use alternative apps such as Duo Mobile, Authy, or any other authentication application you prefer. You can do it with any Two-Factor application. But we will use the Duo Mobile app.

  • To begin with switch on the Toggle of Authentication application (recommended).
  • Instagram will now pop-up you to download and Install an authentication application.
  • Before you do that, allow quickly copy the code that you will require to set this up.
  • You will see an option labeled at the bottom of this page “Set Up Another Way.” Tap that option.

Install the Recommended Authenticator App by Instagram

On your screen, Instagram’s authentication passcode will appear. All you require to do here is copy this passcode and paste it into Mobile Dou or Google Authenticator. Press the Copy Key.

Set Up Two-Factory Authentication and Copy Key

How to Set Up Two Factor Authenticator App

Once you download the authenticator app and start to add your Instagram account with following below given steps:

  • Tap on the Get Started in the Google Authenticator
  • Tap on the Plus + icon in the lower right corner in case you have already set up any authentication passcodes on the Google Authenticator app.
  • Tap the Enter a Setup Key.
  • Now you will need to add a name to your account. You can use a simple name such as Instagram, or in case you have various accounts, you can even use something like Instagram @DowpieSite. This will make sure that you have the ability to find the right authentication code easily.
  • When you are finished adding the name, past the string of text into the “Key” field and press the Add option
  • You will view your IG authentication code on the Google Authenticator app. Select the code and it will be copied automatically to your clipboard.
  • Go back to Instagram and paste the passcode you just copied.

Set up two-factor authentication via Mobil Duo AuthenticatorAdd Account and Enter the Passcode to Your Instagram

Greate, you have just protected your IG account. The next time you sign in to your Instagram account, you will have to type your username and password first. And then enter the authentication code from the Google Authenticator app. You will not be able to use and access your account in case you do not have the authentication code.

You will need to copy and save Instagram’s backup codes in a secure place in the last step. These backup codes can be accessed and use to login into your Instagram account. If you lose your mobile phone or are in any other conditions where you are unable to get the authentication code.

Tap on Done and Save the Recovery Code

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How to Use Text Message Codes for Enabling 2FA on Instagram

If you want to use the second method of getting text message-based two-factor authentication is not as secure as using authenticator applications. But this way is better than nothing. In case you want to get a text message with one-time passwords (OTPs) whenever you want to sign in to Instagram,

  • Open the Instagram app on your Mobile phone
  • Go to the Instagram Profile page by tapping on the Profile icon
  • Then go to settings by tapping on the Settings gear icon
  • Next tap on Instagram’s two-factor authentication option
  • Now select the toggle next to the Text Message option
  • Enter your phone number and Instagram will send you a six-digit code by Text message.
  • Past this six-digit code, then select the Next option to done setting up two-factor authentication on Instagram

Enable 2AF by Choosing Security Text Message

In the last stage, you will require an important option here. Instagram will provide you a lot of backup passcodes that you can use to log in in case you are unable to getting text messages via your phone number. You will need to copy these codes and save them in a safe place, preferably in a password manager.

When you have protected your Instagram account, you should ensure that you have a backup for 2FA. You do not want to be locked out of your online accounts in case lost your mobile phone or destroy it beyond repair.

How to Disable Two-Factor Authentication Feature on Instagram

If you change your mind or any other reason want to turn it off or disable the 2FA feature on your Instagram. Just follow the given below steps to disable the Two-Factor Authentication security methods as an Authenticator app and Text message.

  • Go to Instagram Profile and select the main menu
  • Select the Settings gear icon from the bottom
  • tap on the Security option
  • Here tap on the Two-Factor Authentication option
  • If you want to disable or turn off the Authenticator app then tap on the toggle
  • Now tap on the turn-off option from the pop-up once appear.

Turn Off 2AF Authentication App Method

If you want to turn off the Text Message option then select the toggle next to the text message. Just tap on the turn-off once appear on your screen. At the end of these, your Two-Factor authentication security option will disable even Two-Factor Authenticator or Text Message.

Turn Off Two-Factor Authenticator Text Message Method


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