How to Edit Your Post on Facebook [Modify Contents]

Posting every day, with a high ratio and possible typo contents in Facebook Post. You need to review prior to post avoid editing facebook post after you publish. If you have mistakes in your post and would like to edit then this you are here scroll down and learn how to edit your published post on Facebook to correct any typo/mistake.

You will learn editing posts using Facebook web/computer/ Facebook App. With steps to edit your previous posts, removing or replacing your images and adding more photos to a post.

How to Edit on Facebook a Post While Using Your Computer

Once you share your post on Facebook and you want to edit the post, later on, to change some information or want to share more or less information, so you have the option to edit your post on Facebook in the following way

  1. Open your Facebook Account
  2. Scroll down on your home page to the post you want to edit.
  3. Click on the drop-down or 3dot icon
  4. In the menu click Edit Post
  5. Edit your text as required
  6. Click Save option

ree-dots, Edit your post and Save

A post on Facebook that needs modify. So click the menu and select Edit Post. After that, you have option to edit your post contents. Remember that you must have permission if you are editing page contents. Or the option allowing for the personal post (published by you) only.

How to Delete a photo from a post on Facebook

When you share a post on Facebook and you want to delete a from the post later on then follow some steps to delete the photo without deleting the post

  1. Login to Facebook web
  2. Scroll down to the post with the one you want to delete a photo on your home page
  3. Click the dropdown or three-dot icon
  4. X will appear in the upper-right side corner of the photo you want to delete
  5. To delete the photo click the X (Tip: You are unable to delete the photo you have shared from a third person or party)
  6. Click the Save

How to Edit your post using Facebook App

  1. Tap to open Facebook App
  2. Search the post you want to edit
  3. At the upper-right side corner tap on drop-down or three-dot icon
  4. To edit or delete the text you want.
  5. If you want to delete a photo from the post then click the X
  6. Tap the Save option

Edit via App a Facebook Post

How to edit someone else’s Facebook Post Comment

When you are posting something on your timeline, before going to mad a comment on someone else’s Facebook post might think twice. Here is what to do if you did

  1. Search for the comment to find it
  2. Hover mouse to appear 3dot icon
  3. Click Edit
  4. Add your changes, and then press Enter key on your keyboard.
  5. At last, the comments should be edited

Note: You can also delete the entire comment instead of edit by just select the delete option

How to add a photo to a Facebook Post

Let’s say you visit with your friends a mountain area and created a post of your photos. Then, later on, your friends sent you some other great pictures. Hence, you can add your photos easily

  1. Open Facebook App
  2. Scroll down on your timeline to find the post you want to add more photos
  3. Click the down-arrow or three-dot icon in the upper right side.
  4. Click the Edit Post
  5. In the post, you will see your photos already available with a plus sign. Click the Plus-Sign (In case you are using a mobile app, tap on the photo icon at end of the screen instead)
  6. Browse your photo you want to add and click Done or Open
  7. Once you finish then your photo will appear in your post alongside with others.
  8. Click the Save

Add a Photo a Facebook Post

In conclusion, if you already publish a post and look like contents with or need to update. Hence, you have the option to utilize and edit your previous post. While you can modify the contents and post ID remain unchanged including date and time stamp. Furthermore, you don’t need to delete any post and republish the contents.

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