How to Download All Emails From Gmail to Your Computer

Do you know how to download all of your emails from Gmail to your computer device? Your Gmail account may contain all your useful and important data. So, you would like to have a hard copy of that data information on your computer, laptop, or personal disk. So that you can get to access them later on. Also, if you going to empty your Gmail account, downloading entire Google Account data is a very good option. But can we download all Google/Gmail data?

Yes, Google lets you download entire your Google data inclusive of all Google services. So not even Gmail, if you are also using Google services with that Google Account. Then you will able to download them also. For example, let’s teach you how to download all your emails from Gmail?

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How to Download Gmail Emails to Your Computer

If you want to learn how to download emails from Gmail to your pc. There is no need to download and use any third-party software and allows you to access your Gmail inbox. Because Gmail has all the things you required to complete the goal.

That why I recommend you avoid any third-party software for email backup due to you might come along with software application that has been compromised by hackers to steal your personal information from unsuspecting Gmail users.

The reasons are various when it comes to some Gmail inbox organizers, such as Clean Email, which never read complete emails and do not access email attachments. What’s more, Clean email auto-removes entire data it indexes from its servers after 45 days, so that you can be sure that your personal information is safe in the future.

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How to Download All of Your Emails From Gmail

To download all of your emails from Gmail account then follow a few simple instructions for your guidance:

  1. Open any browser on your Computer
  2. Go the
  3. Login to your Gmail account with login credential
  4. Click on the Setting Cog icon in the upper right side of your Gmail inbox screen once you log in it
  5. Select the See All Settings option from the menu
  6. Select the Accounts and Import tab under the Gmail settings from the top
  7. Click on the other Google Account Settings from the Change Account settings section
  8. You will redirect to your Google Account page or myaccount Google page
  9. Now click on the Data and Personalization option from the left-hand side of the Google Account
  10. Scroll down to the Download, delete, or make a plan for your data section and select the Download your data option and you will redirect to the Download your data page
  11. Click on the Deselect all option to Deselect all the checkboxes
  12. Scroll down to select the checkbox next to the All mail or Gmail mail (All of the messages and attachments in your Gmail account in MBOX format)
  13. Then click on the Next Step button, at the bottom of the page
  14. Now select the create archive option for back up Gmail emails

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How to Save Gmail Emails as PDF

If you need to save emails from Gmail as a PDF file to create a solid backup of just one email by saving it on your PC and perhaps even printing it. Here are the following steps to save Gmail emails as PDF file on your computer:

Step to Save Gmail Emails as PDF:

  1. Visit with your browser
  2. Click on the login option sign in to your Gmail account with login credential
  3. Find and open the email you would like to save as PDF
  4. Select the Printer icon on the upper right
  5. Then the Print window will open with some of the options on the left side
  6. Now change the Location to Save as PDF File
  7. Click on the Save option
  8. Select the destination where you like to save the email
  9. Now select the Save option to confirm the destination
  10. Depending on your setting, your PDF reader might automatically start with the newly create PDF opened

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Alternative Way to Download Email from Gmail to Computer

Let’s show alternative short way to download emails from Gmail account to your device within few steps:

Choose What You Want to Download

  1. Go to and login to your account
  2. Visit the Download data page and in this page, you can select all the Google products to include your download
  3. Click on the Deselected option because all the products will be selected by default
  4. Scroll down to Select the Mail or Mail option
  5. Choose to Select labels or Include all of your mail
  6. If you want to Select labels you can select from things like Inbox, Drafts, Spam, Chat, Imported, and so much more.

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Select the File Type

  1. Decide if you would like to download your save or archive it in the cloud
  2. Click on the .zip or .tgz
  3. Choose between 1GB and 50GB for your archive size

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How Do You Want It Delivered?

If you are looking for delivery, then you will receive a link from Gmail. That can be used to download data to our PC or Computer. Gmail will give you the time of one week’s duration to use this link to receive the archive. Other options include to add to in the following:

  1. Dropbox
  2. Drive
  3. Add to Boo
  4. Add to Microsoft OneDrive

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