How to Disable Xbox Achievement Notifications on Windows 10

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Let’s show you how to disable Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar pop-ups, notifications, and tips. Microsoft’s new Xbox Game Bar fo Windows 10 is best and awesome, although the more current updates have introduced some spammy tips pop-ups. Here is how to configure them.

The Xbox Game Bar has been widely improved in currently adding a lot of useful and new features for games on windows 10.

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More like a dashboard than a mere toolbar, the new Windows 10 Game Bar let’s you to quickly access your Xbox performance monitoring, friends list, video game recording, Spotify controls, and screenshotting, and much more, all without leaving your game. That said, the newly updates for the Game Bar have introduced a few new tool tips that can find a bit annoying. Thankfully, they are easy to disable.

Do you know how to turn off Xbox achievement notifications on Windows 10? In case you are playing an Xbox game on a Windows 10 computer like the ones in Microsoft’s Game Pass for PC service-you will likely view pop-up notifications messages for your Xbox achievements. In this article, you will learn how to disable those achievement notifications.

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How to Turn Off Xbox Achievement Notifications on Windows 10

The Xbox achievements notifications controlled from the Windows 10’s built-in Game Bar, which is more of a full-screen game overlay at this point. Here are these steps to follow to disable Xbox achievements notifications.

  1. First, make sure that you have the updated version of the Windows 10 Game Bar by checking the app here on the Microsoft Store.
  2. Press the Windows+G Keys to open the Xbox game
  3. Go to the Settings in case you do not see the Game Bar
  4. Click on the Gaming option
  5. Select the Xbox Game Bar (Here you can turn on the Game Bar and control the shortcut that opens it-Windows+G by default)
  6. Select the Settings Gear shaped icon at the right side of the bar at the upper of your screen
  7. Click on the Notification at the left side of the Game bar Settings window.
  8. Then Uncheck to “Notify me when I unlock achievements” to hide achievement notifications

Press the Windows+G Keys to open the Xbox gameGo to the Settings in case you do not see the Game BarClick on the Notification and Uncheck to Notify me when I unlock achievements

Turn Off Other types of Game Bar Notifications

Here you can also uncheck other types of Game Bar notifications to hide them, and the following including:

  • Xbox party invites,
  • Social messages
  • New people following you

When you are finished and want to quit the Game Bar overlay interface. Just hit the Windows+G keys again or click anywhere outside the window.

Even after the turned off the achievements notifications, you can still view the detailed achievements statistics in the Xbox application on your Windows 10 computer. You can open it from your Start menu by typing or entering the “Xbox” in the search bar for searching.

Some of the games may also display in-game information about your unlocked achievements notifications, too.

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