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Do you know how to disable notification previews for WhatsApp on iPhone device? Hiding of notification preview for WhatsApp is important for the protection of your conversation privacy. In case someone took your mobile phone unless your lock screen is locked down can read your notifications. If you want to disable the WhatsApp notification previews option for hiding your private conversations when your screen locked.

Are you an iPhone device user and you wishing features for hiding WhatsApp messages previews? All you have to do continue reading, then. You will be able to find all of the answers you need below, both from working through the settings menu of your iOS device and through the WhatsApp app settings.

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How to Disable or Hide Notification Previews Notification for Apps or WhatsApp App on Your Lock screen

All you have to do is keep on reading, then. You will find all of the answers you need below, both from working through the WhatsApp settings and through the settings menu of your iOS device. You can hide or disable message notification previews in two different ways.

Disable Notification Previews on Your Lock Screen

Great news for the iOS device uses iPhone update their devices with new functions with Face ID on iPhone X, was the able to disable notification previews. The feature was introduced in iOS 11 and is available for entire iPhones devices, include older version of iPhones with Touch ID.

This option is turned on by default for devices with a Face ID sensor, which is the best privacy features for the iPhone device. But you can turn on it manually if you have an older version iPhone device.

Once you turn it on the content of entire notifications are hidden by default. The notification will appear with name of the WhatsApp message sender and the notification text content will simply read “Notification”.

WhatsApp Message Notification Preview with Sender NameWhatsApp Message Notification Preview with Content and Name

Steps to Disable or Hide Notification Previews on Your Lock Screen

Once you unlock your phone device with Face ID, the notification will expand to display the content. If you have disabled the feature, or if you are using an older version iPhone device, you can turn it on from Settings. Here are the steps to disable notification preview on Your lock screen:

  1. Go to your Mobile Settings
  2. Select App option from the settings
  3. Then tap on the Notifications option
  4. Now select the Show Previews option at the top
  5. Then switch to the When Unlocked option. (Now your iPhone device will only expand the notification content after you place your finger on the Touch ID or after your face using Face ID)
  6. You can Choose the Never option in case you want extra security and do not want to display any notification up on the lock screen

Go to iPhone Setting, Notification, Show Preview, & When Unlocked & Never

Disable WhatsApp Notification Previews

If you want to disable notification previews for WhatsApp messages and not for the entire applications. You can do this from the WhatsApp’s settings and turn off the notification. Let’s follow the steps to hider or disable notification WhatsApp message previews:

Steps to Disable WhatsApp Notification Previews

  1. Go to your WhatsApp App
  2. Tap on the Settings option on Home screen at the bottom right corner
  3. Select Notifications option from the Settings screen
  4. Now tap on the toggle to Off position beside the Show Preview option (disable Notification Message Content Preview on screen)
  5. If you want to enable then tap the toggle on position beside the Show Preview option

Go to iPhone Setting, Notification, Turn it On or Off Show Preview

Once you turn off the Show preview toggle option then the new message will appear on your iPhone lock screen. Otherwise to turn on the show notification toggle on position, now when you receive a new message on WhatsApp, the message notification will appear with the name of the sender and the message content area will simply read Message.

Example Message With Sender Name only

This is one of the many steps will provide more secure and private to your WhatsApp account

Alternative ways to hide WhatsApp sender name from iPhone notification

Let’s show you some of the Alternative ways to hide WhatsApp sender Name and Message from iPhone notification on your device screen.

Three Ways to Hide your WhatsApp Message Sender Name on iPhone

In three steps you can hide your WhatsApp message sender name on iPhone let’s scroll down:

Step# 1 Update WhatsApp to the latest version.

In case you are using the older version of WhatsApp on your iPhone then you will need to download and install the latest version of WhatsApp from the App store.

Step# 2 Change the Notification Setting both in iPhone and WhatsApp

Once you update and install the latest version of WhatsApp and want to Change the settings in iPhone in the following settings

Go to Settings>Notifications>find WhatsApp> Go down to see Show Previews under Options tab. Choose “Never”.

Step# 3 Change Settings

Open WhatsApp, and Go to WhatsApp Settings>Notifications>make Show Preview to OFF.

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How to Reset the Notification in WhatsApp?

Here are the steps to reset the notification in WhatsApp:

  1. Tap to Open WhatsAppApp
  2. Go to WhatsApp Settings
  3. Select Notifications
  4. Finally, tap on Reset Notification Settings.

Frequently Ask Question-FAQ

Let’s scroll down to read the frequently asked by different people and with short answer for your guidance:

How to hide name on WhatsApp notification iPhone?

Yes, you can hide the name on WhatsApp message notification from iPhone settings, then go to notifications and go to Show preview option then choose Never option to hind name on WhatsApp.

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Hide sender name WhatsApp iPhone

You can easily hide sender name WhatsApp on iPhone with simple steps as I share with you from setting of notification Show preview never and WhatsApp Settings to Show preview on or off to hide message sender name and content preview.

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How to Hide WhatsApp message content in notification bar?

You can hide Message Details on the Lock Screen in the following below steps for iPhone device:

Open WhatsApp>tap on Settings>Select the Notifications>Scroll to the bottom and toggle ‘View in lock screen’ to ‘off’ position.

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WhatsApp shows message content in the notification bar.

How can I make it show only new message notifications? I don’t want message content or a preview?

If you would like to get notifications while conversation but on the device home screen and you want to do that. You will need to follow the above ways to hide message content in the notification or message content preview or you can only make it show only new message notification. For this, you will need to go to iPhone or Android settings, select app notification, and choose notifications then turn off notifications.

That way you can either block notification completely or hide the preview of new messages completely.

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