How to Disable Irritating Save Login Pop-ups in Firefox

ByUmar Ali – April 8, 2021Disable Irritating Save Login Pop-ups in Firefox

Do you know how to turn off Annoying save login pop-ups in the Mozilla Firefox browser? Firefox browser has a built-in password manager available and you can also use it and accessible outside the web browser. The second name of the password manager is Clockwise. The save login pop-ups will appear in Firefox annoying. In case you are using the LastPass password manager app. Here is how to turn off them.

Once it comes to syncing and saving passwords and usernames across entire your devices, we will recommend that you install a dedicated password manager. It gives you the feature of using multiple web browsers on various platforms. Additionally, many password managers come with a browser extension.

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When you use a devoted password manager, you should turn off Firefox’s built-in pop-ups for storing usernames and passwords. In this article, the guidelines are different in Firefox for Android, iPhone, iPad, and desktop web browsers. You will learn for entire platforms one by one below.

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How to Turn off Save Login Pop-ups in Firefox for Desktop

Let’s begin to know how to disable save login pop-ups in the Firefox web browser on your PC’s Windows, Mac, or Linux. Here are the following steps to turn it off save login pop-ups:

  • Click on Firefox browser to open it on your computer
  • Click on the Main Menu or Three-line menu option available in the top-right side corner
  • Select the Options from the menu
  • Choose the Privacy & Security option from the sidebar
  • Click to uncheck the checkbox beside the “Ask to Save Logins and Passwords for Websites” option.

Open Firefox Browser and Go to OptionsSelect the Privacy & Security optionUncheck the Box of Ask to Save Login and Passwords for websites

After that, you will log in to a new website next time, Firefox web will not bug or ask you about saving or storing the username and password.

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How to Turn off “Save this Login” Pop-ups in Firefox for Android

The users of Android can also disable save this login pop-up in Firefox mobile app. Once you are trying to sign in to a new website in Firefox for Android mobile app, then a pop-up will appear to ask you whether you wish to store the details info to your Firefox account. You can turn off this option from the Firefox Settings menu.

  • Tap to navigate the Firefox app on your Android tablet or Smartphone.
  • Tap on the Three-dots menu option from the toolbar
  • Select the Settings option from the menu
  • Here tap on the Logins and Passwords option
  • Tap on the Save Logins and Passwords option
  • Select to turn on to the Never Save option from this screen
  • After that, Firefox web will no more ask you to save passwords to Firefox

Open Firefox Mobile, Go Settings, and Select Logins & PasswordGo to Save Logins and Passwords, Select Never Save

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How to Turn off Save Login Pop-ups in Firefox for iPhone and iPad

The way of turning off storing login pop-ups is very simple in the Firefox app for iPhone and iPad devices. To get started then follow the given steps:

  • Tap to open the Firefox application on your iPhone or iPad devices
  • Select the Three-line menu option from the bottom toolbar
  • Now select the Settings option
  • Go to the Logins & Passwords section
  • Tap to switch off the toggle next to the Save Logins option
  • After that, Firefox will now prevent asking you to store new passwords. This does not change anything once it comes to existing saved passwords. You can still see and use the existing passwords as you normally would.

Go to Firefox Main Menu and Select Settings optionGo Logins and Passwords and Turn Off Save Login Toggle

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