How to Disable iCloud Photos on iPhone and iPad

Do you know how to turn off the iCloud Photos Library or disable iCloud Photos on iPhone and iPad?iCloud Photos is the best way to seamlessly back up iPhone photos to iCloud. But in case your iCloud storage space is full up and you would rather not upgrade to a paid plan, here is how to disable the iCloud Photos option or feature.

Do not be afraid. You can turn off or disable the iCloud Photos Library feature without losing any video or photo. But before we begin, we emphasize you make it a backup of your entire data photos and videos. You can download entire data of photos and videos using the iCloud website, or you can transfer the photos to your PC or Mac.

Continue to read this post to know how to check if the iCloud Photo Library feature is enabled on your device and how to disable or turn it off and what will happen if you disable it.

How do I know if iCloud Photo is enabled?

If you are not sure that the iCloud Photo Library is enabled on your device? Here’s how to know and check.

  • Open the Settings app on your device
  • Tap on your name
  • Tap on the iCloud option
  • Then tap on the Photos option
  • Here you will view if the toggle next to the iCloud Photos is turned On or Off.

How to Preparing to Disable iCloud Photos

In Apple devices, the iCloud Photos Library is an optional backup option that stores your photos and videos online in the Cloud. It is helpful due to it means that even in case you were to lose your device, you will not lose your data photos. Let’s started to prepare to disable iCloud Photos in the following steps.

  • Tap on the Settings app to open on your iPhone or iPad
  • Next, go to the Photos section

On your iPhone or iPad open the Settings app.Go to the Photos section in Settings.

Let’s know before going to disable the feature, what will happen with your Videos and photos.

What happens when you Disable iCloud Photo on your iPhone?

To disable the iCloud Photo or iCloud Photo Library feature, what will happen with your Videos and photos when you turn off or disable it.

Unable to Copy All Your Photos Locally

In case you are using the Optimize iPhone Storage feature, you will not have a copy of entire of your photos locally. Many photos will only be compressed versions.

Switch Download and Keep Originals Options

If you want to disable the iCloud Photos feature then we recommend that you switch to the Download and Keep Originals option. A copy of all photos and videos with full resolution will download on iCloud (taken from entire your Apple device). In case you do not have enough storage space to do this, download photos from the iCloud website before going further.

To download all photos and videos locally switch to the Download and Keep Originals option.

Using iCloud Photos on a Separate device

When you are using iCloud Photos on a different device (like iPad or Mac), the original, full-resolution versions will still be available on the other devices that are using iCloud Photos.

Apple Keep Data for 30 Days

Apple will keep a copy of your data (photos and Videos) for thirty days period. But from your current device, the photo will be removed. Your data copy will save by Apple for 30 days period, so do not worry. You can still recover your data by reenabling the feature and via the Download and Keep Original option.

Disabling iCloud Photos

When you are sure that your data (photos) are downloaded and backed up securely, then disable the feature by tapping on the toggle next to the iCloud Photos option.

Tap the toggle next to iCloud Photos to disable the feature.

Download Photos and Videos option

In case you are using the Optimize iPhone Storage feature, you will view a pop-up message asking you wish to download a copy of your iCloud Photos to your iPhone device. Here, select the Download Photos and Videos option.

Remove From iPhone

If there is no storage space in your iPhone or iPad device, and you are sure that you have secure a backup of data, then you can walk through the Remove from iPhone option. After a few seconds, the iCloud Photos or Library feature will be turned off

Choose Download Photos & Videos option to download all iCloud photos before disabling the feature.

Check Storage Space

Once the feature is disabled and wants to check the storage space that has been free up, visit your profile via the Settings application and select the iCloud option.

How to Re-Enable iCloud Photos Feature

If you want to re-enable the iCloud Photos feature. Open the Setting app at any time and Go to the Photos section and press the toggle beside the iCloud Photos option to turn on or enable the feature.

Just because you have stopped using iCloud Photos does not mean that you stop backing up your photo library. Google Photos, for example, is the best similar app to iCloud Photos. Apples make it very easy to transfer your all iCloud Photos Library to Google Photos with just a few clicks.


Here are the following frequently Asked Questions by different people and might you are interested to read it.

How to turn off iCloud Photos without deleting everything

To turn off or disable iCloud Photo Library without removing or deleting photos on your iPhone device. Here are the following steps to follow.

  • Go to the Settings app and tap on your Name option
  • Then tap on the iCloud option
  • Here tap on the Photos option
  • Tap to Set the Toggle iCloud Photos to the Off position
  • Now tap on Download Photos and Videos option

How to remove photos from iCloud but keep on iPhone

If you wish to remove photos from iCloud only but keep the data on your iOS devices, make sure to turn off the iCloud Photos Library feature first. Go to the Settings App> Tap on Apple ID (On your Name at the top)> Tap on iCloud option > Next tap on Photos> and Set the Toggle Off position (iCloud Photos). Now, once you delete your photos from iCloud, they will keep a copy on your iPhone device.

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