How to Delete Your WhatsApp Account Permanently

ByUmar Ali – February 28, 2021How to Delete Your WhatsApp Account Permanently

Do you know how to permanently delete your WhatsApp account? require a break from chatting or messaging? Here’s what to do about it! If you have tried by messaging application and have wondered, how do you get rid of WhatsApp? Then let’s teach you in this post to delete forever your WhatsApp account permanently. Remember, just deleting or removing the WhatsApp app for your mobile device doesn’t delete the account on the WhatsApp service. You will also learn how to backup and then delete your WhatsApp account.

You must know that WhatsApp is a messaging application that uses secure encryption to save your messages and phone calls private. WhatsApp works on iOS, Android, and you can even use WhatsApp on your desktop PC.

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What Happens Once you Delete Your WhatsApp Account?

You will need to do the following instructions before going to delete your WhatsApp account permanently from your device:

  1. From WhatsApp delete your account
  2. Remove your chat or message history
  3. Delete you from entire of your WhatsApp’s groups
  4. Delete your Google Drive backup
  5. Delete your contact or phone number from your account
  6. Delete your contact or phone number from your friends’ WhatsApp contact lists.

Can I Restore a deleted WhatsApp account?

No, according to WhatsApp’s FAQ page, you are unable to recover or restore a deleted account, and it may take three months or 90 days to delete permanently, during which time you cannot access your data. There is a state that any of your personal information shared with other Facebook Companies will also be deleted.

In case this process or method is too dangerous, you might need to deactivate temporarily your account instead. Either way, making a backup first is the best idea.

How to Back Up Your WhatsApp Data Using Android and iPhone/iOS Backup

If you want to delete your WhatsApp account then you will need to back up your data first. Here are the following instructions for iOS and Android devices to back up your WhatsApp account data.

How to Backup WhatsApp Account Using iPhone or iOS Devices

Here are two ways to to backup WhatsApp account on your iPhone or iOS devices

Backup WhatsApp Account Data Automatically Using iCloud

Users of iOS or iPhone can backup WhatsApp account data automatically via iCloud by doing the following instructions.

  • Tap on the Settings icon from the home screen of the iPhone/iOS
  • Select your profile picture or name from the Settings
  • Select iCloud option
  • Now go down to WhatsApp and tap the toggle to turn it on (Make sure the toggle switch is set to green position)

How to Backup WhatsApp via iCloud

How to Back up from inside WhatsApp App on iPhone

Here are these steps to follow for back up from inside WhatsApp:

  • Open WhatsApp and go to Settings
  • Select Chats option
  • Then tap on the Chat Backup option
  • Tap to turn on Aucto Backup by using the toggle switch.
  • Here, you also can keep your Whatsapp videos with the Include Videos toggle and back up your account immediately with the Back Up Now option

Back up from inside WhatsApp App on iPhone

How to Backup WhatsApp Account Using Android Device

The users of Android device can back up Whatsapp by using Google Drive by following these instructions:

  • Open WhatsApp app on your Android device
  • Select the menu or vertical three-dots from the top right corner
  • Tap on the Settings option from the menu
  • Now tap on the Chats option under the settings
  • Then select the Chat Backup option
  • Here select the Backup to Google Drive option
  • Choose the backup frequency you want
  • Choose your Google account or create a new one. You may have to sign in first
  • Select Back up over to select the network you wish to use
  • You can also select the BACKUP option to back up on the fly

WhatsApp Chat Backup on Android phoneChoose Network and Start Back Up

How to Deactivate WhatsApp Inplace of Deleting Your Account

If you want to deactivate your WhatsApp account when you lose your mobile phone or stolen by someone, you have the option of deactivating your WhatsApp account until you set it up on a new smartphone. To deactivate your WhatsApp account send an email to WhatsApp and use the following phrase “Lost/Stolen: Please deactivate my account” in the body of the email. Include your contactor phone number in the complete international format, which is described here.

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How to add an international phone number

To add an International phone number or contact number in the following steps:

  • Go to your Phone’s Address book
  • Enter the contact’s phone number, begin by typing a plus (+) sign.
  • Type the country code, followed by the complete phone number

Note: A country code is a numerical prefix that must be typed before the complete national phone number to make a call to another country. You can browse online to find the country code you need.

How to Delete WhatsApp on Android and iPhone/iOS devices

Finally, so you have decided and wish to delete your WhatsApp account permanently. Let’s follow these instructions below to fully delete or remove your WhatsApp account from the servers and entire related data.

Delete WhatsApp Account on Android Phone

The process of deletion of WhatsApp account on Android phone is similar to the above, although the displays may look different from each other. Follow these guidelines below:

  • Go to your WhatsApp App app on your Android phone
  • Tap on the Menu or Three-dots from the top right
  • Select the Settings option from the menu
  • Now tap on the Account option
  • Tap on the Delete My Account option
  • Type your complete phone number and select the Delete My Account red button.
  • WhatsApp will ask a reason you are leaving (Optional)
  • Here you also have the option of WhatsApp deactivation and changing your WhatsApp phone number, rather than deletion.
  • These instructions are closely identical on Android and iPhones devices.
  • You can now delete the WhatsApp application on your mobile device.

Go to WhatsApp Settings and Account optionSelect Delete My Account Enter Number, and Select a Reason and Delete My Account

You are now in the last stage of the deletion process. WhatsApp will tell you that this is an irreversible action and that all your data, including backups, will be removed once you delete your WhatsApp account. They will not be recovered if you make another account.

Select Reason and improve option and Delete My Account Twice

In case you are completely sure you wish to delete your WhatsApp account, select the “Delete My Account option.
WhatsApp will remove your data and the app will log you out of your account.

How to Delete WhatsApp Account Permanently on IOS/iPhone

To fully delete or remove your WhatsApp account on iPhone or iOS device, follow these guidelines:

  • Go to your mobile Settings
  • Select the Account option
  • Then tap on the Delete My Account option
  • Now review the warning, choose your country code, type your complete phone number, and select the Delete My Account option
  • WhatsApp will ask you a reason you are leaving
  • Tap on the Delete My Account option

We now reach the last stage and this page will tell you that it is impossible to reverse the process. If you are completely sure you wish to delete your WhatsApp account, select the Delete My Account to confirm.

WhatsApp will finish deleting to your account and local data and backup.

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