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Do you know how to delete your Netflix? You know for reasons of the removing your Netflix watch history or Netflix history, or Viewing Activity. Now no one else will know you watch or view cheesy movies and TV shows. You can also Kick People Off Your Netflix Account.

If you share your Netflix account with your friends and family, there might be times when you do not want them to view the TV shows and movies you have been viewing. Maybe because the movie was on the naughty side, or maybe it is because you have a secret love for romantic comedies and do not want the others to know it. Whatever your cause or reason, removing or deleting your Netflix watch history is the process to go. The way only takes a minute or two to complete and is so simple even your grandma could do it.

You can delete titles from your Netflix view history. This is beneficial if you do not want members to see what you have watched, or if you wish to change the direction of your Netflix recommendations.

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How to delete Netflix history on Android

To start off by installing the Netflix application on your android phone and choosing the profile for which you want to remove or clear the Netflix watch history. Then press the More tab in the bottom-right corner of the screen and tap on the Account option, after which you will be taken to Netflix’s website.

The next action is to go down at the bottom and tap on the Viewing activity option which will show you all the TV shows and movies you have seen so far. Now it is time to start removing things. There are two options available: you can delete you all Netflix watch history at once or delete TV shows and movies one by one.

To delete all the things, go down to the bottom and select the Hide All followed by Yes, hide all my viewing activity. To delete titles one by one, just tap the circular icon next to a TV show or movie, after which you have the option of deleting the complete series by selecting the Hide series? option.

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Delete Netflix History with step-by-step instructions

  1. Tap to open the Netflix app and select your profile
  2. Press the More tab in the lower-right corner of the screen
  3. Tap on the Account option
  4. Go down and tap on the Viewing activity
  5. Tap on the Hide all option from the bottom or tap on the circular icon next to a TV show or Movie to delete titles individually.

Open Netflix Mobile App, Tap Menu and Select Account optionTap on Viewing Activity and Hide All option to Delete Your Netflix Watch History

How to delete your Netflix Viewing History

There are several reasons you might wish to clean up or remove your Netflix watching history. Thankfully the method for doing so is extremely simple – even if it is not immediately clear. Everyone has streaming skeletons in their closets, so start and clear yours out. To remove or delete movies and TV titles from your Netflix viewing history, use a computer device to log into your Netflix account. Here are these steps to delete your Netflix viewing or watching history.

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Steps to Clear Your Netflix Viewing History Via Web

  1. Log into your Netflix Account with any browser of your choice. Due to your watch history is particular to your individual profile, you will require to confirm you select the right profile if there are various users under your login. If you by mistake choose the wrong profile, do not worry, you can choose another one using the drop-down menu in the top-right corner
  2. Select the menu icon from the right corner and select the button labeled Account
  3. Now go down to the My Profile section and select the Viewing Activity blue link. They will redirect you to a page showing all the things you have watched.
  4. You will see the circle-backslash “no” symbol to the far right of each entry (Some time it may show an X in place of the newer circle-backslash icon that Netflix has employed, but you get the idea)
  5. To delete individual or more titles, select the No sign to the right of the entry you wish to delete.
  6. A message shows you that the content will be deleted from your watching activity within 24 hrs. Select Hide Series to continue.

Login to Netflix Account with any BrowserClick on Profile icon and Select Your Account option from drop-down menuGo to Profile Section and Select Viewing Activity optionSelect the Report a Problem or Delete optionClick on Circle Backslash icon to Delete a Title Movie or TV ShowYour Viewing Activity on All Devices will be remove within 24 hr

Note: Keep remember one thing for TV shows, each episode with being listed one by one, labeled by season and episode title. Selecting the circle-backslash icon on a single show will only delete that particular episode. You will then receive a prompt asking if you wish to delete or remove the complete series, and a quick click will do just that.

Select the Remove Series option to Delete all episodes of series

How to Remove Your Entire Netflix Watching History

  1. If you want to remove or clear your entire watching history in one fell swoop? Now you can.
  2. Go down at the bottom of the list you will see Hide All option then click on that
  3. Then click on the Yes Hide All My Viewing Activity on Netflix’s confirmation pop-up. You will history will be removed after 24 hours.

What Happens to Deleted Content?

When you remove or clear a title from your Netflix viewing or watch history, you will not able to see the titles in the Continue Watching categories or Recently Watched on the Netflix home screen.

Additionally, the titles are not included in future watching recommendations. However, the content will be accessible through search and may appear in one of your genre categories.

Tip: To reinstate the title in your watching or viewing history, play the title again.

The Bottom Line

If you have various Netflix account profiles, or other members of your family or friends have their own account, everyone will have their own watching or viewing history and can use and manage their viewing activity using the above-given instructions for Mobile and Computer. However, watching or viewing history for any account profiles set up as a Kids account cannot be removed.

Login to Netflix Account with any Browser

If you did not see some titles on your viewing activity list page, and you suspect that another device or someone else accessed your Netflix account, click the Recent Device Streaming Activity option on the main account page. If there is an issue, Netflix provides some possible solutions.

Netflix provides a Privacy Mode, which stops others from accessing to use the viewing activity list, but this function is not available to all users. If you have any doubt or questions regarding this capability, visit the Netflix Test Participation Page or Contact Netflix support directly.

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Here are the following frequently asked questions by different people and read it if you are interested.

How to Hide TV Shows and Movies on Netflix

You can to the setting of the particular profile. When you hide or protect a title or show for one profile, other members or profiles will still are able to view it. If you are protecting or hiding recommended titles or videos from a Kid’s profile, consider locking your adult profile by adding parental control with a PIN. This will stop kids from leaving their own restricted profile and watching yours. Visit to read How to Hide TV Shows and Movies on Netflix.

How to Hide titles from viewing activity

Once you hide titles from your Netflix viewing activity then they will not appear on your Netflix TV shows and movies you watched. Removing titles from view activity will also hide the from the Continue Watching row. It is very simple to go to your Account page>Open Profile & Parental Controls for the profile you wish to update> Scroll to the Viewing Activity for that profile>On the Activity page, click on the circle backslash icon next to the episode or title you want to hide. You can select the Hide all option at the bottom of the page and confirm.

How to delete continue watching on netflix on tv

You can delete continue watching on Netflix on TV form your Netflix viewing activity then they will not shows again on your Netflix movies and TV shows you watched. Deleting titles from view activity will also hide the from the continue watching row.

how to delete continue watching on netflix on phone

To start launching the Netflix app on your phone and choosing the profile for which you want to remove or clear the Netflix watch history. Go to the profile viewing activity page and delete individual TV shows and movies from the list. Deleting titles from view activity will also hide the from the continue watching row.

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How to remove titles from the ‘Continue Watching’ row

When you hide titles from your Netflix viewing activity then they will not appear on your Netflix TV shows and movies you watched. Removing titles from view activity will also hide the from the Continue Watching row. You can follow the above instruction to remove titles from the Continue Watching row on Mobile App and Computer desktop web browser.

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