How to Delete Someone from Messenger?

ByUmar Ali – February 24, 2020Delete someone from Facebook Messenger

Do you know how to delete someone from Messenger? How to remove contacts from Facebook Messenger? How to delete or remove a contact from Messenger? When you are using Facebook Messenger then these all questions will become to your mind and you will be confused about how to remove someone delete or remove from the messenger. Don’t worry I will teach you many ways to delete or remove a contact or someone from the messenger. The main reasons I don’t know why there is no more remove or delete option for getting rid of a Messenger Friend or contact. There are several strange things which are stopping people from using FB Messenger App in the coming days.

Just think about it FB Messenger doesn’t allow you todelete the contact easily? They are doing according to their wish and like.Anyway, there are many alternative ways to follow to delete or remove someoneor contact from Messenger.

How to Remove or Delete Contacts from Facebook Messenger

Let’s you teach how to delete Messenger friends, contacts, in your friend list, and non-friends, also your non-Facebook friends or the auto-synced contacts from your phone’s contact. Here you can start below one by one.

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How to Remove a Contact from Your Messenger Friend List

Here you will learn an alternative way because there isno such a button or option or any standard method to get rid of someone onMessenger. Let’s follow the below steps to delete someone from Messenger:

  1. Tap to Open Messenger App on your Smartphone
  2. Then tap on the People icon at the bottom right side
  3. Tap on the All Contacts icon with vertical dots from the top right side
  4. You will all Contacts list will appear to you on your screen
  5. Find the contact you want to Delete or Remove and then tap on info “I” icon beside contact
  6. Press the Message option, to the chat
  7. Now tap on the Info icon from the top right corner
  8. After that tap on the Block option
  9. Simply tap on the Block icon to right Block on Messenger
  10. Confirm your action then tap on the Block again from the pop-up dialogue box
  11. Then tap on Block icon to the right of Block on Facebook and browser will open or tap on the one installed on a pop-up dialogue box
  12. Finally, tap on the Block blue-button option to confirm your action and you can reverse the process by a tap on the Cancel option

Open Messenger, Tap People icon, Contacts, and Info iconGo Chat Tap Info Icon and Block optionTap On Block on Messenger and Block to ConfirmSelect Block On Facebook icon and Block to Confirm

After that, you can delete friends, contacts on Messengerexactly. Blocking is the only way to kick someone to abuse on Facebook and FBMessenger easily. The person or contact will no longer be able to see thingsyou post to your timeline and tag you. He or She is unable to invite you togroups or events and cannot start a conversation or chatting with you. Theperson will not send you a friend request, add you as a friend, and send you atext message and many more things.

How to Delete aNon Friend from Messenger Contacts

When you log in to your Facebook Messenger then it willask you to upload Contact. Once you turn on this option then your all phone’scontacts will automatically be syncing. Though you and that contact may appearto each other suggestions from Facebook and might send you Message requests.

If you don’t want to remove then you can either ignore the messages or unignore messages. But you can remove that person or contact that is not in your friend list, by following the given steps for your guidance.

  1. Open Messenger App on your Mobile
  2. Tap on the People icon at the bottom of your screen
  3. Select the Contact icon from the top of your screen
  4. Now tap on info “I” icon from the right side of that contact
  5. After that, tap on the Remove Contact option
  6. Again tap on Remove option in the pop-up dialogue to confirm your action

Open Messenger App, Tap People, All Contact, & Info iconSelect Remove Contact and Remove option

After that, the contact will be removed from your contactlist of FB Messenger. They will be unable to send you a friend request again,never send you text messages or never as active friends. Moreover, there is afunction to bulk remove non-messenger/non-Facebook friends.

How to Bulk Remove or Delete Non-Friends from MessengerContacts

Here you will learn how to delete or remove bulkNon-friends from Facebook Messenger contacts within a few steps. This optioncompletely depends on your choice, because you are getting tired from unknownmessages requests then you can bulk delete or remove option:

  1. Navigate your Messenger App
  2. Press the Profile Picture at the top left side
  3. Go down the tap on the People option
  4. After that, tap on the Manage Contacts
  5. You will redirect to all Non-friends list, simply tap on the Delete All Contacts option
  6. Then all your non-friends contacts will delete from your Facebook Messenger contacts list

Navigate Facebook Messenger and Tap People optionPress Manage Contact and Delete All contacts

Maybe you will get an error #5900 do not worry and just ignore it. The error comes because when You’re removing or deleting a friend possibly ignored, blocked and blacklisted you.

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How to Turn on Automatic Contacts Sync on FacebookMessenger

If you want to stop seeing unknown or stranger people inyour messages requests or hidden inbox. Also, to stop unwanted people from theactive list on Messenger, then the best thing for you to turn off the futureautomatic contacts syncing on Facebook Messenger.

  1. Go to your Messenger App
  2. Tap on your Profile Photo from the top left side
  3. Go down and tap on the People option
  4. Now select the Upload contacts option
  5. After that, tap on the Turn Off option
  6. Finally, the Auto-sync will stop uploading contacts

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How to Unfriend Someone on Messenger

In this way, you can easily and simply to unfriendsomeone on Facebook Messenger. Through, this you can block users which is alsosort of unfriending and will permanently delete or remove the contact or friendform Facebook Messenger. Anyway, you will need to follow these steps in orderthe unfriend someone or contacts.

  1. Navigate your Messenger App on Mobile
  2. Find the Friend or Person from chat screen to unfriend
  3. Tap on his Profile Photo to open the chat
  4. Tap on the Info “I” icon to the upper right corner
  5. Now press the Profile option under his name
  6. Press to View Profile On Facebook option
  7. Next, tap on the Friends icon
  8. Then tap on the Unfriend option
  9. Tap on the Confirm option from the pop-up dialogue box to confirm your action
  10. Finally, your Friend or Contact will permanently delete from the Messenger

How to Remove Someone from Messenger Group

In this way, you can easily remove someone or contactfrom a group conversation or chat on Facebook Messenger. You will need to walkon through given below steps to remove a friend or someone from a chat group onMessenger.

  1. Tap to Open Messenger Mobile app
  2. Now tap on Group Conversation to open
  3. Then tap on Group Info icon
  4. Tap on the Members option
  5. Next, tap on the Profile Photo of the friend or person you want to remove from the group conversation
  6. Finally, tap on the Remove From Group option and this will remove that contact or person from the group conversation. The notification will show to you on your screen.

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