How to Delete seen Someone’s Instagram Story and Messages

Delete your Seen from someone Instagram stories Messages

The Instagram Story feature launched in December 2017 and it is the best feature for the users of Instagram to share their moments with other followers. Do you know how to hide or undo seen from Instagram stories and messages? I will show some of the tips and tricks which will let you unseen someone’s Instagram story after viewing it. This means you will watch other user’s Instagram stories and direct messages without notifying them on the Instagram website, iOS, and Smartphone. Furthermore, It is possible to view someone’s stories without even following him/her but that is, of course, possible for the public accounts on Instagram.

How to delete or Undo already seen someone’s Story or Messages

If you have already watched by mistake or accidentallyother user’s stories or messages on the Instagram app. You are looking to undoor delete you’re seen from the watch list then also we have got you covered.Let start here with the following methods to show the ways to undo or unseenview of someone story or messages.

How To Unseen someone’s Instagram Story after Viewing It

If you have watched someone Instagram Story byaccidentally and don’t want to notify the other person, or for any cause youwant to delete you’re seen to unseen or hide it. You will need to follow thebelow simple steps:

This trick is working on both iPhone and Android devices.Both have similar steps:

  1. Open your Instagram Application on your Phone
  2. Tap on the Profile Avatar to visit your profile
  3. Tap on the Three-dots icon from the top right side
  4. Select the Block option and Confirm your block action
  5. After that, blocking the owner of the story will Delete your view from their story
  6. You will need to delete the Direct Messages conversation with them

Three Horizontal dots blockBlock Profile InstagramTap on Block option

What will happen when you unblock?

After that, you unblock that user you view will appearback and will come back to the Story viewers list. You will need to keep blockthat person until their story (video or photo) hides or expired which youwatched. So, you will need to wait for maximum time to unblocking them up to 24hours.

When you want to delete seen direct messages then youwill need to keep them blocked. If you unblock that person the messages willappear again and they will be notified with reading or Seen receipt.

How to Unblock Someone on Instagram?

If you want to unblock someone once you blocked thembefore then follow the given steps:

  1. Open your Profile on the Instagram app
  2. Tap on Hamburger Menu icon at the right side
  3. Select the Settings option from the bottom
  4. Next tap on the Privacy and Security option
  5. Select the Blocked User or Accounts option
  6. Choose the Person and visit the profile you want to unblock
  7. Tap on the Three-dots menu option
  8. Select the Unblock option
  9. Tap again the Unblock option in the pop-up box to confirm the action

Open Instagram Tap on Menu Bar and Humanoid icon

Note: Keep one thing in mind that once you block someone it will make unfollow you. Once the story expired and follows them back by unblocking. So you will need to stand a risk of losing a follower in case they do not follow you afterwards.

How to Hide Seen From Instagram Story

Do you ever thing to view Instagram stories anonymously?Moreover, do you want to watch other Instagram user’s stories and at the sametime do not let them know? Yes, you can view Instagram story without notifyingthe other users and here you will get an awesome trick through you can do so.So let’s scroll down to know the ways for your guidance and to know multipleways to see someone’s Instagram story without letting them know:

First Way: How to watch other’s Instagram Story without lettingthem know on Android or iPhone or Mac or PC Browser

If you want to watchother’s stories on Instagram without letting them then follow this way to doit. You will need to use a third-party app for this to make it fast and easyfor you.

Benefits of Using Web App StoryHoot:

Thereare many benefits of using this application for instance:

  1. You will no need to install an Extension or Additional app on your browser or phone respectively just for viewing Instagram stories
  2. No Sign-in required
  3. Viewing Stories without following the other user and anonymously
  4. You can run and will work on any browser

When will younot use the app

Once you want to watch stories of the Private accounts

How to Use the Third-Party Application (StoryHoot)

  1. tap to open any Browser and visit theApplication on your Android or iPhone device (sign in to Instagram not needed)
  2. Enter the Username of the user you want to view of his/her story
  3. Tap on the Submit or Go option
  4. Next tap in the Box with the user details
  5. You will see all the Media files list if the person has a public account and shared the story
  6. Now tap on the Download option below the video or photo you want to view

Second Way: Watch someone’s Instagram Story without notifying them on the Web

Let’s show you another way to watch other Instagram stories with the use of the Instagram web and without notifying them. Through this way, you can watch the stories of the Private Instagram account without notifying them (You can view the ones you follow). You will need to install the Chrome browser (if you do not have) on your Computer or MacOS. So, follow the below-given steps for your guidance:

Steps to watch someone’s IG Story without notifying

  1. Open Chrome browser on your PC
  2. Click on the Three Vertical dots menu and Select the More Tool option
  3. Select the Extensions and Visit Web Store
  4. Next, search for the IG Storiesfor Instagram and click on the Add Chrome (this extension will let you view Instagram stories on PC)
  5. After that, open Instagram Web and Sign in to your account (If already opened then refresh it)
  6. When you finish the installation of the extension than on the top of the page you will see the Stories at the top of the page
  7. Now click on the Story of the person you want to view anonymously
  8. You will Redirect to another page to show the Story in full screen and setting of change is not required there and the users will not notify to watch their story
  9. Once you have Viewed then go back to the IG app and the story of the highlighted will still be with radiant colors and are not changed to grey the story avatars

Note: Keep in mind one thing you must not click on the stories that are on the right side. Recommend to read How to see who view your Instagram Highlights.

ThirdWay: How to view someone’s Instagram Stories Privately on Android App

If you are using the Instagram app on your Android phoneand want to view someone’s IG stories privately in the following steps below:

Steps to View someone’s IG Story Privately

  1. You will need to download and install Story Save by YOBA app from Google Play Store
  2. Log in to your Instagram account with an app
  3. It will show all the Instagram stories of all the persons you are following
  4. Now tap on the Profile or Name of the user, not on the image
  5. Next tap on the Profile photo to go the Instagram app
  6. It will redirect you to the page where all their stories will appear to you
  7. Finally, Press or Long tap on the Video or Photo you to view or you can Swipe left on your screen accordingly
  8. So the app will Hide your Seen from the other Instagram stories
  9. You can also view the Stories of the users Without following by using the Username of profile and search option of this app

Fourth Way: How to view Instagram Stories withoutfollowing and Letting them know on iOS Devices

If you are using the Instagram app on your iOS Devicesand want to view someone’s IG stories without following and letting them knowin the following steps below:

Step to do it:

  1. Go to your App Store on iPhone and install Repost Story for iOS App( Free App)
  2. You will need to login to your Instagram Account with this App
  3. In the next page, you will see the Stories of the users you are following
  4. Tap on the Profile icon of the user you want to view his or her story
  5. You will see all the Active stories of the users and you can tap on a Single story (Photo or video) to watch it in full page in the next screen
  6. Through this Application you can watch the stories of users even you are not following them
  7. If you want to use that then tap on the Search bar and enter the Username of the person
  8. Choose the one you wish from the list
  9. Finally, you can see their stories without notifying of the IG story owner

How to Hide Instagram Direct Message Seen

Ifyou want to hide Instagram direct messages from reading receipt or seen. Youwill need to follow the below simple method for your guidance.

How you will know if Your Instagram Direct Message Is Read?

Itis very easy and simple to know if other Instagram users have seen your directmessage. If you see the “Seen” below your message then that means the receiverhas seen it otherwise not. In case there are more users in the conversationthan an eye icon will appear with the username of Instagram who has seen orread your conversation.

How to Unseen the other’s message when you read?

Whenyou read a message as a recipient and do not want to the Seen to appear them.So there is no direct option or setting to unseen or hide Instagram messagesfrom seen or read receipts. So you will need to follow the steps below:

Steps to Hide Seen:

  1. The first thing do not tap on the Push Notification when you receive a Direct Message on Instagram
  2. Open your Instagram application first
  3. Select the Instagram Direct icon at the upper corner
  4. It will load Instagram Direct Conversations
  5. So do not open the Message the one you want to hide the read receipt
  6. Disconnect your Internet or Turn off Cellular data or Wi-Fi data
  7. Tap on the Message to open and read the messages and at will not Notify the sender with Seen and you will be able to watch the conversations
  8. Then Log out from your IG account without your Internet connection or WiFi
  9. After that, go back to your Newsfeed on your Home screen
  10. Tap on the Profile icon and tap on Cog icon or Three dots icon and press Log out option
  11. Again connect to your Mobile device with internet and sign in to your IG account with the app


So the sender will not get any Seen even you viewed the messages. You can also start to use Instagram Direct with another user and the person will still not receive any notification that you have read the messages. But don’t tap to open or read the messages the one you want to hide you’re seen.

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