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Do you know how to delete Google assistant recordings manually and automatically? Google Assistant is one of the best features to add many conveniences to your life, but that comes with some of the privacy sacrifices. Now privacy is a hot topic in the smart home, with people demand in what data is being stored and recorded by voice assistants and companies, like Google’s Assistant.

Google Assistant voice recordings: How to see and remove data from Google Home? To get the Assistant to give his best paper shreder impression.

Google Assistant can put many features to relax your life, but that comes with some privacy sacrifices. Whatever you say to Google is being recorded, but there are many methods to remove or delete these recordings.

The recordings beings made by the Google Assistant is really scarier than it sounds. For beginners, it’s very potential to aware that Google only records you when the process is started with the OK/Hey Google command or manually. The recordings are then used to make better voice-matching.

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How to See and Delete Google Assistant recordings Using Mobile App and a Web browser

Google introduces various ways for dealing with these recordings, and there’s something for each type of privacy-conscious person out there. Google makes it quite simple to use and access Google Home interactions, but how much data you remov is up to you.

How to Delete Google Assistant Recording Using Desktop Web

Google now allows you to delete individual recordings, remove between particular dates or set up auto-delete in your account to delete data after a specific amount of time. If you are using the desktop web browser and want to remove the Google Assistant recordings then follow the below-given ways:

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How to Manually Delete Google Assistant Recordings Via a Web browser

Let’s show the first way to go the manual route and remove recordings after they have already been saved. Here are the following steps to do it.

  • Go to your browser and visit
  • Then log in to your Google account which associated with your Assistant-powered smart displays or speakers.
  • Then visit the Data & Personalization tab
  • Go to the Activity Control section and click on the Web & App Activity option
  • Next click on the Manage Activity option
  • Now click on the Filter by Date & Product and Select the Assistant option from the menu
  • You will see all Google Assistant queries and organized by date. You can remove the entire entries from a day by press the cross “X” icon.
  • The entries to which the recording is attached are indicated by a microphone sign icon. Select the details in case you want to delete a particular entry.
  • Then click on the three-dots menu icon and select the Delete option
  • That’s all. You can use and access this page and remove entries at any time.

myaccount pagedata and personalization tabclick web and app activityselect manage activityfilter and select Assistantdelete everything from a daydetails for a recording entrydelete the recording

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How to Auto-Delete Google Assistant Recordings Using Desktop web

If you have no time to delete your data all the time manually, Google makes it easy and possible for you to auto-delete things after a certain length of time. This lets you get the best of both worlds. Google Assistant will make it better at recognizing your voice, but the recordings will not be kept forever.

Select Auto-Delete (Off)

Let you teach a complete guide on set up the automatically delete function. It will be easy to select between having to remove data after 3 months, eighteen months, or Thirty-sixth months. If you use Google Assistant then we will highly recommend doing this.

Choose an Auto-Delete option and Click on Next button

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Opt-Out of Recordings Completely on Desktop web

  • Google lets you fully opt-out of recordings altogether. It is completely easy to turn it off.
  • Navigate your browser and open to Confirm that you are logged in.
  • Click on the Data & Personalization tab
  • Scroll to the Activity controls section and select Web & App Activity”.
  • Open the Include Audio Recording and uncheck the checkbox.
  • You will see a message and explain what happens in case you stop storing audio recordings. Click on the Stop Saving option if you are sure.
  • After that, a recording will not be stored on your Google Account.

uncheck include audio recordingsstop saving recordings

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How to Delete Google Assistant Recording Using Mobile App

Let’s show you how to delete recordings between particular dates by using the filter option. You can also set up an auto-delete option to delete automatically your Google Assistant recordings as you wish. If you want to Opt-Out of Recordings Completely by disabling the saving feature from web and app activity.

How to Delete recordings between specific dates Mobile App

Here you will learn to remove recordings between the particular date you want.

  • Open your Google Home application
  • Go to the top right corner and tap on your personal icon
  • Now choose the My Activity option
  • Tap the three dots in the search box at the top on the right-hand side
  • Tap the Delete activity in the dropdown box
  • You will get a new screen, where you can remove all the things from that day, yesterday, the last week, last month or all time. You can also manually enter dates you wish to delete.

Delete Google Assistant Recording

Now you can tap on the Filter by Date & Product and choose the date in the next page. Then select the apply option from the bottom.

Set Up Filter By Date to Delete Assistant Recordings

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How to Auto-Delete Google Assistant Recordings Using Google Home app

If you want to set up auto-delete feature to delete your Google Assistant recordings on Google home app via mobile phone. Here are the following steps to do it:

  1. Open the Google Home app on your mobile phone
  2. Tap on your Profile photo from the top left side corner
  3. Select the My Activity option from the menu
  4. Now tap on the Auto-delete option
  5. Choose the option between 3 months, 8 months, or 36 months
  6. Then tap on the Next button at the bottom

Tap to Turn on Auto-delete feature on Google Assistant

How to Delete recordings using your voice Using Mobile App

If you are using the Google Home app manually process to remove your recordings, but here also another way to zap recordings by just using your talking or voice to your device

You can follow an automatic update (This option is now available for the English language, heading to others language this November), people are able to ask the Google Assistant to remove recording history with voice commands like, OK or Hey Google, delete the last thing I just said to you, “or. “Ok Google, remove everything I said to you last week,”

Opt-Out of Recordings Completely on Mobile App

You can stop to saving recordings permanently of Google Assistant on mobile app. Google allow your opt-out of recordings on Google assistant completely. Here are the following steps to do it.

  1. Go to the Google Home app
  2. Then tap on the Profile photo from the top left side
  3. Select the My Activity option from the pop window
  4. Open the Include Audio Recording and uncheck the checkbox.
  5. You will see a message and explain what happens in case you stop saving audio recordings.
  6. Tap on the Stop Saving option if you are sure.
  7. After that, a recording will not be stored on your Google Account.

Turn Off Web And App Activity completelyUncheck Include Audio Recordings and Stop Saving


Here are some of the frequently asked questions by different people and might you are interested to read it out.

Does Google keep a copy of deleted recordings?

Once you remove things from My Activity, as we teach you the above, Google says they are deleted forever from your Google Account.

However, Google also indicates that it may store service-related info about your account, like which Google products you used and when to stop spam and abuse and to improve its services.

What happens to data if you uninstall Google Home app?

Sice entire your recordings are related to your Google account, it does not make a difference in case you uninstall the Google Home application, stop using your smartphone or device, or, as Google itself describes, delete your account.

Whatever is in the My activity section will live there until you have removed it – or not.

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