How to Customize the Google TV Home Screen- Three Ways

ByUmar Ali – October 17, 2020customize the Google TV Home Screen

Do you know how to edit or change or customize the Google TV home screen? The switch from Android TV to Google TV brought a bulky change to the home screen experience. The attention is on surfacing and recommendations content from your streaming services. You will learn how to customize or adjust the home screen on devices like the Chromecast with Google TV.

You can customize or organize the Google TV home screen experience in their ways. In a first way, you can rearrange or organize the order of your games and apps to keep your front and center. The second way, you can share which online streaming service you pay for with Google. Third and last way, you can turn off or disable recommendations completely.

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How to Organize and Rearrange Your Favorite Google TV Apps

The apps and games you installed appear in a row on the “For You” and “Apps” tabs. Only twelve applications and games can be shown without expanding the full list. It is the best idea to put your favorites at the front of the line.

  1. To organize and rearrange your favorites, go to your Apps row or section, and highlight the game or app you would like to move.
  2. Select the See All for the complete list if your app is not showing.
  3. Now hold down the Enter or Select button on your remote for a few seconds
  4. Select the Move from a pop-up menu will show with a few options
  5. You can now use the D-pad on your remote to move the app shortcut right or left. Move it left to bring it to the front of the list.
  6. Once the application shortcut is in the spot you wish, click the Enter or Select button on your remote to confirm. You will still be in application rearrangement mode. Click on another application to move it or tap the Back option on your remote to finish.
  7. In case you are moving applications from the full application list, remember that the highlighted rows show the applications and games that will appear without selecting “See All.”

Go Your Apps and See All AppsHighlight the appSelect moveMove the app in the rowApp arrangement modeFirst two rows Google TV Home Screen

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Get Better Movie and TV Show Recommendations on Google TV

The Google TV home screen recommendations take a few things into account. First the services you choose when setting up the device for the first time. Second, the TV shows and movies you have added to your Watchlist and rated. Lastly, Google’s suggestions that you cannot control.

  1. Go to the For You tab or section at the top side of the TV home screen to make changes or to edit to the services you are subscribed to.
  2. Scroll to the way down to the very bottom of the tab and choose “Get Better Recommendations.”
  3. Select the toggle now to the switches on or off for the different services available. Streaming services at the top of the screen are connected to your Google account and can be removed using Google’s webpage.
  4. The next option you can do is add TV shows and movies to your rate titles and Watchlist. Adding content to your Watchlist can be done from a Google Search on any device.
  5. To add something to your Watchlist from the Google TV device itself, first, highlight a TV show or movie and press hold down the Enter or Select button on your TV remote.
  6. This will pop-up a menu with a few options, one of which is “Add To Watchlist.”
  7. In a similar menu, you will notice options for “Watch It, Like, and Dislike. You can access and use these to tune the recommendations or suggestions as well.
  8. In case you do this enough over time, the recommendations will get better.

Go to the for you tabSelect get better recommendationsToggle services on or offHighlight show or movieSelect add to watchlistMore options for content

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How to Enable Apps Only Mode on Google TV

The Google TV home screen loaded mostly with recommendations, but it is possible to disable or turn them off almost fully. The “Apps Only Mode” boils everything down to the Highlights row and the Your Apps row.

  1. Go to the top of your screen right corner select your Profile icon
  2. Select the Settings option from the menu to appear to you
  3. Click on the Account & Sign In option from the menu
  4. Click to your Google Account option
  5. Go down and select the toggle the switch on for “Apps Only Mode”
  6. You will see a confirmation screen to tell you that this mode will disappear or hide Google’s recommendations and your ability to access and use the Watchlist features. You will also not have access to any content you bought from the Google Assistant or Google Play Movies. Click on the Continue to Proceed.

Select profile iconSelect settingsSelect your google accountSelect accounts and sign inToggle apps only modePress the Continue option

The Google TV Home screen will appear to you like this:

Apps Only Mode

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While not as customizable as Android Tv, the Google TV Home screen has the important to get better the more you use it.

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