How to Create Your Own Unique Font and Make it Sellable

Creating a brand new font is not only a good way to train your designer skills but also a superb mechanism to attract professional attention. It is, however, difficult to make a unique product when you know that it’s almost impossible to determine the exact number of the existing fonts.

It means that you need to be both creative and clever enough to find the right niche for the typeface placement. In this article, we are going to help you learn how to make a great-looking font and how to sell it once it’s completed.

What kind of font to make?


Graphic design experts at keep saying that even the most beautiful digital font is not worth a red cent if it doesn’t target the specific market. Keep this in mind while designing and make sure to determine a good strategy prior to launching your font. Here are some basic traits of the high-quality product:

The basic rule is to follow trends and figure out what the clients expect from your typeface. Use your imagination and creativity to design the font that looks good and sells well. It takes a broad knowledge of typography but as the professional, you should be able to comprehend it all easily. One trend that definitely stands out at the moment is handwritten lettering, so it could be a nice starting point for you as well. But if you want to find out more about the latest developments, check out the list of the most popular fonts.

Your font should aim at the specific field of business but you don’t want to narrow it down too much. If you do that, the font will soon become obsolete and it won’t have a chance to expand to complementary niches. Try to make it multifunctional because it’s the only way to hope for the bigger breakthrough.

No matter what you do or what kind of niche you target, new fonts must be easy to read. This is the basic postulate of calligraphy and you cannot break it regardless of circumstances. Potential users will appreciate an intelligent idea behind the typeface but they won’t accept it if they doubt the effectiveness.

If you really hope for a huge interest in your new design, you might as well pay attention to global trends. Namely, Latin alphabet users make only one-third of the population, while the rest of the world uses Chinese, Cyrillic, Arabic, or some other kind of script. There is a gigantic potential if you look at things globally, so why not use it?

How to sell the font?


Creation is but a half of this process. Now that you have your own font, you need to sell it. Let’s see how exactly.

We mentioned this before but it’s simply too important not to emphasize it again. The industry that you target can influence your design incredibly. You can have a brilliant idea in the beginning but again develop it in a completely different way due to industry peculiarities. Therefore, make sure to explore the niche thoroughly.

It’s not only about making an exclusive font – it’s also about presenting it attractively. Font presentation may be your only chance to reveal the advantages of your product, so you need to be careful about every little detail. Essentially, presentations should demonstrate the practical potential of your font and the way specific industries can use it to advertise their services.

You can try to sell your font to the specific user. For instance, you can choose a few companies and present your offer to see which ones are the most interested. Once you’ve done that, you can sell the font to the best bidder.

A more common way of selling typefaces is offering it to the official retailer such as FontShop or the font foundry like Typotheque. Retailers only sell fonts, while foundries do both the creation and the sales. They can offer you all sorts of cooperation arrangements and be careful to analyze it prior to making any concrete moves.


Creating and selling typefaces is never easy but if you spend some time experimenting, you’ll definitely come up with the good-looking model. Along with wise approach to niche-designation, attractive fonts can become best-sellers. That’s why you should use our guide and follow it step by step. It will help you create the unique font and make it sellable at the same time. And if you have any valuable feedback, feel free to leave it in comments!