How to create Google Chrome new Profile

Google Chrome new profile

Google Chrome profile let you sync your browsing data and other stuff between all devices. The data including browsing history, Autofill, Passwords, Extensions, Chrome themes and Settings. It let you easily access the similar work environment in your home PC / Laptop and similarly at work station. You will not need to recall things from other PC browsers where Google Chrome profile let you sync your data between devices and access with similar Gmail account from any device.

It is recommended to not sign in or create a Chrome profile in public PC. If you do so for your need then try to delete the chrome profile when you are leaving public pc.

  1. Open Google Chrome and click on the Profile icon
  2. Scroll down to Manage People
  3. Click Add a Person and then enter the name and choose the profile icon
  4. Check the radio tick if you want “Create a desktop shortcut for this user“
  5. Click Add button

Note: If you already Google account profile; after singing in the profile icon will change to your default Google Account profile icon.

Add Person in Google Chrome Manage People

The benefit of having a separate Google Chrome Profile

It is most beneficial but depends on every user requirements and some of the benefit of having it separately. Read more advantages of having a separate profile.

  • Freedom to your work and personal account. Let your personal work get separation from business work or public chair work. When you are doing your homework; you are signed in to work profile and search history or data filling and accessing and storing separately. You are not sharing personal data with a work account.
  • Sharing or using similar account sync data between devices remotely and one project with teamwork that need similar browsing history and auto-fill data including extensions are shared between the team. Chrome Book sharing the with other Gmail / Google account but using PC chrome, you need to use one common account.
  • Ease of accessing data while you are at home, workplace, and travelling. You are remotely accessing and taking the sync data along with you. Suppose you have free hours or offering some hours from home office, where you can have remote access via sync option to look back browse the history, autofill, extensions and other browsing data.
  • Access open tabs from other devices right in this device quickly and review hours back browsing the history of another device.
  • Using multiple accounts and open a separate profile for each account to use for work, personal, and project.

Security care on Google Chrome Profile

You must consider that the device you are signing in with a separate profile your personal or under your use only. In case you don’t want to share your browsing history with others using a similar PC. Chrome is not yet developed to allow lock down the password or enable password after you close the Chrome profile. However, you can use Chromebook to set a device login password.

Don’t use public PC or work computer that is not under your full use. This could leak your privacy you if kept the Google Chrome profile sign in.

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