How to Create a WordPress Theme? –

So, you are a newbie to designing websites and yet to know the tricks of the trade. You have always wondered how the websites look so beautiful and well designed. Well, the reason behind that is the theme and if you want to go deeper, then you have to thank the tool that helps to design the theme. One of the most popular and widely used website creation tools at present by all the veteran web designers across the globe is WordPress and you can become a pro in a few days if you know the basics of designing a theme in WordPress. If you are techie guy and love programming, then creating WordPress themes will not be a problem at all.

Here is an easy guide for you to create amazing WordPress themes that will catch the attention of viewers right at the first glance. Check these out and get inspired to create a theme effortlessly.

Start with the layout


Before indulging in the programming section, it is important to decide on the layout of the theme first. A standard theme has a header, footer, content area and sidebar. Think about how and where you will place them and then move on to creating the respective files for the theme.

  • Start with the Header.php file

This is a two-fold step where you have to use the HTML code and PHP code along with the WordPress function. You can also insert valuable keywords in the header if you want. The next part of the step is to add the stylesheet file where you can modify the style using the style.css file.

  • Continue with the Index.php file

The code in the index file should contain the entire code of the header that you just wrote in the above step. You will not have to type the whole thing. An internal function of WordPress will help you with that. You need to separate the main area from the sidebar and create the index file separately.

Here, you can add archives and categories using inbuilt WordPress functions. However, make sure that you do not miss out on the tags as they can come up with an error if you miss them at any point.

  • Follow the Footer.php file like the header

The footer code is almost the same as the header file. The only major difference in both is you can use copyright information instead of keywords, additional and relevant texts and links to make the theme link more beautiful.

Importance of Style.css file


One of the reasons why WordPress is the best friend of any web designer is because of the presence of Style.css file. It helps you to set the look of the theme you want to design for the websites hosted availing the hosting offers. There are so many sample layouts available that you can check and try well before starting with your own theme.

Final Thoughts

WordPress is a gem and a magical tool when it comes to designing a lovely customized website. You can be as innovative as you want while creating WordPress themes as they can be used further for various professional websites. So, unleash your creative potential while using this advanced website designing tool and design WordPress themes that viewers will simply drool over.