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ByUmar Ali – January 9, 2020Create personal and Business SnapChat Account

Do you know how to create a Snapchat account on Mobile or Web? How to make your Snapchat more famous? For this purpose, you will need to create a Snapchat account to connect with more people and friends. Snapchat is the most popular messaging app for view live Stories. User can talk with friends and explore news to creating a life more joyful and fun when you live in the moment. If you share or send something on the Snapchat will be visible for a limit of time as you set up like (After view or 24 hr). Creating a Snapchat account is very simple and straightforward. Let’s show in this article how to create your account on the Snapchat app or

How to Create a Snapchat Account on Mobile and Computer

You can create a Snapchat account on your mobile app and on on your computer. Let’s scroll down to teach you both methods on iOS or Android devices and as well on computer systems.

Create a Snapchat Account on Mobile App

You can set up your Snapchat accounton your Android or iPhone (iOS) devices. Please follow the give steps for yourguidance:

  1. First, you will need to download the Snapchat app from Google Play Store orApp Store
  2. Tap on the Snapchat app to open it
  3. Tap to type your First and Last Name and tap Sign up & Accept button
  4. Type your Date of Birth and tap Continue
  5. Pick a unique Username for your account and you can’t pick an already existing username and tap on the Continue option
  6. Set a Setup Password for your account and tap Continue (At least 8 characters)
  7. Enter Your Valid Email Address
  8. Enter your Phone number to receive verification SMS to validate your account and tap Continue option
  9. Tap on Continue Find Friends or Skip and Turn on Camera Access
  10. Next, Allow Access to your contacts, Camera, Storage, video record, Audio Record, and Photos, etc

Tap on Sign Up and Sign Up & Accept to Create a Snapchat AccountEnter Date of Birthday and Change User Name ContinuePick a Username and Enter Password and ContinueEnter Valid Email Address and Phone Number Continue to Create a Snapchat AccountContinue or Skip Find Friends and Turn On Camera access after Create a Snapchat AccountAllow Snapchat to Access Photos Media and video audio record

Create a Snapchat Account on Web

Here you can set up your Snapchataccount on your computer or macOS via any browser. Please follow the give stepsfor your guidance pc or phone:

  1. Click to open
  2. Next, click on the Sign-up option to create new Snapchat
  3. You will redirect to the Sign-up page
  4. Go to the Sign-up page first Enter your First and Last Name
  5. Enter a unique Username for your account through which the friends add you
  6. Next, enter at least 8 character password to secure your account
  7. Enter your valid Email Address ([email protected])
  8. Type your Date of Birth (MM-DD-YY)
  9. Finally, click on Sign up & Accept button at the bottom of your page
  10. Get started to Set up your Business Account

Enter User Detail and Sign Up & Accept to Create a Snapchat Account

How to create a business Snapchat account

If you want to create a business Snapchat account within few easiest steps to follow:

  1. First, log in to your Snapchat Account
  2. Enter to creating a Snapchat User Detail on Sign up Page as per the above second way.
  3. Verify to your Snapchat by User Account Verification and log in to your account
  4. Next, Create your Snapchat Business Account
  5. on the Ads Manager to create your Business account
  6. Enter your Business details Name, Email address, and your Name
  7. Select your Country, Currency and Business Phone Number
  8. Tick the checkbox and click Next option
  9. Set your Advertisement Goal and choose one( Website visits, App Installs and App Visits)
  10. Finally, to Start creating Ads

Enter User Name and Password and Log InClick on Start Ads Manager to Create Business AccountType Business Name, Email, Your Name, and click NextEnter Location and Phone Number and Click Next option

How to Add Friend or Find someone on Snapchat?

After creating the Snapchat account and login with your credentials username or email and password. Here you can find friends or someone to increase by following the below way.

  1. Tap on the Profile icon
  2. Select Add friend option and Find friends
  3. Next, tap on Add friend option to add friends by Username and Quick add

Frequently Ask Question by People

Let’s scroll down to show you some ofthe frequently asked questions by different people and I share with a shortreply.

Can I make more than one Snapchat account?

Yes, you can create more than one Snapchat account. But you will need to clone the Snapchat app on your tablet or android phone for login on multiples account at once.

Can I create a Snapchat account without a phone number?

You can change your mobile numberassociated with your Snapchat account. If you want to create a new account cancreate without entering a contact number at all.

Can I create a business Snapchat account?

If you want to create a business Snapchat account. You will need to log in with your existing account or create a new account as per the above-given method.

Can you log into Snapchat without an app?

No, it is not possible to log into Snapchat without using and installing an app. The only reason is that Snapchat is a self-contained social media network controlled by the app. If you are unable to install the Snapchat app on your mobile device you can use it on your Mac or PC. But there is no such app for Mac or Window for Snapchat.

Can you get famous on Snapchat?

Most of the users who are popular on Snapchat do not just stick to Snapchat. No one user is popular on the internet now adheres to only one source of communication, even if their main outlet maybe Twitter or YouTube and they join more than one platform.

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