How to Create a New Netflix Account

Let’s show you how to join the millions of subscribers worldwide. Who enjoy unlimited award-winning TV shows, documentaries, movies, and more free of a single advertisement. One of the best things is that you can join any time to create a new Netflix account. Or cancel it anytime without cancellation fees once you feel that Netflix is not for you. As a Netflix member, you will pay a monthly bill on the date you originally joined or signed up. There are no commitments and no contracts.

Do you know how to sign up for a new Netflix account or create a new Netflix account on all devices? I will guide you in this article that how to sign up for a new Netflix account on your device. You can sign up for a new Netflix account by visiting Netflix’s website. Through the Windows computer or Mac, mobile app Android or iOS, or choosing the Netflix on your Smart TV or streaming device(Samsung, Roku, Apple TV, & Xbox). You will need to create Netflix account for Roku using a web browser and for others like Apple TV you will guide to sign up right on the TV. Read: Download Netflix movies offline view & watch on All devices

Note: Read the below important things for creating a Netflix account before going to sign up.

Important Things for Creating a Netflix Account or Sign Up for Netflix

Before going to click or tap on the sign up for the Netflix account. Just read some of the important things if you don’t know. Such as basic requirements for the Netflix account and how to choose a streaming plan and a payment method among the given options. Let’s scroll down to know about that first.

Basic Requirements for Sign up to a New Netflix Account

  1. A computer/laptop/mobile/smart TV
  2. Internet connection
  3. Credit card or debit card another payment method such a prepaid Netflix card or PayPal

How to Choose Streaming Plane for Netflix Account

You will need to choose the streaming plan for the Netflix account during the sign-up. The method is the same for Web or mobile or tablet apps.

  1. Basic Plan: This plane with low cost, HD video is not available. You can watch Netflix on only one device at the same time. You will unable to share your account with anyone else.
  2. Standard Plan: This plane has HD video available, Ultra HD is not available, you can watch Netflix on two devices at a time, If you share your Netflix password with some else then both of you can watch HD-quality video at the same time.
  3. Premium Plan: Select this plane at the same time four people can viewing multiple streams at the same time. Both HD and Ultra HD available and perfect for the screen that displays 4k resolution

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PlanPriceNumber of devices at the same timeHD AvailableUltra HDBest ForBasic$8.991NoNoOne or two viewers with similar tastesStandard$12.992YesNoTwo or more viewers with differing tastesPremium$15.994YesYesOwners of Ultra HD devices

How to Choose Payment Method

In this step, it will ask you to choose the payment method by selecting from one of them available options on your screen.

  • Credit card and debit cards with Master Card, Visa, Amex or Discover logos
  • You can also sign up for Netflix using PayPal to make an online payment via bank account or credit cards
  • A third option if you don’t have PayPal or credit card then you can use a Netflix gift card in many regions. You can buy these gift cards at most any retail location where gift cards are sold. For example pharmacies, department stores and load it with cash.

Create a New Netflix Account on Web Browser, Mobile App, & Smart TV

Let’s show how to sign up for a Netflix account and begin streaming on any device. To join the millions of subscribers worldwide entertainment stream.

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How to sign up Netflix using Web on Windows Computer or Mac

Create a new Netflix account using a web browser on Windows computer/laptop/Mac. It does not matter what type of device system you use, you create a new account a You will even get a 30 days free trial membership with you signed up for the first time. but still, you will need to provide a credit or debit card or such as PayPal payment method. Let’s follow the below steps.

  1. Open in a web browser on your devices
  2. Click the Join Free for a Month or Try 30 Days Free Button you will redirect to 1 of 3 steps to complete your sign up process
  3. Press See The Plans option to choose your plane among the given with names of available streaming plans will appear, pricing information and with a brief description
  4. Choose a streaming plan, such as BasicPlan, StandardPlan & the premiumPlan then click Continue option
  5. Again press Continue to finish setting up your account
  6. Enter your Email address and add a Password in the given fields provided then click Continue option
  7. Choose a Payment option among the available option will display on the screen
  8. Enter you Payment detail information
  9. Click the Start Membership option to finalize creating your Netflix Account and start your Netflix membership.

Open Netflix Website and Try 30 Days FreeClick See The PlansChoose Stream Plan and ContinueFinish Setting up your Account and ContinueEnter you Email and Add a Password and ContinueSet up your Payment Method and Continue

After that, you can browse and stream TV shows and movies from any supported devices

Note: Keep in mind before the end of the free trial month you will receive an email. So you have still a chance to cancel the Netflix account without any service charges for a free trial.

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How to Create a New Netflix Account Using iOS or Android App

Let’s guide the users to sign up for a new Netflix account on a mobile app using Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch). If you are new then you will need to download and install the Netflix app from Google play store for Android 5.0 or above and App Store from the iOS 12.0 or above. Here are these steps to follow to sign up for Netflix via mobile app:

  1. First, download and install Netflix app from Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS devices
  2. Open the Netflix app when installing to your mobile or tablet
  3. Tap on Join Free for a Month or Try 30 Days Free option
  4. Choose your Stream service planeBasic,Standard, or Premium then select to Continue option
  5. Now enter your Email address and add a Password to for Netflix to Create your account and then tap to Register option
  6. Choose a Payment option among the available option will display on the screen
  7. Enter you Payment detail information
  8. Click the Start Membership option to finalize creating your Netflix Account and start your Netflix membership

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How to create Netflix Account on Roku TV or Signing Up on a Roku

Here are three steps to create a Netflix Account on Roku TV:

Step# 1 Go to Roku Home screen and add Channel

  1. First to go to Home screen option
  2. Select the Netflix on the Home screen
  3. Choose Streaming Channels from the left menu (or Channel Store if you have Roku 1)
  4. Press Movies and TV option
  5. Now select Netflix and the select Add Channel

Step# 2 Sign Up to Netflix Account in a Web browser

Now to Sign up for the New Netflix account or Sign up for Netflix. Then follow the steps for sign up with a web browser above by visiting before beginning with this method

Step# 3 Sign In to Netflix Using Roku

  1. Then Sign in to your Roku by press the Sign In option
  2. Enter your New Username and Password
  3. You will redirect to unlimited movies and television once you sign in. If you are using Roku 1 then go through these steps.When you open Netflix then it will bring you to a screen that asks you “ Are you a Member of Netflix?”. Choose Yes to reveal an access codeNow open your Computer and visit in any web browserType the Activation code on this screen. When you back to the Roku, then you will be able to view Unlimited Netflix.

How to Set-Top Box

Let’s show you how to set-top box in the following steps:

  1. Go to the Netflix app
  2. Select the plan (Basic, Standard, & Premium) that is good for you. You can change anytime to downgrade or upgrade
  3. Choose a Payment Method
  4. Finally, your Account is ready and stream on.

Note: If you don’t know how to find the app, then go to Netflix Help Center page search for “Using Netflix on,” followed by the brand name of your device. For example Xbox, Roku, Samsung. Some of the devices also have a Netflix button on their remote control.

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How to Create a Netflix Account for someone else

Let’s show you how to create a Netflix account for someone else or to create a joint Netflix account. then follow the listed steps:

  1. Open in a web browser
  2. Sign out of your Netflix account then Sign up
  3. Select Start Now or Try it Now
  4. Then type the Email address of that person for you want to create an account
  5. Now add a password for the Netflix account
  6. Next, choose your preferred payment method
  7. Then Enter your billing details to start the new account
  8. You will need to type the Full name of that person you want to create the Netflix account

Note: Remember that your payment method will be charged monthly until the payment method is updated or the account is canceled

Frequently Ask Questions-FAQ

Here are the following frequently ask question by different people

How to Create Netflix joint account?

You can create a Netflix joint account or create a Netflix for someone else using Netflix website. So you can follow the above give way for of create of Netflix account for someone else.

How do I Sign up for Netflix?

You can sign up for Netflix using Android, computer, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, Smart TV, and Streaming Media Players and also Set-top Box for Samsung, Xbox, & Roku.

  1. Open or App to Sign up for Netflix new account
  2. Select Start free month trial
  3. Choose your Plane then click Continue option
  4. Enter your Email and New Password to Sign Up for a new account
  5. Select your Payment option on your screen
  6. Start your Membership and stream on

What is the lifetime subscription of a Netflix account?

No, there is no lifetime subscription of Netflix and does not exist, neither will it ever, since TV production costs are going up all the time, and so the monthly subscription has to too. There are plans start from $8.99 (for the Basic Plan) and increase all the way up to $15.99 per month for the Premium

How to set up Netflix Account 2020

You can set up Netflix account by visiting and click on the sign-up option and choose streaming plan>enter your email and password>Enter your payment method> type you billing information and continue to start streaming online.

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How do I set up Netflix on a non–smart TV?

You can set up Netflix on a Non-smart TV by connecting your PC or laptop, Blu-ray player, game console, streaming media player, set-top box or another streaming device that supports Netflix.

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Can I set up Netflix on my Nintendo Wii?

No, Nintendo discontinued streaming support on the original Nintendo Wii. You will need to follow the above gives instructions for other non-smart tv and follow for the set up on your Wii U.

Can I set up my Netflix account with a gift card?

Yes, you can buy more than one gift card to use on your Netflix account.

  1. You can type the gift cards as
  2. Your balance will grow up with each gift card you add.
  3. After that visit, your billing page to check and see your available balance.

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