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Do you know how to create a Microsoft account for yourself? If you are new to Microsoft account and do not know how to create your account then read the article carefully. Microsoft account is needed for many things you do in the Microsoft ecosystem. To create Microsoft Account will give you access and use to Microsoft products and services with just one login or sign in. When you signing into their different apps and services, and even in Windows 10 itself. Here is how to create a new Microsoft account.

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If You have Already a Microsoft Account

In case you have used Microsoft OneDrive,, Skype, Office 365, or Xbox Live, the opportunities are good that you already have a Microsoft account. You might not have notified it due to a Microsoft account can be associated with any email address. Just from Microsoft itself, you might have an email address at,,, or even Also, you can access and use a complete email address non-Microsoft (like Gmail, Yahoo, or whatever) for your Microsoft account, so it is even possible you have already got one tied to your regular email address.

And if you ave set up a new computer or reinstalled Windows since the Windows 8 days and did not take the additional step of just setting up a local account, then whatever address you are using log into your Computer or PC is your Microsoft account.

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How to Create a Microsoft Account

If are new and do not have already a Microsoft account or you just wish to create a new one due to that weird address you created previously in the day. It is super easy and simple. In case you are installing Windows or setting up a new computer or laptop, or if you are setting up a Microsoft service or app, it will usually follow these steps to setting up a new Microsoft account.

If you wish to set up a New Microsoft Account, go to the Microsoft Windows Account Page. Click on the Create a Microsoft Account option. You will reach to the Sign Up page or Create Account page

Open Microsoft Account Page and Select Sign In or Create Microsoft Account option

Otherwise, click on the Sign In option on Microsoft Windows Account Page. You will reach If you have doubt that you have already a Microsoft Account, then try to typing your email address and press the Next button

Try to Sign In

If you see an issue, then you perhaps do not have an account (at least, not with that email address). Select the Create One link to get begin making a new account.

Create An Account

Important Note: Microsoft will also recommend you using the same email address (the one you tested) to make your account with. In case you prefer to use another email address, then press Back in your browser, and select the Create One link again.

It will bring you to the Create Account page, you have a few options. First up you can create your new account via any existing email address, whether is one issued by Microsoft or not. Just type the address, and then hit the Next button. If you do not have an email address you want to use or in case you want to set up a new one just for your Microsoft account, click that “Get a new Email address” linked in place. It will take you through creating one.

Enter Your Email Address

You can Get a new email address from Microsoft soft from and

Get A New Email Address

Click on the Use a Phone number instead email address to create a New Microsoft account.

Create A Account with Your Mobile Number

Enter a Password to protect your account with on the next screen and then press the Next option

Create A Password and Next

Microsoft will send you an email with a security code to verify that you are the owner of the email account. Click to open your email and Copy the security code from email or click on the Verify your email address.

Verify Your Email Address

If you clicked on the Verify your email address link then you are done. In case you to copy and paste the security code instead, do so on the Verify Email page, and then click on the Next option

Enter Security Code to Verify Email Address.

Microsoft will ask you Please solve the puzzle so we know you are the not a reboot then click on the Next option

Tap on the Arrow to rotate the image in the right position and click on the Done option

Microsoft Ask Solve the puzzle and Done

On the next screen click on Yes if you want to stay signed so you do not sign in again next time if not then click on No.

Stay Signed In Yes or No

Congratulations! You just created your Microsoft Account.

Microsoft Account Created

You can now access and use this account to use all Microsoft apps and services like the Windows Store, OneDrive,, Xbox Live, and Skype.

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How do I create a new Microsoft account in Windows 10?

To create new Microsoft ccount on windows 10 professionl and Windows 10 Home editions in the following steps:

  • Select the Start option
  • Click on the Settings option
  • Press the Accounts option
  • Choose Family & other users
  • Select the Add someone else to this PC under the Other user’s option
  • Enter that person’s Microsoft account Info and follow the prompt.

Can I create a Microsoft account for free?

Yes, you can create a Microsoft account free of cost. Go to the Microsoft Windows Account page, click on the Create a free Microsoft account. Fill in all your personal information and type a password. Then click on the Get a new email address, in case you wish your Microsoft account to be separate from your personal account.

Do I have to create a Microsoft account?

However, you are not necessary to use a Microsoft account, even though it is shown that way. During the basic setup, Windows 10 tells you to log in or sign in with an existing Microsoft account or create a new one. It doesn’t mention that you can log in or sign in with a local account but you can, with a local account, you don’t require to connect to the Internet to sign in or log in to your PC or Computer.

How do I add another user to Windows 10 without a Microsoft account?

If you want to add another user to Windows 10 without a Microsoft account and create an adminstrator or local user account in Windows 10. Here are these steps:

  • Go to the Start menu
  • Select Settings option
  • Click on the Accounts option and then click the Family and Other users
  • Click the Add someone else to this PC or Computer
  • Press I do not have this person’s sign-in info, and on the new page, click Add a user without a Microsoft account.

What are the benefits of using a Microsoft account?

Microsoft account has a lot of benefits and they increasing the more you access and use Microsoft products and services. Below are some of the most obvious.

  • You can access and use it to log in or sign in to PCs and devices with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 and have your settings synchronized across devices (Including all Android smartphones)
  • You can access and use Cortana on your Windows 10 PCs and devices( contain smartphones)
  • You can download and install applications and content from the Windows Store, on PCs or Computers and devices with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (Including smartphones).
  • To use your Microsoft account to log in to Xbox consoles, communicate with others, and purchase games.
  • You can use Skype, for audio, video, and text chat
  • You can access and use Microsoft Office apps and services like Office 365
  • Get a free online storage space on OneDrive
  • You can get free of a cost email account if you prefer Microsoft’s email services
  • You can log in or sign in to Bing and get access to personalized data
  • You can get content from and personalized news
  • You can use any consumer-oriented product from Microsoft, containing but not limited to Microsoft Groove, Bing Maps, and more.

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