How to Create a Guide of Your Posts on Instagram

ByUmar Ali – March 22, 2021How to Create a Guide of Your Posts on Instagram

Do you know how to create a guide for your favorite posts on Instagram? Instagram is social media platform owned by the Facebook company. What you share on the Instagram platform is not bounded anymore to your own posts. You can also get the benefit of its store of value of visual content to curate other users’ work into guides and pass that along to your IG followers.

It does not matter in case you are a brand or an influencer, Instagram Guides can help you engage and organize your audience in a way that is very unique. Here is how you can make the most out of the new format.

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What are Instagram Guides?

Let me explain briefly about Instagram guides “a process to simply discover tips, recommendations, and other content from your favorite creators, organizations, publishers, and public figures on Instagram.”

It will like Instagram Story Highlights, you can choose and pick your favorite shops, posts, and locations to showcase in a Guide. Your IG guides will show in a separate section on your Instagram feed. This feature will help brands and marketers create in-depth, inspiring content to engage with their followers even further.

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How to Create, Share, & Delete Instagram Guide Using Android or iPhone devices

You can create an Instagram guide of your favorite post while using iPhone or Android smartphone devices. If you save the Guides post to your draft and later you want to edit or share or delete then here are the following guidelines for both Android and iPhone devices users:

How to Create Instagram Guide Post on Instagram

Here are the following steps to create your Instagram Guides post:

  • Open your Instagram Mobile app on your device
  • Go to the bottom and tap on the Profile picture icon to visit your profile page
  • Now tap on the Plus “+” icon at the top-right corner side of your IG profile
  • Go to the Guide section found in the following menu
  • Tap on the Posts from the list of options
  • Then you have to choose which videos and photos you want to feature in your guide
  • Now the Your Posts tab houses all of the photos or videos you have shared to your grid and Saved consists of the public posts you have bookmarked.
  • When you have chosen the posts you wish in your guide, select the Next option from the top-right corner
  • Now customize your guide’s cover with a photo and a title on the next page. You can also add a description of what your collection is about.
  • Go down to Individually personalize entire of the posts in your guide. You can add a personal commentary of them and pair each of them with a different title.

Go to your Instagram Profile and Select the Guide option

Select a Guide type:

When you tap on the Guide then you will see three options and you have to choose one among them.

First: Places- Choose a city and recommend posts from that location. When you select a location, you can select public posts that have currently tagged that location.
Second: Products- Recommend your Favorite Products and Shops. Once you choose a shop, a list of entire products will appear, let you recommend your favorite products.
Third: Posts- Highlight your favorite posts from your feed. A lot of your best share tips or posts from your very favorite experiences.

Create Guide of Your Post

Edit Or Reorder and Save or Share Guides Post

  • Select the Three-dot menu icon next to a post will let you delete an entry or reorder the list.
  • Once you are satisfied with your guide’s layout, tap on the Next option again
  • Once you are done. Tap on the Preview button to view your new guide.
  • Tap on the Share option to save it to your Instagram profile’s dedicated section for guides.

Select Three-dot Remove or ReorderTap on Next and Share option

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How to Share Your Guide Favorite Posts From Draft On Instagram

When you create a guide of your favorite posts on Instagram and want to share. There are two methods through which you can share your guide: forward it to a friend using an Instagram DM or add it to your stories. to do that follows these steps:

  • Go to your Instagram Profile
  • Select your guide from your profile’s Guides tab
  • Tap on the Paper-airplane icon at the upper
  • Unluckily, you are unable to post your guide in your follower’s feeds yet. But you can do is post the guide’s link in a post’s description. To copy your guide’s link, navigate it from your IG profile, and in the three-dot menu, select the Copy Link.

Tap on Guide Tab, Select the Draft Guide to open

How to Delete Your Guide Favorite Posts On Instagram

If you want to delete your Guide favorite posts on Instagram draft due to any reasons. Here are the follow steps to do it:

  1. Go to your Instagram app
  2. Tap on the Profile photo from the bottom right side
  3. Now tap on the Guide tap and open the Guide post you want to delete
  4. Tap on the Edit option from the top right side
  5. Select the post and tap on Discard Guides option from the bottom
  6. Finally, your Guides post will remove or delete

Edit and Discard Guide draft posts

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