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Do you know how to convert a PDF to a Microsoft Word document? Why you need PDFs documents? When someone distributing documents then you will need to PDFs files so that they are looking the same way be all parties. Because they are designed in this way, they can be very hard to edit or manage. You may wish to convert your PDF to a Word document format so that you can edit and make changes to your document text more easily.

In this article, you will learn how to convert PDF documents into a Microsoft Word editable document using Adobe Acrobat Pro version, Standard or Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs. Remember that, in order to convert your PDF file into a coherent Word file, the PDF must have originally come from a text-based document, though you may be capable of convert a scanned file into a Word document on some occasions. Changing PDF documents to Word documents often changes the placement and formatting of the document text.

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Convert a PDF to a Word Document Using Acrobat Reader DC or Acrobat DC

Adobe’s own Acrobat Reader DC and Acrobat DC both introduce a simple and easy process to convert PDF files to Microsoft Word documents. But the bad news is that they are not free.

Acrobat DC:

  • Standard Version of Acrobat DC: You can get the full Acrobat DC standard version for Windows only that costs $12.99 monthly.
  • Pro-Version of Acrobat DC: The Acrobat has a pro version for Windows and Mac that cost $14.99 monthly with a free trial.

Both the standard and Pro versions need annual commitment. Pretty overkill if all you require to do is convert a PDF file to Word format once in a while. But if you already have Acrobat DC, then you should use your PDFs to convert.

Acrobat Reader DC

On the other side, the Acrobat Reader is free, but you will require to pony up a $1.99 monthly fee if you wish it to be capable to convert PDFs to other formats, like MS. Word. If it is something you require to do every day, that cost is probably worth it due to using Acrobat is the most reliable way to change your PDFs format to Word documents, since it tends to maintain formatting beautifully well.

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How to convert a PDF to Word with Adobe Acrobat DC

Let see using Acrobat DC full to make the conversion in our own example here. In case you are using Acrobat Reader DC, the method is beautiful much the same. You simply will not have a need as many formats to which you can convert.

  1. Click on the PDF file to open in Acrobat DC. Over on the right side of the window, click the Export PDF command.
  2. Next, click on the Microsoft Word option from the left. selecting the Word Document on the right converts the PDF file to a modern Word document in the DOCX format. Pressing the “Word 97 to 2003 Document” to converts the PDF file to the DOC older format.
  3. Once you have made your choice, select the Export option
  4. Choose the location where you wish to save your new Word document on the next screen
  5. Enter a name for the document and the select the Save option
  6. Your PDF file is now saved as a Word document, so pop it open in Word and get to editing

Open Adobe Acrobat DC and Click Export PDF ToolSettings to Covert PDF to Word DocumentSave As to My Computer Location Where you wantClick on the  Save option to where you want

How to Convert a PDF to a Word Document Via Microsoft Word

Another way to convert PDF file to Word Document using MS Word only. Converting it to Word document often leads to formatting and style issues, so this is not always the most reliable or trusted process. However, it definitely works well enough for simple documents or once you just require to get stuff into an editable format. Click here to get Microsoft Office for free if you do not have.

  1. Click on the File from the Word ribbon
  2. That opens in the sidebar, select the Open option
  3. On the Open page, find to wherever your PDF file is stored (OneDrive, This PC, whatever).
  4. Find and select your PDF file and then select the Open option
  5. Warning: A pop-ups, showing that your new documents may lose some of the formattings it has as a PDF. Do not worry. Your original PDF will remain intact; this is just letting you know that the new Word document you are creating from the PDF might not look exactly the same. Select the OK option
  6. PDF convert to the Word and opens up your new Word document right away.

Open Microsoft Word and Select File MenuSelect Open, This PC, Choose the PDF file to ConvertClick OK Option Once Warring Notification Pop up

How to Convert a PDF to a Word Document Using Google Docs

Let’s show you another safe and trusted process provide by Google Docs to convert your PDF file to a Word document. It is a two-steps process in the first step you will need to convert the PDF file to a Google Docs document, and in the second step, Google Docs document converts to a Word document. So you will probably lose some formatting along the way. In case you have Word, you are really better off just doing it in Word. But, the process can be perfect if you do not have Word but need to convert a PDF file to a Word document you plan to send along to someone else.

  1. Open your Google Drive with your browser
  2. Then click on the New button
  3. Next click on the File Upload option
  4. Find your PDF file and then select the Open option
  5. Now your new file will now appear in your Google Drive
  6. Next, in Google Drive right-click on your File, select the Open With menu and then select the Google Docs option
  7. The file will open now as a Google Doc document
  8. Now select the File menu
  9. Click on the Download As menu, and then click on the Word Document (.docx) option
  10. Your Google Docs file will be converted to Word format and downloaded to your local PC as a Word document.

Click on the New With Plus icon on Google DriveSelect the File Upload Option from the MenuChoose the PDF File and Click the Open optionPDF File Upload Complete NotificationRight-Click on the PDF DocumentSelect Open with and Google Docs option from Right-Click and Sub-menusYour PDF File will Successfully Convert to Google DocsSelect the File Menu, Download Menu, and Microsoft Word option

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How to Convert a PDF to a Microsoft Word Document Online

There are a lot of online web-based services tools that you can use to convert PDF files to Word files. Unfortunately, you do not have instant access to use the Word or Acrobat, then you may wish to try to use one of the freemium programs below the given list. Simply just upload your PDF file, select your preferred conversion process, and start the process. These applications can send the PDFs to various places, from email to cloud storage.

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Convert a PDF File to a Word Documents With PDF To Word Online Converter Tool

This is a free online PDF to Word document converter is let you save PDF document as in editable document in Microsoft Word DOC format. with the best quality from other online converters.

  1. Open PDF to with any browser
  2. Click on the Upload File button at the upper side you can convert up to 20 files at a time
  3. Wait for few seconds for the conversion of the PDF file to an editable Word file
  4. Click on the Download option of File by File
  5. You can also click on Download All option from the bottom to get the download at once in a ZIP Archive.

Convert a PDF File to a Word Documents With Small PDF Online Converter

Smallpdf is simple, free, and fast–all things you wish in a handy web app. Small PDF is an online converter tool through which you can convert magically your PDF file to editable Word files. This also allows you to upload from, and export directly to, cloud storage solutions similar to Google Drive or Dropbox. Smallpdf removes any uploaded file from the servers after 1 hr for privacy. within few easy steps in the following below:

  1. Open Small PDF converter with any browser
  2. Click on the Choose a File button option to select a PDF file from your PC
  3. You can also Drop a PDF File direct by hold and drop simply
  4. Smallpdf immediately start the extraction process wait for few seconds to finish
  5. When the File uploaded then OCR will be active. Click on the Free or Pro OCR option
  6. Click on the Choose option to start the conversion process wait for it to finish
  7. Once the conversion process is done then click on the Download option to save the file to your computer

Nitro PDF to Word Converter

The Nitro PDF to Word converter will email the Word file to an address of your selected one. Which may perfect when collaborating on projects for school or business. There is a free of cost online service you can use to get a Word file emailed to you, but you can also download the application or software and use it for a free trial of 14-days.

FormSwift PDF Editor

It is very easy to use. You can use the FromSwift PDF Editor to open a PDF an export it as a Dox document. The editor will allow you to create changes to your file before converting it if necessary. If you are happy to sign up for a free trial account too, you can even email the resulting documents to a collaborative partner or yourself.


LightPDF converter is your one-stop-shop for entire your files conversions. Not only does it convert your PDF into a Word document, but it also can convert it into a TXT, PNG, PPT, and JPG. It will also convert your doc file back into a PDF file. It is a great option due it is free and user friendly. LightPDF 100% guarantee the complete security of your uploaded files or documents.

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