How to Clear WhatsApp Storage Space on Android and iPhone

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Do you know how to reduce or clear WhatsApp storage space on iPhone and Android devices? When you are receiving or sending some videos, photos, text messages, voice or audio, and video calls will take up valuable storage space on your phone. If you are chatting with individual friends and also part of a different group you will receive a lot of text messages and other medial files and will auto-saving to your WhatsApp storage and Mobile Gallery or Camera Roll Photo app. You can stop WhatsApp from auto-saving all media files to your phone. You can also reduce WhatsApp storage space without removing or deleting the application. Let’s scroll down to know about how to reduce WhatsApp space on your Smartphone device.

Isthere a built-in tool in WhatsApp to Reduce Storage

Yes,there is a built-in storage management tool in WhatsApp for iPhone and Androiddevices. You can use this tool to find out quickly which conversation is takingup the most storage space. After that, go to the individually clear outmultiple kinds of media. For example, you can delete just the photos from anindividual or group chat. Here are how to clear or reduce WhatsApp storagespace on iPhone and Android devices in the following given below.

How to Clear WhatsApp Storage Space on Android

Android user can use the storage management tool from the WhatsApp settings section to reduce WhatsApp storage space in the below steps:

Steps to Reduce WhatsApp Storage Space on Android

  1. Open your WhatsApp app on your Android phone
  2. Select the Three-dots menu from the top right corner
  3. Tap on the Settings option from the menu
  4. Now tap on the Data and Storage Usage option
  5. Next, tap on the Storage Usage section (It will show how much storage space WhatsApp is taking up on your Android phone)
  6. After that, a list of all the conversations of WhatsApp will show to you. It will be sorted by how much storage space they are taking up
  7. Select a Conversation from the top of the list
  8. It will show the list of how many images, videos, text messages, and GIFs are including in the conversations
  9. Tap on the Free Up Space option at the bottom of your screen
  10. Now tick the Checkmark beside to any media type you want to delete
  11. Then select the Delete Items option
  12. Tap on the Clear Message option from the pop-up window
  13. Finally, media and messages will be removed from WhatsApp storage and you will get free storage space back

Open WhatsApp, Tap Three-dots and select Settings optionData and Storage Usage and ChatFree UP Space & Delete Items and Clear Messages Clear WhatsApp Storage

How to Clear WhatsApp StorageSpace on iPhone

The users of the iPhone canreduce the WhatsApp storage space but the process is slightly different fromthe Android. If you want to know how to do it then follow the given process foryour guidance:

  1. Open your WhatsApp app on your iPhone device
  2. Tap on the Settings tab at the bottom of your screen
  3. Select the Data and Storage Usage option under the settings section
  4. Swipe down and select the Storage Usage option
  5. The list of All WhatsApp Conversations will appear and sorted by size
  6. Select a Conversation to view details about the storage space usage
  7. Tap on the Manage option from the bottom screen
  8. Now, tap on the Media types that you want to remove
  9. Select the Clear option
  10. Again tap on the Clear option from the pop-up message to confirm

Go to Settings, Data and Storage UsageSelect the Manage optionTap on Storage Usage optionSelect the Data option to DeleteTap the Clear option Clear WhatsApp StorageTo Confirm then tap Clear WhatsApp Storage

After that, the related data will be deleted from the WhatsApp storage and you will get free storage space back. If you want to check the available storage on your iPhone then go to the Setting, General, and iPhone Storage.


Youwill need to disable the feature of auto-save on WhatsApp for incoming mediafiles if you are using WhatsApp as a primary messaging service. When you havecleared off the unrequired conversations, it is recommended for you to turn offthe auto-download and auto-save features from the settings. This will save youfrom repeatedly removing WhatsApp conversations.

Frequently Ask Question By People

Let’sshare with you some of the frequently asked questions by people with shortreplied for your guidance.

How do I reduce WhatsApp storage on iPhone?

Yes,you can reduce or clear WhatsApp storage space on iPhone in the above givensecond method from the WhatsApp settings.

Does WhatsApp use phone storage?

WhatsApp is using the storage space of your device during the auto-saving media files. However, you can use the above given WhatsApp cleaner and taking a few of the tricks can free up space for WhatsApp to continue working well. The WhatsApp data tool management will help you to improve your mobile’s overall performance by freeing up storage space and memory on your iPhone and Android devices.

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