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ByUmar Ali – June 19, 2020Clean and manage Gmail Sidebar

Google provides a free email service of Gmail for its users with free space storage. You can sign up or create a new Gmail for yourself and others. Gmail allow their user to organize and clean up the Gmail Sidebar. If you are the user of Gmail for a long time, the site’s sidebar can simply and easily get cluttered with unused old Hangouts Chats messages and labels. Do not mention the new Google Meet section. Let’s show you how to clean up and organize the Gmail sidebar on the web.

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If you want to organized and clean up your Gmail sidebar on the web via your device. Here are these given-below instructions to follow:

  1. Open your Gmail Inbox with your browser
  2. Click on the Hamburger or Main Menu button before going to start to hide and collapse the Gmail sidebar, but unfortunately, that will not going to take care of the real issue
  3. Let’s begin by hiding or disabling the Hangouts Chat and Google Meet Section.
  4. Both random to the bottom half of the sidebar

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Disable the Hangouts Chat and Google Meet section from Gmail Sidebar

To disable the Google Meet and Hangouts Chat section from Gmail sidebar then follow this instruction for your guidance:

  1. Visit your Gmail Home with any browser
  2. Click on the Settings Gear icon from the top right side
  3. Select the Settings or See All Settings from the menu
  4. Now click on the Chat and Meet Tab from the top right side
  5. Select the Chat Off to the right of the Chat to disable the Hangouts Chat section
  6. Now Select the Hide The Meet Section In the Main Menu to the right of Meet to disable the Google Meet section
  7. Finally, click on the Save Changes option at the bottom when you are done

Open Gmail Inbox, Click Setting Gear icon, & Select Settings or See all SettingsClick on the Chat and Meet Tab, Select Chat Off & Hide the Meet section in the Main Menu & Save Changes

After that, the Gmail will automatically reload and you will see that both the Google Meet and Hangout sections have to hide from the Gmail sidebar!

Hide or Disable Labels from Top half of the Gmail Sidebar

Let’s show you how to hide or remove or disable labels from the top half of the Gmail sidebar. Here are these steps to do it:

  1. Go to the Gmail Home page and then click Settings Gear icon
  2. Select the Settings or See all Settings option from the menu
  3. Click on the Label tab to open it
  4. Now here you can tackle the System Labels.
  5. In this section click on the Hide or the Show If Unread option and want to hide any default labels that you do not use often
  6. Do not be afraid that you will lose a label you hide, it does not disappear. When you click on the More option you can see all hidden labels there
  7. So you can Disable or hide labels like Spam, Drafts, or Trash, and still able to access them later from the More menu

Go to Gmail Settings and Select Label TabClick on Hide and Show if Unread button Next to System LabelClick on More option to See the Hide Labels

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Hide Categories or Labels from Gmail Sidebar

Scroll to the Categories list, you can either hide entire categories section or individual from the sidebar

Select Hide button Next to Categories Individual or Entire list

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Hide or Disable Other Labels from Gmail Sidebar

  1. Finally, view at the Labels section. This section contains the entire Gmail labels that you have created over the years. If you need to use a label, you can select to delete it by clicking the Remove button. (The messages with the label will not be deleted)
  2. It does not need to use any labels often, select the Hide button or the Show If Unread button
  3. Repeat these steps for entire labels. Again, keep in mind you can access hidden labels by clicking the More button from the sidebar
  4. From your long list of personal and system labels, we were able to bring it down to just four important labels.

Click on Hide and Show if Unread button Next to System Label Often No Need

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