How to choose the Ideal design that will appeal to your specific Target Audience

In order to become the successful entrepreneur you want to be known as in years to come, it is important that your marketing efforts reach the specific class of people who actually want to purchase your product.


Why Is This Important? Let’s Find Out

  • Knowing Your Target Audience Tells You Which Marketing Technique or Tools to Employ

In driving sales for a service you provide or a product you have on sale, a one size fits all marketing procedure will not work out here effectively. If you are able to find out the particular demographic who want your stuff, you can find out their needs and wants and tailor your service or product to suit them thereby influencing their buying decision to lean towards you.

  • Guides You in Prioritizing Resources

If businesses know clearly who their target audiences are, they can dish out resources to promote the exact services or products their consumers want the most. Rather than pour them into other areas that will not bring in preferred returns.

  • Identifying Your Target Audience Can Help You Bank an Investor

Target audience data is one of the key things lenders and investors look out for when they want to support a business venture. This data tells the investor that you have knowledge in your industry and that your plans for the business are on track.

Any business mogul who knows his/her target audience can efficiently follow their audience and adapt whenever they do as well so as not to lose them.

But how will you enjoy all these benefits if you don’t know who your target audience is? Find out who they are here.

Once you find out who your target audience is you can move on to other marketing strategies for your business. Let’s start with content marketing.

Before anyone creates content for the service or product they offer, they have to know who their target audience is. When you create content for your business, how you present it matters a lot. The finishing of every product is vital since it is what attracts consumers.

With content marketing, most people like to host them on their websites. Since websites are like the finishing details of the content in this sense, a lot of attention and thought has to be put in designing it because this is what will attract consumers to your product when they are impressed enough to the point of reading the content.

Thus, a website should be developed for attracting and suiting the taste of consumers in mind. Only then will it be productive enough in fulfilling its purpose of getting the business’ name out there to the appropriate consumers.

Here Are Some Steps to Come up with a Design That Will Meet the Expectations of Your Target Audience


Step One- Think About Color Psychology

Color is one thing that is often overlooked although it is one of the ways that can pull in new paying customers with minimal effort.

There are few rules concerning color combinations that apply universally even though there are a few exceptions. Let’s look at how color can work in attracting consumers.

  1. First of all, consider the age of your target audience: Everyone knows that children appreciate bright colors. If your target audiences are babies, toddlers, and children in the pre-adolescent age gap, incorporating high contrast and primary colors into your website design will be the best decision to take.

With teenagers, it will appropriate to go with feminine colors like pink (teenage girls love this color). Ethnic and multicultural tones, however, work best for older teenagers who are gravitating into adulthood.

It has been observed that adults quite dislike yellow. They prefer more complex colors particularly those with unusual names.

  1. Think of the status of your product or service: If your product is to cater to the rich and will be considered as a luxury product or service, then the color black is the way to go. Because it is associated with power, sophistication, and elegance and has ever classic exuberance, you should use it. On the other side of the spectrum where you find white, this is another ideal color to use extensively when developing a website for a luxury service or product.
  1. Choose a color for your website based on the gender of your target audience: A study has stated that women mostly like blue and green as do men. As a matter of fact, women also like purple but roll their eyes at brown and grey. Men do like the color black but do not really like purple, brown and orange.

Step Two- Think of the Layout of Your Website

Everything you will host on your website should be presented in this manner. One that’s attractive whilst bringing the message needed vividly at the same time hence this stage needs careful thought and execution.

Here are some tips to guide you in deciding on the right layout design for your website

  1. The type of content width to go with be it full or boxed width: Full-width designs are considered to be more creative since they work well with graphics loaded websites. With this, background images can stretch to cover the entire width of computer screens. They also happen to be the popular one among the two. Boxed width, on the other hand, has a frame on both sides of the screen. It is better suited to business oriented websites since they appear more professional.
  1. How you want your header layout to appear: Website headers are of many types. While some may contain videos, images with text overlays, slideshows or more, others also include a simple image of the business’ logo. Choose one that can best communicate what your business is about.
  1. Navigation Bar: How do you want it? Where do you want it positioned? What color should it be? These are questions to ask yourself?
  1. Usability of the website design: When deciding on the little pieces of your website design, keep in mind that when combined, they will have to work together perfectly and provide visitors with a great user experience. Also, your website design layout should be one that is mobile friendly because everyone uses their mobile to browse lately.

Step Three- Get to Know Fonts and Decide on the One to Choose

To a large extent, website fonts also play a significant role in swaying consumers to your side. This is because fonts have the power of making your website appear better and giving your visitors a sense of calmness.

Here are some tips in choosing the right font for your website

  1. Choose one that exudes the feel you want visitors to have when they visit: Fonts with very clean cut designs and thin profiles appear to be more modern. Go with these if you want a contemporary vibe to your website. If you want a romantic feel to your website, going with the vintage font designs will work best for you.
  1. Choose a font that’s easily readable
  1. Decide on a font that’s adaptable and can work well no matter its size, weight or style.

Other things to keep in mind with fonts is this:

The color to go with it and the spacing you will put between them.

Quick Tip……

Fonts that are considered safe to use by experts are:

  • Times New Roman
  • Arial
  • Verdana
  • Georgia
  • Courier
  • Helvetica

Once you have finalized your decisions for the above three steps you can set the ball rolling on your website.

Takeaway Point

Test use the website for an amount of time before you launch it. Share the link to your website among your friends and family so they can peruse through and provide appropriate feedback as to how it stands. Seek expert advice as well.