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Google Docs Check Grammar and Spelling

Do you how to check spelling and grammar in Google Docs? Open your documents that exist or import or upload to Docs an MS Word file then you can make sure the spelling and grammar of the file. Google Docs has a feature of a spell-checker that already works for you. All the time you can check something misspells, it will underline red color the error with a squiggly line, telling you to make a change. Google Docs comes integrated with a tool to check your spelling and grammar like other word processing software. Here are the steps on how to use that tool.

How to Enable Spelling Suggestions and GrammarSuggestions

Here are the steps to learn how to enable spelling andgrammar suggestions in your document:

  1. Open your Google Docs
  2. Then find the Docs document and open it
  3. Go to the Tools menu
  4. Select the Spelling and Grammar from the menu
  5. Then Check below two optionsShow Spelling SuggestionsShow Grammar Suggestions
  6. After that, when anytime the error generated (Spelling and Grammar) then it Red squiggly line underneath it

Go Tool Menu, Show Spelling and Grammar Suggestions

Check Your Spelling and Grammar in Google Docs

Here are three ways to check your spelling and Grammar inGoogle Docs documents and let’s show you one by one:

First Way to Check Your Spelling and Grammar in Google Docs

You will learn how to check your spelling and grammar error in Google Docs documents in the following steps:

  1. Open your Google Docs Document
  2. Go the Tools menu
  3. Hover over the curser on Spelling and Grammar option in the menu
  4. Then select the Spelling and Grammar Check option
  5. A spelling and grammar check Window on your screen show you mistake
  6. Click on the Accept button to accept to correct the error or select the Ignore option to skip the error
  7. You can also click on the More or Three Vertical dots near to the accept
  8. Now it depends on which option you select from the More menu optionsAccept allIgnore AllAdd to DictionaryView Personal Dictionary

Select Tool Menu, Spelling and Grammar CheckClick on Accept or Ignore optionClick More or Three dots and Accept or Ignore AllComplete Document looking Good

Second Way to Check Spelling and Grammar in Google Docs(Right-Click)

Let’s show another way to check spelling and grammarmistake in Google Docs documents in the following below steps:

  1. You will need to open your Google Docs
  2. As I said check to enable Spelling and Grammar suggestions option first
  3. Scroll down to find the Word with a red squiggly line underneath it
  4. Then Right-click on the word with error
  5. Now select to Correct the error with a single click on right word from the right menu or Add to Dictionary or Always correct the specific word, or Ignore All option
  6. You can also access the Spelling and Grammar checker window from here

Right-Click and Select One of the Option

Third Way to Check Spelling and Grammar in Google Docs(Shortcut)

An alternative way to check spelling and Grammar in Google Docs while using a keyboard shortcut to access the spell checker window without using the tool menu:

  1. Open your Google Docs document
  2. Just press Command+Alt+X for Mac or press Ctrl+Alt+X to access the Check and Grammar tool
  3. Alternatively to open the spell check and grammar then click on the A and checkmark
  4. Then the tool will Turn on to check and parses your document file for spelling and grammar

Alternatively Click on A icon or Press Ctrl+Alt+X Shortcut

Now the Google Docs goes through each mistake or error ithas detected, and you can make corrections of all of these we just covered. Ifthere is more than one error in your file, the tool progresses through thedocument until entire mistakes or errors are fixed.

How to Use the Dictionary

If you are new to Google docs then you can use a built-indictionary in Google Docs along with the spelling and grammar checker tool.This you can use to look up words and it even suggests synonyms of selectedwords directly in your document.

Steps to Use the Dictionary in Google Docs

  1. Open your Google Docs document first
  2. Find and Highlight a word you want to define
  3. Then Right-click on the highlight
  4. You can also access the dictionary from the Tool Menu and then select Dictionary to open
  5. Alternatively, highlight the word first and hit Ctrl+Shift+Y to open up the same window
  6. The window of the dictionary will open with the Definition of the word along with a list of all Synonyms related to the word

Although the spelling and grammar checker tool is the best and powerful tool for misspelt and typos words. It is not a completely foolproof tool. It cannot accurately correct the entire contextual error (such as throw in place of through) or identify comma splices or sentence fragments.

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