How to check Gmail Storage size

Check Gmail Storage Limit

Gmail is free account is available with 15GB storage size. However, it’s a Google account and sharing the storage across other products. The storage sometimes taken by Photos and Drive instead of Gmail. User needs to know how to check their Gmail storage plan if full. In case the Gmail storage limit is full then next, to free up Gmail storage or go for Gmail storage plan. the price of the storage offering by Google one is a monthly subscription.

When the storage gets full in Gmail, it actually stops working to send or receive new messages. Mainly the storage divide by 3 main Google products. These products are Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive. If you don’t know, which product is taking a lot of storage from the current Gmail storage, then check it out from Google One. A detailed overview and graphical representation will show, how much storage consuming and remaining. Let go through the following and find out how to check Gmail storage.

Check Gmail Storage – Google Account

To check your Gmail Storage, open Gmail account using a browser, and scroll down to the end to click on Manage. Or visit direct Google One link to see the current storage status. For detail Gmail storage, click on the information icon to see total storage with more details. More detail storage let you know the current plan of Gmail account, other storage offers, bonus storage and total storage for your Gmail account. Sometimes, the promotion storage is listing with an expiration date.

Check Gmail remaining storage quota and limit

  1. Open Gmail on the web browser
  2. Scroll down to view consume storage of against total
  3. For detail overview, click on Manage

Gmail storage limit view

Check Google Account storage limit

  1. Go to storage
  2. Enter the username and password of your Google Account
  3. Google One storage page show total and each product storage against account limit
  4. From the list, check Gmail, Photos and Drive Storage

Google One Current Storage Drive Gmail Photos

Gmail Account total storage plan information

A detailed overview will list when you click on More Information on Google One storage page. The detail of the Gmail total storage list your plan and early storage adopter bonus. Some user will see 2016 and 2015 security checkup bonus storage of 2 GB each size. Furthermore, there are promotion storage’s such as Chromebook, Google Guide and others. The promotion storage size for a limited period with the expiry date. The total storage cumulatively showing your plan and all bonus and promotion storages.

More information about Gmail storage

Check storage limit from Gmail App

To check your Gmail storage using Gmail App, follow the steps below to check the total and available storage limit.

  1. Open Gmail App from your smartphone
  2. Tap on Profile icon then tap on Manage your Google Account
  3. Scroll down to Account Storage on Google Account home page
  4. Tap on Manage Storage to open Google One current storage

Gmail App Manage your Google AccountGoogle account Storage

The Google Account storage currently showing shared storage across Google services. These services are the products of Google such as Gmail, Photos and Drive. The account storage summary show % of used storage of total limit storage. For detail overview of total storage with details list need to tap on manage storage to view more details.

Gmail App Current Storage Google One

What is taking up your Gmail storage

There are many items that is taking your Gmail storage while some files storage is not counting against Google storage quota. For instance, all incoming and outgoing messages including attachments are taking up your Gmail storage. Similarly, all files uploading to Google Drive is taking your storage. However, files that create with Google Docs, Slides, and presentation files are not count against Gmail storage. Google Photos is free when to store all your photos when you choose high resolution instead of original photos. Original photos taking storage against Google account quota.

All Google products such as Gmail, Photos and Drive is cumulatively counting against available quota. But not other products like YouTube videos which is totally free and not counting against user storage.

Counts toward your Gmail storage limit

There are following products that counts mostly against your Gmail storage limit are follows:

  • Gmail: All Mail including incoming and outgoing messages and its attachments.
  • Google Drive: All files uploaded to Google Drive unless created with Google Docs, Sheets and Presentation.
  • Google Photos: Photos and gallery backup that set to upload original instead of high resolutions.

I can’t send or receive message on Gmail

It’s probably, the reason you consumed all the Google account storage limit. For new messages, you will need to upgrade to Google One to purchase more storage. Or you can free up Gmail storage to delete old messages and empty trash/bin.

What are the storage plans in Gmail?

The is a free storage plan of 15 GB available to all users and Google account holders. However, for more storage, the user needs to upgrade the storage plan to Google One. Following the Gmail available plan to upgrade your storage to Google One.

Storage PlanStorage in GBUSD / MonthUSD / Year15GB1500100GB1001.9923.88200GB2002.9935.882TB20001012010TB1000099118820TB20000199238830TB300002993588

Upgrading to paid plan in Gmail, user are able to share the storage with other family member accounts. In other words, user can enjoy paid storage with other and no need to purchase the storage separately for each individual.

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