How to Change Your Roku Device Home Screen Theme

Theme change Roku Device home screen

Do you know how to change your Roku device’s screen theme? Roku device allows you to personalize your Roku home screen from the classic purple or old background to some created by users. You can also install new themes and set a screensaver on the Roku device. There are a lot of various home screen themes you can set up on your Roku device. You can change it to match your favorite show or living room theme. It does not matter what you choose. Let’s show how to easily change your Roku interface theme.

How to Personalize Your Roku Home Screen

To adjust the look of the Roku background or interface by choosing a theme and personalize the Roku home screen. Here are the given instructions:

  1. Select the Settings option from the left side of Roku’s Home screen
  2. Click the Theme option in the new menu third option to go-ahead
  3. You will see two options there Browse Themes and Custom Settings to select.
  4. Now click on the first button to view what is offered for your device
  5. You will redirect to choose from the over 40 themes catalog, you might wish to search through the catalog to view what fits your fancy.
  6. Then select the one them that you like most using your controller
  7. Now the Theme’s info page will appear to you. Click the Set As Theme option
  8. Now the new theme has been set on your Roku TV device’s home screen, set-top box, or streaming stick.
  9. Finally, scroll through the background or interface to check out the entire of the changes that were made.

Select the Settings option from left-side Menu on Ruko Home ScreenClick the Themes optionNow Select Browse Theme optionClick Your Theme You Like to Set upThen Set as Theme

Changing of a theme on your Roku TV device like breathes new life into your television. If you do not like or ever bored with your device’s background or interface. You can choose from many dozen themes at free of cost for you.

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What is Seasonal and featured themes

On different occasions throughout the year, Roku releases featured or seasonal themes such as Halloween or Thanksgiving. Which only appear for a limited time or short time of period; e.g 3 days. Your Roku TV device will automatically appear a seasonal or featured theme and automatically switch back after it expires.

You can turn it off the seasonal and featured themes in the following steps:

  1. Go the left side menu then select the Settings option
  2. Click on the Theme option in the Next Menu
  3. Select the Custom Settings option
  4. Then Enabling or Disabling Seasonal or feature themes

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How do I find and install new themes?

Yes, you can install new themes from the themes category of the Roku device Channel Store. The instruction for adding a theme is the same as those for adding a channel to their Roku streaming device. You can also change the screensaver on your Roku streaming device to further personalize your Roku TV device.

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