How to Change Your Netflix Profile, Subtitle, and Audio Language

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Netflix allows you to change your Netflix profile, and audio Language because Netflix is not an English language streaming service. But it is streaming online service with content from around the world. You can watch shows and films in other languages too. There are also features for changing the audio subtitles, or on your Netflix profile, does not matter where you live.

Netflix has almost 150 million subscribers around the world, who speak several languages. The entertainment online streaming platform permits users to open their websites or app in more than twenty languages. You can change the default language on your Netflix profile with simple a few taps or clicks.

Let’s show how to change the language on your profile. While using the manage profiles menu, account menu, and change the audio of the subtitles from Netflix mobile app and web. Let’s scroll down to explore it and how to do it.

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How to Change the Language on Your Netflix Profile

Fundamentally, Netflix generally determines the language it uses as per your location. For example in Brazil, you will get the Portuguese language, but in the U.S, your profile would show in English by default. If you have more than one Netflix profile. You can set up one or more of them to use another language. If you wish to learn a new language, this might help you to become more expert. It cans also apart your Netflix suggestions between languages if you are multilingual.

Unluckily, it is not possible to change the language of your Netflix profile on your Android, iPhone, iPad app, or other platforms. You have to do this in a web browser but the settings you change will be worked across your Netflix account.

After you open to your web browser and log in to Netflix, there are a few ways you can change the language on your Netflix profile.

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Change the Language on Your Netflix Profile Using the “Manage Profiles” Menu

The fastest and easiest process to change the language on your Netflix profile is using the Manage Profiles menu. Here are these steps to follow:

  1. Visit the with any browser on your PC
  2. Logged In to the profile you want to change on Netflix
  3. Click on your profile icon from the top right side
  4. Select the Manage Profiles option
  5. Click on the Manage Profiles again in the main profile selection screen
  6. Select the profile you want to edit
  7. You will view different options, including renaming your Profile, Setting parental control, and many more
  8. Click on the Language drop menu
  9. Select the Language option to which you wish to change your profile
  10. Then click on the Save option
  11. You will redirect to the profile selection screen and click on Done to confirm your changes

Open Netflix, Click on Profile icon and Select Manage profiles optionSelect Manage Profiles optionClick on the Profile with Pencil iconClick the “Language” drop-down menu, select the language and Select SaveClick on the Done option

The language Netflix shows in that profile will not be the one you choose. Further more if a movie or TV show you are viewing has subtitles or audio streams available in that language, Netflix will use these by default.

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Change the Language on Your Netflix Profile in the “Account” Menu

Let’s show you how to change the language on your Netflix profile in the Account menu. In the following given below steps:

  1. Go to the Netflix
  2. Click on the on your Profile icon from the top right
  3. Select the Account option
  4. Scroll down to the Profile and Parental Controls section and then click on the Downward Arrow beside to the profile you wish to change
  5. Go to the Language section and the current language applied to that profile will be list there, Select the Change option to choose a different one.
  6. Choose a new Language from the list that pop-up and then select the Save option

Open Netflix, Click on the Profile icon, & Select Account optionSelect the Down Arrow next to the Profile Under the Profile & Parent ControlsClick on the Change option Next to the LanguageSelect the Language and Save option

After that, Netflix will change your language settings to the one you selected. If you watch any movie or TV show (content) that is available in that language. Netflix will default to it for the subtitles and audio.

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How to Change the Audio and Subtitle Language on Netflix

To change only the subtitle and audio language on one program, you can change this during playback. Netflix will default to your selected profile language, but you can connect or switch to any others that are available.

However, by default, Netflix only shows up to 7 alternative languages you can connect or switch to during playback. Downloaded titles will show up to 2 languages most relevant to you. If the language you wish is not listed, you will have to switch your profile language to it as we covered above.

The ways are given below mention how to change the language of Netflix subtitles and audio during playback using the mobile and on the web. However, the steps should be similar on other devices, including smart TVs.

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How to Change the Netflix Audio and Subtitle Language on the Web

If you want to change the Netflix subtitles and audio language on the web then here are the following steps:

  1. Visit the Netflix website and start playing the movie or TV show
  2. Then hover your mouse cursor over it until the options menu shows at the bottom side
  3. Select the Audio and Subtitles icon at the bottom right
  4. A list of available subtitle languages and audio streams will be listed in the pop-up menu
  5. Chose the language to which you wish to switch or connect the audio stream or for which you wish to enable subtitles
  6. The audio stream will change immediately to the new language. If you turned on or enabled subtitles, these will start to displays at the bottom of the video.

How to Change the Netflix Audio and Subtitle Language on the Web

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How to Change the Netflix Audio and Subtitle Language on Mobile

If you are watching Netflix movies or TV shown via Netflix mobile app. The method for changing the subtitle and audio language is similar for the Android or iPhone, iPad devices app. Here are these steps to do it.

  1. Just begin playing the movie or TV show in the Netflix mobile app
  2. Then tap on your screen to view the playback options
  3. Tap on the Audio and Subtitles to access the available languages
  4. Choose a Language from the Subtitles or Audio section
  5. Then tap on the Apply option to confirm your settings
  6. The audio will now be a change in your selected language
  7. Subtitles are turned off or disabled by default, but they should now display in your video

Tap “Audio and Subtitles” to access the languages that are availableSelect a language from the “Audio” or “Subtitles” section, and then tap “Apply” to confirm your settings.

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Note: When you connect to another video, the language will change to the default language. These settings only work or apply to the video you are watching. If you wish to make the change on all profiles, you will require taking the first step discussed in this post.

How to Change Audio & Language on Apple TV 2 or Apple TV 3

If your audio on Apple TV2 or TV3 device is not playing in your preferred language. Then you can follow the given instructions to change audio and Language:

  1. Go to the Home screen of your Apple TV
  2. Then select the Settings option
  3. Click on the Audio & Language option
  4. Choose your preferred language
  5. Go back to Netflix and play your movie or TV show again

If you title still does not play with your preferred audio, alternate audio may not be available in your language for that particular title.

Change your Netflix language During Sign up

To change your Netflix language during sign up process on then follow these steps for your guideline:

  1. Go to the
  2. During sign up process go to the bottom of the page
  3. Select the drop-down menu that shows the current language
  4. Choose your preferred language from the available list of the languages
  5. Then the page will automatically refresh or reload in your selected language

How to Find Movies in Your Preferred Language

Not all just wish to watch TV shows or movies in an individual language, and Netflix has pushed to contains more non-English programming on their platform. If, For instance, you are searching for programming in a particular language like Korean, Spanish, or Hindi, Netflix has a search feature that allows you to find shows in your preferred language. This means you can find the foreign-languages movie you want to watch by performing the appropriate search.

For example, if you wish to find the latest Korean drama, you can search for Korean language drama. The important portion of the search is to use the phrase “X language.” So “Spanish language,” “German language”, “Korean language” etc. If you are doing a search without using “language,” you will not be limited to programming spoken in that language. By including a genre like Action or Horror you can further fine-tune your search results.

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