How to Change Your Netflix Plan on All Devices

Do you know how to change Netflix Plan? Netflix is the most famous streaming services worldwide, but it has a little bit expensive for those subscriptions to the service’s highest plan. If you want to change your from one to another like from Basic to Standard or from Standard to Premium or vice versa. Here is how you can accomplish.

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What are the different Netflix plans?

Netflix has three various streaming plans. You can change the streaming plan for the Netflix account anytime or cancel it without any charges. The method is the same for Web browsers on a computer or on a mobile or on a tablet.

  1. Basic Plan: This plane with low cost, HD video is not available. You can watch Netflix on only one device at the same time. You will unable to share your account with anyone else.
  2. Standard Plan: This plane has HD video available, Ultra HD is not available, you can watch Netflix on two devices at a time, If you share your Netflix password with some else then both of you can watch HD-quality video at the same time.
  3. Premium Plan: Select this plane at the same time four people can viewing multiple streams at the same time. Both HD and Ultra HD available and perfect for the screen that displays 4k resolution

Switching your Netflix streaming plan is very easy to do, and if you are dropping your Premium plan, it is the best way to save some money in your pocket each month.

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How to Change Your Netflix Plan Using Website-Standard Billing

Let’s show you how to change your Netflix streaming plan for your account to another plan. Here are these steps to follow to change it:

  1. Open Netflix Main page in any web browser (Not the mobile app)
  2. Click the Profile icon or account icon from the upper corner
  3. Select the Account option in the drop-down menu once appears
  4. Go to the Plan Details section under your account settings
  5. Then click Change plan to the right side of the section
  6. You will redirect to the New page with change Streaming plan where you can change your plan
  7. Select the New Plan you want and then click the Continue option to change your membership
  8. This will set up your account to use the new plan. You will see changes at the start of the next billing cycle. But you should be able to access your new functions immediately

Open Netflix and Select Account from Profile iconGo Plan Details and Select Change option linkSelect to Change Streaming Plan and ContinueConfirm Change Stream Plan

When you confirm any payment changes you have to successfully change to a new Netflix plan, whether that the most device usage or the one the cheapest plan.

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How to Add and Change DVD Plan?

You can change and add a DVD plan (the US only). If you are living in the United States, you can sign up for the Netflix DVD Streaming service as well as rental service. You can handle this by various branches of Netflix. It is now available for the outside customers of the US.

  1. Select the Add DVD plan link to see the available DVD plans
  2. You will redirect to the DVD plan website
  3. Choose the plan you want to add
  4. Once you add your plan then you will be able to start getting your DVDs delivered

With so several multiple Netflix subscription options, you can easily enjoy the online streaming service without having to break the bank. It is the best choice for streaming some of your favorite movies or shows on any device you have. Whether you get the high-definition content or just enjoy the most basic of it all, you will like watching and everything on Netflix.

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How to Change Netflix Plan Using iTunes -iTunes billing

Let’s show how to change with using iTunes to handles your Netflix’s plan billing. You will need to select your plan changes through the iTunes itself in the following below steps:

  1. Visit the iTunes on your PC or Laptop or any other device to change your streaming plan setting through iTunes in place of using Netflix websites
  2. Press the Sign In option from upper right side corner( if not)
  3. Now Type your Apple ID and Password (confirm that you’re using the similar Apple ID that you using for the payment of your Netflix bill)
  4. select the Profile Photo
  5. Then Select the Account Info option so your account page will open in iTunes.
  6. You will be asked to enter your Apple ID and Password again
  7. Go to Subscriptions section and Select Manage option this will let you make changes to your iTunes subscriptions and including Netflix
  8. Choose the Plan you wish to Renewal Options section
  9. It will ask you to make sure that you want to make the change. Your change will take effect on your coming billing date.

Sign In to the iTunes StoreGo to the Account Info form the Profile icon

Netflix Streaming Plans Region wise

  • In most of the countries, Netflix has three plan options: One Device in Standard definition (SD), Two devices in High Definition HD, and Four devices with HD and Ultra HD (UHD). The more pricy plans will provide higher-quality video and let more people view at once. Not entire options are available in all countries.
  • Netflix recommends a 3.0 Mbps connection for SD content, a 5.0 Mbps connection for HD content, and a 25 Mbps connection for UHD content
  • If you start your membership before 5 Oct. 2014, you will only see the two-screen option. To view all of the available options, you will need to cancel your subscription and then re-subscribe. If you began your account after 5 Oct 2014, you should view all of the available options.

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Frequently Ask Questions-FAQ

Here are frequently ask questions by different people and you might interested to read it.

How to change Netflix plan on phone?

You can change your Netflix plan while using the phone in the following steps:

  1. Open and Sign in to your account
  2. Select your Account page
  3. Go to Plan Details then click Change Plan option (if you do not find Change plan then contact to Netflix Help center for further)
  4. You will redirect to the Available Plans and Pricing page and select your plan you want to Continue
  5. Then Confirm or Confirm Change to start your membership

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Netflix change plan mid-month

Changing the Netflix plan mid-month is similar to the general procedure to change the plan at the end month. Simply go>visit your Account page>Go to Plan Details and click change plan> Select your plan and click continue> Confirm change option to change your plan. But your plane will start next month. If not working then contact with Netflix help center for further assistant.

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Why can’t I change my Netflix Plan?

When you are going to change your Netflix streaming plan and your account is on hold then no streaming plan changes can be done until the Netflix account is off held. You then view a page where you can see available plans and pricing. Select your desired plan, then click Continue or update the plan. Click Confirm or Confirm Change.

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How to change Netflix plan on iPhone?

You can change your Netflix plan using iTunes on an iPad, iPod, or iPhone device.

  1. Tap Settings on your device home screen
  2. Press your Name
  3. Select the iTunes & App Store
  4. Next, tap your Apple ID
  5. Then select View Apple ID and you may need to use Touch ID or Sign in
  6. Tap the Subscriptions
  7. Select Netflix Under SubscriptionsIf you are unable to view a Netflix subscription and are still being charged, confirm that you are logged in with the right Apple ID. If so you might have subscribed directly through Netflix and not through iTunes. In these circumstances read this post to change your subscription.
  8. Choose the plan you want to change to
  9. A dialog box will appear to you and asking to confirm your action the click Confirm optionIt may also be asked to Log in or sign in to iTunes again
  10. After that, you will see your new plan on your account

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Netflix change plan during free trial

If you are still using the free trial of Netflix after creating an account or sign up for the first time using the free trial want to change your free trial to Netflix basic, Standard or Premium plans. You can change the plans from your Netflix account settings and change plan detail and confirm your plan selection and in the next month, you will charge with a new plan bill. For more detail read one of the above methods for changing your plans.

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How do I change my plan? You can change your Netflix plan by Simply go>visit your Account page>Go to Plan Details and click change plan> Select your plan and click continue> Confirm change option to change your plan.

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How do I update my Netflix to 2 screens?

Yes, you can update or upgrade your Netflix account to 1 screen to the Netflix 2 screen or Netflix 3 screen in very simple and easy. You will need to visit and Account page and update or change your plan under the Plans details section. If you are using someone another person’s account, then upgrade may need some convincing on your part.

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