How to change your homepage on a Google Chrome browser for Mac or PC

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Do you know how to change your homepage on a Google Chrome browser for PC or Mac? Google Chrome opens on your PC or Mac with a “New Tab” page by default but it’s easy and simple to open the browser with a custom start-up website page instead. You can also customize the web page that appears when you click an optional “Home” icon on your toolbar. Here is How to create Google Chrome new Profile

In Google Chrome you can change or set your homepage to your favorite web page by going through the web browser’s Settings menu. You will also wish to ensure that Google Chrome’s “Show home button” feature is enabled or switched on. It is the potential to remember that your Google Chrome browser homepage is not the page that opens when you startup Google Chrome. You can also Open Google Chrome in Private browse mode

Whether you would prefer your Chrome homepage to be your email inbox or your favorite news site, it is simple to make the change in Google browser.

It is very important to notify, however, that your Chrome homepage is various than your startup page. Your browser homepage is the site connected to the house icon in the top toolbar, but the startup web page is what shows when you open the Chrome browser. Let’s show how to change your homepage in Google Chrome browser, for both PC and Mac.

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How to change your homepage on Google Chrome

To Enable the Home Button and Set Your Home Page in Chrome. By default, the Google Chrome browser hides the traditional toolbar “Home” button. If you would like to turn on or enable the home button option and define which website it points to–your “Home Page”–we will need to open Settings. Here are these steps to follow to change your homepage on Google Chrome browser using desktop:

  1. Visit Google Chrome on your desktop
  2. Click on the Main Menu or Three verticle dots from the right side corner of the top toolbar from any webpage
  3. Select the Settings option from the menu
  4. This will redirect you to your Chrome settings. Click the Appearance tab in the right sidebar
  5. The 2nd option on this page will read “Show home button” and have a switch. First, ensure that this switch is enabled or turned on. If it is not, press the toggle to change it from gray to blue color
  6. When the feature is turned on, change the homepage from the default to the “New Tab page” option to a custom web address. Select the second circle and type or enter the website of your choice.
  7. Automatically your new homepage will be saved.

Click the three vertical dots, and then click SettingsGo Appearance Section and Setting a home page in Google ChromeGo Appearance Section and Setting a home page in Google Chrome.The home page toolbar icon in Google Chrome

After that, the Home button will now appear at the top of every Chrome window, to the left of the search bar. Clicking on this icon–it looks like the outline of a house–will redirect you to the website page you set up as your homepage.

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How to Set a Custom Startup Page in Chrome

If you want to change which web page first appears once you open or visit the Chrome browser. You will have to change or custom Chrome’s On Startup from the settings. Here is how.

  1. Open your Chrome browser on your Computer
  2. Click on the Main Menu or Three vertical dots button in the top right corner of the toolbar
  3. Select the Setting option from the menu
  4. Click on the On Startup option from the left side panel or scroll down in settings to the On Startup sections
  5. Select the Open a specific page or pages via the radio button in the On Startup settings, then select the Add a New page option
  6. In the dialog box that shows Past in or Type in the web page address of the website, you would like to open automatically when you open the Chrome browser. Then click the Add option
  7. You will view the web site you just added listed in Settings. If you would like, you can also add extra pages that will navigate every time you open Chrome using the “Add a new page” option button
  8. Once you are done, close the Settings. The next time you open the Chrome browser, the custom web page or pages you just defined will shows.

In Chrome settings, click On startupIn Chrome Settings, enter the URL of the home page you'd like to useExamining the Startup page you've added to Google Chrome settings

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