How to Change or Add WhatsApp Group Admins

Change or Add WhatsApp Group Admin

Do you know how to change or add more admins of the WhatsApp group on iOS and Android devices? WhatsApp is famous all over the world for instant messaging services apps. Users can use chat conversation with more than one person at a time via create a WhatsApp chat Group. Most of the people create WhatsApp group for promoting yourself or business. Sometimes they want to change the admin or add new admins of their chat group. The group admin has the power to add new or remove members, change group info or description and can stop other members from posting in the group, etc. We will teach you in this article how to add or remove or changing group admins on Android and iOS devices.

How to Change Admin into Normal Group Participant

Let’s teach another trick to change or remove the Admin of WhatsApp and add that person to normal group participants. You will remove first the person from the group and add again as a normal group participant. Now with the latest feature, you can directly remove the admin and change into normal group participants. Let’s show you how to do it?

How to Change the Group Admin on WhatsApp on Android and iPhone

When you create a WhatsApp chat group with several members and want to add any member of the group as admin. You can remove or demote an admin to a normal participant of the group. Let’s scroll down to Add or remove Admins to the WhatsApp group.

How to Adding More Admins to WhatsApp Groups

The Admins of the WhatsApp Group cannot only adding or removing participants. But they can add members of the group as admins. The power of promoting other members as admin will give him/her permission to add or remove participants as well. Let’s add more admins to the WhatsApp Group in a few steps:

  1. Open your WhatsApp on your Phone
  2. Find the WhatsApp Group where your role as an Admin
  3. Tap Open the Group and tap on the Menu option
  4. Select the Group Info and Open the list of the members (participants)
  5. Tap and hold on the member Name or Number that you want to promote as admin
  6. After that, tap on the Make Group Admin option

Open WhatsApp and Tap on GroupSelect the Group Info from MenuAdd More WhatsApp Group Admins

The personwill be promoted from normal to a participant to an Admin position.

How to Remove Admins without Removing from WhatsApp Groups

Now you can remove admins without removing from WhatsApp group with recently updated features. WhatsApp allows all admins of the group to edit admins members. They can easily remove as admin from the group and add as normal members in the group. Let’s show how to:

  1. Open your WhatsApp
  2. Tap on the Group to Open and tap on the Three-dots option
  3. Select the Group info from the menu
  4. Go down to the list of the Participants
  5. Find a tap and hold for long on the Name or Number of the participant from whom you want to Remove Admin rights
  6. Choose the Dismiss as Admin option from the menu

Add or Change WhatsApp Group Admins

Note: Remember that no one as admin can remove the Group creator from the Admin position. The one who creates Group acts as Super Admin in the WhatsApp group.

You can add or remove admins from your WhatsApp Group Settings and go to edit the Group admins option.

How to Changing WhatsApp Group Admin

If the WhatsApp group participants want to have only one Admin. An admin (creator) of the group needs to promote a new admin and then exit from the group. After that, he will need to request the new admin to add him as a normal participant to the group and he will no more have admin rights. You can remove the creator (Admin) of the group in this way. If other admin of the group tries to remove the Super Admin. Therefore, that admin will not able to get such an option and hence (creator) super admin cannot be directly dismissed.

Frequently Ask Questions by People (FAQ)

Let’s showsome of the frequently asked questions by people (FAQ) with a short reply foryour information

How do you change group admin on WhatsApp iPhone?

Yes, you can change group admin of WhatsApp while using on your iPhone or iPad device. The above gives methods of add more or change WhatsApp group admin can work for all kinds of devices.

How many admins can a WhatsApp group have?

WhatsApp lets you make anyone members of a group as admin and can make all participants of a group as admin. In case the group has 100 members than WhatsApp allows you to add 100 admins per group.

Can an admin remove the creator of a WhatsApp group?

No, other admin cannot remove the creator (Admin) of a WhatsApp group. You can add an unlimited number of admins to a WhatsApp group. However, the creator will be the Super Admin of the WhatsApp group.

How can I add admin to the WhatsApp group?

You can add an admin to a WhatsApp group by following the above-given ways to add or remove or change admins of the WhatsApp group.

How do I make someone an admin in my group?

You can add any participant or members of the group as admin from a normal member. (But the person will be the member of that group) You can read and follow the above way with given screenshots.

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