How to Change Netflix Password on All Devices

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Do you know how to change Netflix’s password on Desktop, Android or iOS devices? It is very bad news for you if someone hacks your password for any account. Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, or Gmail account. But especially if it is your Netflix account of live streaming services. Really thankful, the Netflix live streaming service provides a way to change your password easily in a few steps. It is important that you must your old or current password. Last week my best friend teaches me somehow to change to acquire my Netflix password. Naturally, I had changed it. I had to change that. It took me a while to figure out. Where I could go to the web sites to change my Netflix account password. After about 6 minutes, lastly, I figured it out.

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Why Important to Change Netflix password?

The password of your Netflix is an important tool for securing and protecting your account. It keeps away unknown or unauthorized people or users from using your Netflix sign-on. It helps provide security to your payment information. You can change your Netflix password from your mobile phone devices or computer or laptop.

  1. Your Netflix Password stop other people from watching video without your permission
  2. Netflix password keep safe your account’s payment info
  3. You can change your Netflix password at every time while using the Account settings menu on the Netflix website or using a smartphone app.
  4. If you have forgotten your password key, you can do a password reset process via a text message or your email address.

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How to Change Netflix Password on Desktop, iOS, & Android Devices

Changing your password of the Netflix account can help and protect the account safe. Here’s how to do it in the following ways from the Desktop browser and iOS & Android App.

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How to Change Netflix Password from Desktop Browser

Let’s teach you the most straightforward way to access your Netflix account control and change or reset the password. You will have a complete keyboard and more control when opening. Here are these steps to follow for changing your Netflix password from Desktop Browser:

  1. Enter Netflix.comwith any Browser to open
  2. Log in to Netflix and make sure the primary account owner’s name is selected in the top right side corner for the screen.
  3. If you have forgotten your account password, then click on the Password Reset Page and type your account email address the follow the instruction in your email to reset the password.
  4. Choose Your Account by Hover cursor over on Your Name or Profile icon in the top right corner,
  5. Go to the Membershipand Billing section and click on the Account page
  6. Click on the Change Password option
  7. Enter your Current Password then New Password and Re-write New Password to confirm it
  8. If you want to Restart any devices that user Netflix out of your account and need to New Password be entered next it is user, check the Require all devices to sign in again with new password
  9. Click on the Save option at the bottom to save changes to your account password

Open Netflix Account and Click on Your NameSelect the Account from the MenuPress Change Password link in Account PageType your Current Password, New Password, & Re-Type New Password & Save

How to Change Netflix Password from Android & iOS App

Users of Netflix can change the password of their account using the mobile app (Android & iOS) devices. The way of changing the Netflix password from the Android & iOS app is similar to the web browser. Here are these steps to follow for changing your Netflix password from Smartphone app:

  1. Tap on the Netflix App on your Mobil(Android & iOS)
  2. Log in to your Netflix Account
  3. Tap on the Forgot Your Password option in case you’ve forgotten your password,
  4. Press the Menu icon at the top left side of your screen
  5. Select the Account option from the menu
  6. You will redirect to Account Browser page and where you can select Change password
  7. Enter your Current Password, then New Password, and Re-writeNew Password to confirm
  8. If you want to Restart any devices that logged in with your Netflix account and enter the new password when you used it, check the Require all devices to sign in again with the new password
  9. Click on the Save option at the bottom to save changes to your account password

Open Netflix On Your Mobile App

How to Change Netflix Password from Unsupported and Older Mobile Devices

Netflix has two applications for mobile devices. Because Netflix only supports the latest devices that have not been rooted or modified. If your mobile device was rooted or modified or it’s outside the support window. You are probably running the unsupported or semi-official Netflix application. That is basically a portal to the website of Netflix. You can still change your account password and it is similar to the browser version

  1. Open your Netflix app on mobile
  2. Tap on the Main Menuicon or Three Horizontal lines in the top left side corner
  3. Scroll down at the bottom when the menu slides out from the side of the screen
  4. Then choose the Account option
  5. Tap on the Change Password option in the Netflix account screen look across from your email address
  6. Enter your Current password followed New password and then Re-enter new password
  7. Tap on the Save change or update your password

How to change your password if you’ve forgotten your current password?

If you wish to change your Netflix account password. You normally required to begin by entering your current password to prove that you are the original holder of the account. In case you have forgotten or lost your password, though there is a way or method to reset the password.

I forgot my Netflix login or password steps

  1. Once you open Netflix account with Desktop or Mobile App
  2. If the password saved by your browser or app can automatically log in to your account
  3. If you want to Change Password and reach to Account page to select password change
  4. Tap or click on the Forgot Password option
  5. Then you will be given the option to reset your password using a communication method you have previously set up with Netflix, like a Text message or Email address or Billing information of your account

Forgot Email or Password

FAQ: Frequently Asked Question

Here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) by multiple people. We answer them shortly might you interested to read it.


If someone gets access to use your account without your permission or you are just tired of other users mooching off of you, then you will be required to take the steps to kick other people or someone off of your Netflix account. There are three methods to kick someone or people off of your Netflix account. You can follow the below actions to kick someone off your Netflix account.

  1. Open Netflix account, visit their place of residence, pick up the remote, pause their show mid-stream, and sign them out of the application
  2. Log out all users from Netflix and change the account password as per the above give steps share with you
  3. Delete their Profile


  1. Indeed, if someone who gets access and hacked your Netflix account and decides to change your login email and password. You have no ability to kick them off through our account settings.
  2. In this case, you will kick out of your Netflix account. If the unknown person visits the extra mile to change the entire info of your account, containing your credit card number. You will have difficulties in proving that you are the original holder of the Netflix account.
  3. The main thing we have got from users who had this issue, you should not expect to get back your hacked or stolen account. In this case, Netflix will unable to check your original info, and there is no other method you can prove that you were the first and original owner of this account.
  4. Simply the result is that the stolen and hacked account gets delete or removed. That means you have to make a new one account to log in and take back watching your favorite movies or TV Shows. All of this is in the hands of the customer support team and how they handle the issue.

How Do I Change Netflix Accounts On My Smart TV?

Yes, you can change the Netflix account or you can sign out on My smart TV in the following steps:

  1. Using the Netflix App
  2. Take your Remote use the arrows to enter the following sequence (special command to sign out)
  3. Up, Up,
  4. Down, Down,
  5. Left, Right, Left, Right
  6. Up, Up, Up, Up, Up
  7. Select Sign out, Start Over, Deactivate, or Reset.
  8. Then click Yes to Deactivate
  9. When the Netflix accounts deactivated then click on the Member sign in
  10. You can choose the option to log in as a different Netflix member or old account to continue

How to Change Netflix Password on TV?

In case you have forgotten the Netflix account password, just go with Netflix app within your TV Box or In the app on your TV Box and select forgot your password link. You will receive an email on the email address associated with the Netflix account. If you’ve forgotten the email address you have associated with the account of Netflix, you can visit and update your email address on your Xfinity X1 TV Box.

Tips to Change Netflix Password on TV

  1. Open the Netflix App on your TV from the home
  2. Take your remote and press the Up arrow until you get the Menu Bar
  3. Then click Settings option
  4. You will your Email address
  5. If you want to update or change your email address then select Change email
  6. If indicated, type your account password and click Next option
  7. Now type a different email address and then select Next
  8. Click on the Back to Settings
  9. In case you do not remember the email address and password for your Netflix account and are billed by Netflix, just go to

If you forgot your Netflix email and password and are bill by Comcast, please Contact US.

How can I make my Netflix password visible on a smart TV?

The password of the Netflix account is storing in the settings. During entry of the password, it is a mask for obvious security and protection reasons. If you lost or forgotten password. Simply, go to the Netflix website (from a browser) and select the Forgot password link. Then you will receive email or Text message to follow the instruction and direction of reset or changing Netflix password.

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