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Do you know how to change Google Chrome’s new tab background automatically? Google Chrome allow you to change new tabs background and give how often we navigate new tabs in Chrome. Using Google Chrome every time then you will get bored of any single background them. The great thing is that Chrome lets you switch automatically the new tap web pages wallpaper them every day. Let’s scroll down and know how to do it:

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Chrome can now automatically change the New Tab Page background Image daily

Google Chrome can now change the new tab page background theme automatically everyday. If you also want to change the background of new tab in Chrome automatically than follow the given ways.

  • Open Google Chrome browser on your Mac, Chrome OS, Windows 10, or Linux computer.
  • Then click on the plus icon to open a new tab in the Chrome browser
  • Next click on the Customize button in the bottom-right corner
  • Go to the Background section on the pop-up that appears on your screen
  • You will see a lot of preset collections of backdrops on the Background page. Such as Earth, Texture, Art, and Landscapes. Google Chrome can apply automatically a new wallpaper theme from any one of these collections daily on your Chrome new tab page.
  • So, let’s say that you wish Google Chrome to appear a new theme or wallpaper from the Landscape collection on your new tab page. To do this, select the collection’s thumbnail in the grid as per the picture.
  • Google Chrome will list the entire wallpaper collection on the next page. Enable the Refresh Dail toggle switch in the top-right side corner of the pop-up window.
  • Once you finish then click on the Done option to save your preferences.

Open Google Chrome, New tab, and select Customized optionChoose a Backdrop or wallpaper collectionSwitch on the Refresh daily toggle and Done

  • After that, Google Chrome will display a fresh wallpaper or backdrop on the new tap page from the Landscape collection or whichever wallpaper collection you want on daily basis.
  • If you like and really enjoy one of the background wallpaper images, you can see the name of the current background wallpaper’s creator and its source in the bottom-left corner of the new tab page.

See the Name on the Creator Name

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Let’s share with you some of the frequently asked questions by different people. And might you are interested to read it.

How do I make my Google chrome background change automatically?

If you want to change Google browser background wallpaper image on daily basis and wish to see a new background every day. Then you will need to go to customize option at the bottom right corner. Select one option from the pop-up that appears. When you choose an image and select the Refresh daily toggle switch on. After that, your chosen wallpaper will now show as your Google Chrome homepage background. Select a color scheme and click on the Done option.

How to use New tab background Chrome extension

You can use the new tab background Chrome extension from the Chrome web store. Open Chrome web store and Customize your new tab page on Chrome. Choose one of the extensions you would like to download and install to set your Chrome new tab page wallpaper image. Once you add an extension to your Chrome then open a new tab and you will see the new wallpaper on an everyday basis.

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