How to Change Android’s Wallpaper Based on the Time of Day

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Do you know how to change android’s wallpaper based on the time of day? You can keep your Android smartphone looking fresh by changing the wallpaper is one of the easiest ways. In case you wish to take things to the next level, you can set up the wallpaper to change automatically throughout the day.

In case you tend to get tired of your mobile phone’s wallpaper quickly, it can be annoying having to waste time changing it. You have more potentials things to do than look through an endless list of wallpapers. Read the article until the end to learn how to set it.

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Ways to set up Wallpaper on your Android

To keep away the hassle and have a wallpaper changer application change your Android phone’s wallpaper auto. You never know, you may even find an image that you cannot yourself. Thanks to the following applications, you will get a new wallpaper image every few minutes or every day.

There are a few methods through which you can reach this. The first way, you can access and use a live wallpaper application that automatically changes to match the time of day. The second way involves a little bit more set up but it also lets you use particular images. You will learn both methods in this post below:

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How to Use a Live Wallpaper on your Android device

In this guide we are using applications that are live wallpapers, meaning they dynamically change, rather than just appearing as a static image. Before we look at the applications, though, let’s learn how to set up a live wallpaper on your Android phone:

This method will be similar on most Android devices and tablets. However, it will look a little various depending on the home screen launcher you use and your mobile device’s manufacturer. To get started then follow the given below guidelines.

  1. Go to your Android device’s home screen, tap and hold on any blank space
  2. Tap on “Styles & Wallpapers” in the context menu
  3. The selection of Wallpaper screen will look different depending on the launcher and device manufacturer, but there should be a “Live Wallpapers” section.
  4. Choose the Live Wallpaper application you wish to use
  5. A preview will open of the live wallpaper. In case there are configuration options,
  6. Select the Gear icon to visit Settings
  7. Then tap on the Set Wallpaper or Apply option under the settings
  8. You will usually view the option to set the wallpaper either just on your home screen or on both the lock or home screens.

Tap and hold any blank space. Tap Styles & Wallpapers. Tap Live Wallpapers. Select a live wallpaper app. Tap the gear icon, and then tap Set Wallpaper.Tap Home Screen or Home and Lock Screen.

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Live Wallpapers to Match Your Day

There are a lot of live wallpaper applications for the android device in the Google Play Store that can set and change to match the time of day or even weather conditions. Below are given several apps you can try now.

This is an application that features a minimalist forest with mountains in the background and real-time weather. You can also select from a lot of the number of different themes to match with the season. In case you wish to get really custom, you can even choose the colors for ground, mountains, and trees.

Three forest landscape wallpapers on smartphones in the Forest Live Wallpaper app.

This is a weather application that also happens to have a live wallpaper feature. You can select from different types of landscapes, some of which include motion. The weather will change to reflect your current location.

Three landscapes and the local weather on the Yowindow app.

This is an amazing and wonderfully named IFTTT (in case This Then That) is many more than just a wallpaper changer app, letting you set up all kinds of triggers for your smartphone device to perform different actions. You can use just typing or voice commands to get your phone to, for instance, send you alerts when deals come up on eBay, or send you notifications messages once certain news stories happen.

Once it comes to wallpapers, IFTTT app sycs up with your social media accounts, so you can get it to change your wallpaper to associated with the updated image by one of your favorite IG images, or to set up a carousel when a new picture folder gets uploaded to your family Dropbox account.

How to Change the Wallpaper at Specific Times

The above mentioned live wallpaper applications change automatically throughout the day. But if you would like some more control, you can use an application called “Wallpaper Changer”

It allows you to select specific wallpapers to use at particular times of the day. You can use this to change the wallpaper on daily basis, every morning and night, or every few hours. In our example, we will change the wallpaper four times to match the time of day.

Go to your Google Play Store Download and install Wallpaper Changer on your Android device

Click or tap Install.

  • You will need to configure it to change throughout the day before you set Wallpaper Changer as the live wallpaper
  • To do so, launch the application on your Android phone or tablet, and select the checkbox next to the “Change Wallpaper Every” option
  • Tap on the drop-down arrow and choose a time interval in case you do not want to be too specific. If you would rather set specific times, select the plus (+) sign at the lower right in the “Change” tab.
  • Make sure on the Event card the radio button beside the Time option is selected, as well as all 7 days of the week. Tap to Change the time to 7 a.m.
  • Select the Next Wallpaper radio button below Action under the Event Card
  • Return back to the “Change ” tab, and then select the plus (+) sign again. This time, set the time to 10 a.m., and then tap on the Next Wallpaper.

Tap the plus sign (+). Change the time. Select Next Wallpaper. & Change the time to 10 a.m.

Feel free to select the times you prefer. Let’s repeat this process until we have created events for 7 a.m., 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 4 p.m., and 6 p.m. All 4 should have “Next Wallpaper” as the Action.

Four event times.

  • Next, let select the images to use for the wallpapers. Switch to the Albums tab, and then select the Default Album checkbox
  • Select the plus (+) sign at the bottom right to insert images to the album
  • Tap on the Add Image option

Tap Albums, and then select the Default Album checkbox. Tap the plus sign. & Tap Add Image.

  • You will need to allow the application to access and use your media, photos, and files; select the Allow to proceed.
  • Choose all the images you wish to add to the album. Note that the order in which the photos appear in this folder is how they will cycle through.
  • After you have added all your images then select the back arrow at the top left

Tap Allow. Select the images you want to add. Tap the arrow.

  • Now, we are ready to set the application as our live wallpaper. Select the orange message at the top.
  • This will open the live wallpaper preview screen. Select the Set Wallpaper or Apply option
  • By default, the application will access and use the 1st image in the folder. In case this is not the one you want for the current time of day, navigate the “Default Album” once again, and choose the suitable image
  • Tap on the Set as wallpaper and the image-order will be corrected.
  • That is it! The application will now cycle through the images you selected at the times you specified.

Tap the orange message. Tap Set Wallpaper. Select the image you want to appear first.

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions by different people and might you are interested to read it.

How change wallpaper based on time of day iphone

To change or set up the wallpaper based on the time of the day on your iPhone device. But you can go to the automation tab and make new automation where you can choose the day and time as a trigger and this shortcut as an action. It should then trigger every day or all the days of the weak at the same time (like 9 AM every day) and automatically change the wallpaper for you.

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How to Set Your Android wallpaper changes by itself

To have the live app change the wallpaper automatically, you will need to go into the application’s settings. Select the General tab and toggle on Autom Wallpaper Change. You can also select the source the application gets the wallpapers from.

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How to change wallpaper based on time of day windows 10

In the window Desktop Background, select the Browse button to the right of the Picture location, and then select the folder containing your wallpaper images. Select the background images you wish to use, and then enable the timed slideshow feature on the “Change Picture Every dropdown menu.

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How to Set wallpaper that changes with time of day iPhone

Set wallpaper a free jailbreak tweak called AutoWall by iOS developer Julio Verne allows you have time centric dynamic wallpapers on the iPhone or iPad – perfect for replicating macOS Mojave’s treasured feature on the iOS platform.

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